Creative Beading Magazine Volume 11-1

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE COLOUR TO enhance a design and make it truly unique. In this edition, we see wonderfully colourful designs in the Inspirational Gallery by sharing the hand made beaded creations of Maria Dao, Angelica Esmaquel-Chin and Natalie Trewhitt. Take a peak at these inspiring designers and see how they use elements such as colour, retro styling or detailed wirework in their designs to give them a wow factor. We also look at one of the most alluring gemstones – Amethyst in the Bead Review section. Amethysts are the birthstone for all those born in February and for Pisceans. They are known for their healing properties, restoring balance, repelling negativity and attracting positive energy. They are also said to bring calmness and clarity to those who wear them and…

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beading news

NEWS SNIPPETS This news edition has heaps of beading, craft and jewellery shows, workshops, new tools and beads to tempt you. With winter in full swing, it is a good time to feature a few shows and classes that should not be missed that will brighten up any winter day! SUPPLIERS AND TOOLS Take a look at ‘Blooming Felt’ for some unique felt beads to add to your current necklace or bracelet. Felt beads and focals are very much still ‘in vogue’ and are so easy to work with – and of course come in many different colourways! Another website to check out is Owners, John and Wendy Carmichael, have their base in Taree, NSW and can be contacted at craft.ontheinternet, PO Box 595, 53 High St Taree NSW Australia 2430, Phone/fax…

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win! a year's subscription to creative beading

Let’s have some fun. For your chance to win a 12 month subscription to Creative Beading we are running a competition for you to give us a catchy phrase for the spine of the magazine. For those of you who may not have noticed, for a number of issues now we have been running on the spine of the magazine a little phrase and giving it a beading flavour. Have a look! Well, the team at Creative Beading thought it would be fun if you the reader had a chance to have a go at coming up with some ideas! Send your phrase to: Creative Beading Phrase Competition PO Box 8035, Glenmore Park NSW 2745. The winning entrant will have their phrase on the spine of the magazine and receive the next 7 issues…

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inspirational gallery

Cornelia Chin – Melbourne, Victoria Cornelia creates beautiful indie, retro and bohemian jewellery. Choosing striking beads, they are mixed to create one of a kind designs that pop with colour and a retro styling. Her Etsy shop is called ‘Ceecee Jewellery’ and the philosophy is one to emulate. “Be comfortable in your own skin. Your style is your own, wear it with pride. That’s what makes you different. Don’t copy them, let them copy you!” See more of Ceecee’s jewellery at - Maria Dao – Bribane, Queensland Maria Dao’s contemporary jewellery designs are all hand made one of a kind pieces that are created with the idea of enhancing the look of any everyday outfit. Each is created with inspiration from current fashioin trends along with her own unique interpretation and style. Bright colour…

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this season‘s fashion

WHILST ‘TRENDS’ ARE FASHION DESIGN DIRECTIONS such as Cartier showcasing animal designs on a regular basis - and if you think of Tiffany – diamond engagement rings spring to mind. As a jewellery maker you can define your own ‘style’ and create a ‘trend’ with colours, shapes and materials. As jewellery fashions tend to change at a more sedate pace than garment fashions it is easy to keep your accessories up to date and personal. TELL A STORY Many jewellery and fashion designers ‘tell a story’ with their creations, much as an artist will create a mood or feeling. That is why today’s jewellery often utilise the same shapes and styles of a bygone era yet adding their own particular twist. So celebrate your own creativity and style this season using the wonderful…

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fact file

Moonstone – a pearly white semi-precious stone consisting of alkali feldspar Mexican Fire Opal – Fire opal is a transparent to translucent opal, with warm body colors of yellow, orange, orange-yellow or red. It does not usually show any play of color, although occasionally a stone will exhibit bright green flashes. The most famous source of fire opals is the state of Querétaro in Mexico; these opals are commonly called Mexican fire opals (ref: Wikipedia) Cartier – Société Cartier designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewellery and watches. Founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the company remained under family control until 1964 (Ref: Wikipedia)…