Creative Beading Magazine Volume 11-4

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

WHAT A GREAT ISSUE WE HAVE FOR YOU! Our feature writer, Fiona Donnelly, talks with Nadine Sharpe who, with a sharp eye and beautiful sense of colour, describes her creative journey. Nadine’s love of jewellery led her to wander into a local bead store, Etelage near Newtown New South Wales, and be amazed by what she saw. “It is a really beautiful shop. Their range of beads was amazing and the woman that owned the shop was very helpful and made it seem so easy.” It is an inspiring story of how to combine a jewellery passion with family commitments, and feed our creative juices at the same time. We also have projects to spark a whole range of new designs – to suit every skill level and with colour-ways that are truly…

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beading news

NEWS SNIPPETS As we say goodbye to 2014 and look forward to 2015 there are some great shows, products and beading delights to get us going in the New Year. Kicking off with some great tools and books to tempt you. TOOLS ‘Beadalon’ – a leader in jewellery making supplies has launched the Beadalon Spool tamer. This great little gadget is an adjustable wire dispenser, which stops your wire unravelling at an alarming speed! All you need to do is feed the end of the spool of wire through the hole on the buckle and attach the band. They come in a packet of 2 and are very inexpensive. Check them out at:- Another must have tool to add to your box is on offer from Sunset Crystals. The ‘Beadsmith’ Mighty Hole Punch…

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inspirational gallery

I’m a self-taught jewellery designer and I’ve been making my own collections of jewellery for over ten years now. I just love beads, charms, findings and pretty, shiny things. Being surrounded by beads is like being a kid in a lolly shop for me! The creative possibilities are endless and I love the intricacy and delicacy of working with beads to make jewellery. From the beginning I knew that jewellery design was going to be more than just a hobby. I find so much joy and satisfaction in creating my jewellery – it’s my ‘happy place’ My designs draw inspiration from vintage fashion, specifically the 40’s and 50’s. I create unique retro-inspired jewellery with a contemporary twist under my label, Bobby Trouble. The support I have received from family and friends and…

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this season‘s fashion

THIS EDITION OF TRENDS HAS A DEFINITE ‘LOVE’ ANGLE! So with Christmas over, the weather changing - love is in the air! It is already the wedding season in Australia and before you know it Valentines’ Day will be upon us. February the 14th was first associated with romantic love in the ‘Middle’ Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Then in 18th century England it evolved into a day when lovers expressed their love for each other by the giving of cards, flowers, lingerie, champagne, chocolates and of course jewellery. Today Valentine’s Day symbols include heart-shaped motifs, doves and of course the winged Cupid – all of these motifs are easy to incorporate into a beaded piece, whether it be a piece of jewellery, a beaded bag, a cover of…

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entwined bi-bo bracelet

MATERIALS 1 x box clasp 2 x wire guardians BEADS 11 seed Miyuki Lilac 6mm glass pearls purple Bi-Bo labrador Bi-Bo crystal dark purple TOOLS Fireline 6lb Bead reamer Beading needle STEP ONE Add a stopper bead to the end of threads leaving a 15cm tail. Pick up 1 Bi-Bo, 3x11/0, 1 Bi-Bo, 3x11/0, 1 pearl, 3x11/0, 1 Bi-Bo, 3x11/0, 1Bi-Bo and 3x11/0. Move down to the stopper bead. STEP TWO Go down the 2nd hole in the last Bi-Bo bead you added, so the last 3, 11/0’s sit on top. STEP THREE Pick up 2nd colour Bi-Bo bead go into the next hole of the previous Bi-Bo bead, add 3 x 11’s, go into the pearl, pick-up 3 x 11’s, go into the next Bi-Bo, pick up 2nd colour Bi-Bo and go into last Bi-Bo bead. STEP FOUR Pick up 3 x 11’s and go into 1st hold…

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spiral rope

BRACELETS MATERIALS Clasp 3m thread BRACELET 1 BEADS 5gm size 8 seed - C 10gm size 8 seed – O BRACELET 1 STEP ONE Add thread to needle, to this add 4 x core beads (C) and 3 x outer beads (O) STEP TWO Slide beads down to end of thread leaving 20cm of tail thread, stitch back up the 4 core beads. STEP THREE Flip beads to the left, with thumb just keep beads to the left, this enables you to see spine/ core beads and by keeping last outer row out of the way you don’t stitch in the wrong place, this will make a clump not a spiral if this happens. Design note for left handed beaders: If you are left handed your beads will flip to the right, that’s the only difference. STEP FOUR Repeat for the rest of the bracelet:…