Creative Beading Magazine Volume 11-3

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

WELCOME TO THIS EDITION OF CREATIVE BEADING! Our latest profile features Helen Rosser who lives a creative life on the Mornington Pennisula in Victoria. With a long time interest in colour and texture, Helen worked in interiors before discovering how much she enjoyed jewellery making and especially resin jewellery making. With an interest in making truly individual designs, Helen decided to make her own resin beads and moulds to create her jewellery. And although resin is notoriously tricky to work with, she taught herself how to use the resin product and invested in additional classes to refine her process. And the results speak for themselves. Colourful, textured designs that are beautiful to look at and perfect to wear! We also take a look at coiled paper bead making – a simple but…

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beading news

TOOLS Not a lot seems to be happening in the jewellery tool area, however this Gem & Bead Sorting Tray in White Plastic with Grooves and Pourer was a good find. Check it out at: CLASSES Craft and jewellery or beading classes are always a great place to get inspiration and ideas, and meet like-minded crafters at the same time. Generally these workshops or classes are relaxed and social and often provide tools that you would not normally have in your own toolbox. If you would like to start working with metal and live in WA check out: Contemporary Metal Unit 4, 77-79 Howe St, Osborne Park, WA, Australia 6019 NEWS SNIPPETS Spring and summer are a great time for attending shows, fairs and fetes and of course attending jewellery-making classes! This edition takes…

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inspirational gallery

Cheryl has always loved to create, from knitting to drawing, restoring vintage furniture and crafts made with driftwood, shells and sea glass found on the beach. In her jewellery making, she loves working with earthy as well as pastel colours and enjoys using natural materials wherever possible. Cheryl particularly likes to make things that hold a special meaning and significance, such as crystal healing gemstone jewellery and is inspired by the natural environment, multi-cultural designs and traditions and a love of the sea. Debra Dorgan lives in tropical Queensland and although originally trained as an Afro/European hairdresser in the United Kingdom, now spends her time enjoying beading, ceramics and all things artistic! Debra describes herself as having had a life-long affair with colour and her beaded creations are testament to that. She used…

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this season‘s fashion

AS I HAVE COMMENTED SEVERAL TIMES – jewellery trends change at a much more sedate pace than the fashion garment scene; this is still true for the current season which sees 9 main jewellery fashion styles remaining in the fore to tempt us. 1. Big Statement jewellery - Always a winner, especially when the right colour, material and style to enhance your outfit has been chosen; this trend has been with us for quite a while and looks like it will stay. Just remember to factor in your size, shape and colouring to achieve a balanced look. 2. Feminine and Floral jewellery - This style has a definite ‘romantic’ and ‘feminine’ feel and this season sees pastels shades and colours being used for this theme – so have a go at making…

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fact file

• Tigertail is made using a series of wires covered with a coloured nylon coating. The 0.38mm beading wire has 7 strands of wire, which creates a strong but flexible beading wire that is ideal for heavier or sharp edged beads. (Ref:• Interchangeable jewellery – check out these websites for examples,,• Snap on charms – go to• Loop jewellery – for a ‘wow’ example of this jewellery go to• Rubber Band jewellery, books etc take a look at, or…

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designer in the spotlight

Ariel Gordon – LA-based jewellery designer According to the website ( ..’Arial’s vision is to create simple jewellery that appeals to a variety of women, with the goal of creating jewellery that can transition well and be wardrobe staples, like a favourite pair of jeans or a trusted handbag. In these economic times a woman requires more versatility from her jewellery – a necklace has to work both when she goes out on a date Friday night and when she’s at the Farmers Market on a Sunday morning’……