Creative Beading Magazine Volume 12 Issue 2

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS EDITION OF CREATIVE BEADING! There is nothing like new beads to get our creative thoughts flowing and in this edition we review a wonderful selection of new beads – and whether aqua or azure they are all inspired by the colours of the ocean. There are a few particularly gorgeous styles – for instance a metallic coated Ammonite, some smooth and striking Opal slices, and many that are just pretty! Take a look and see for yourself the beautiful blues, teals, and sea green beads and consider how you might create something new! We also have a wonderful array of projects for you to try and there are a few for every skill level so you are sure to find something that suits your style and inspires…

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NEWS SNIPPETS This edition of News Snippets is a real ‘glory box’ of interesting facts, trivia and things to do and see both here in Australia and overseas. BEADING KITS If you are looking for some great beading kits take a look at what is on offer from Irene McCarthy at www.kelanash.com According to the website ...’ Kelanash Designs are a creative jewellery company unique to the industry. Irene, a former teacher and published jewellery designer, has developed an innovative weaving technique that oozes style. Following extensive research, Irene became inspired by satin ribbon. The texture was the perfect combination that was stunningly attractive, comfortable to wear, yet durable and flexible MATERIALS – BEADS AND FINDINGS Check out the American company, TierraCast who have a wonderful range of components that are crafted with attention to…

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inspirational gallery

Tania Bishop, Melbourne, Victoria Tania Bishop describes her mission as ‘to create beautifully designed textiles, fashion and art’. As someone who loves textiles, fashion, art, designing, making and creating - Tania is an inspiration. Her work centres on yarn and fabric, especially vintage Japanese Kanzashi fabric made into flower hairclips with beaded centres and also includes shibori silk scarves, hand knitted scarves, and textile jewellery. All of her creations feature colour, texture and beautiful shapes. See more of Tania’s work at: instagram.com/taniabishopartisanfacebook.com/taniabishopartisanwww.etsy.com/shop/TaniaBishopArtisan Michelle, Melbourne, Victoria Michelle creates handmade jewellery with an eye-catching twist using French wire, beadweaving and crochet techniques, Australian timber, seed beads, gemstones, silver and crystal and with 15 years experience with beading the results speak for themselves. Her designs are both elegant and colourful and Michelle describes her work as being…

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jewellery for moods and emotions

Wearing Jewellery for adornment has been around for many ages. The wearing of jewellery is more complicated than just to show our fashion consciousness or our ability and wealth to buy it. Throughout the ages the wearing of jewellery has had many meanings from warding off evil to love tokens and codex or secret messages. JEWELLERY TO PROTECT FROM EVIL Throughout history humans have sought to protect themselves from evil – amulets are said to repel negative energies, bring good luck and prevent evil and injury. These amulets can be crystals, Celtic crosses or a myriad of pendants, bracelets or talismans such as the ‘nazar’ which is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. According to Wikipedia ‘The word “nazar” is derived from the Arabic, “sight” or “seeing”. In…

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MATERIALS 1 full 2oz block of Premo Peacock Pearl 1/2 a 2oz block of Premo Copper 1/2 a 2oz block of Premo Bright Green Pearl Or 1 full 2oz block of Premo Black 1/2 a 2oz block of Premo Cadmium Red 1/2 a 2oz block of Premo Silver TOOLS Cookie cutters in 3 sizes;19mm, 25mm and 38mmAcrylic brayer or rolling pinPasta machineTissue bladeNeedlepoint toolSculpy Hollow Bead TrayWorking tileGlad bake MATERIALSNECKLACE 30 x 7mm jump rings24 eye pinsClasp Design note: For this design I am using Premo Brand clay which bakes at 130 degrees Celsius. STEP ONE Condition all clay, when conditioned run-through pasta machine set at its half way point, my machine has 7 as its thickest point so I want the clay to be on a 4 setting. STEP TWO Off full block cut out a strip of clay 15cm x 10cm. Lay this onto…

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silky path

MATERIALS 5cm chain1 x jump ring1 x parrot clasp1 x head pin2 x 1cm snip French wire6lb Fireline BEADS 2 hole Czech silky41 x 3mm Czech firepolished10-15gm x 11° seed gunmetal matte TOOLS Beading needle Scissors Chain nose pliers Round nose pliers Wire cutters LENGTH 18cm adjust with extension chain STEP ONE Using at least 3m length of Fireline, place a stopper bead at approx the centre of the thread and pass through 1 x silky pick up 5 x seed and pass around the end of the silky through second hole. Add 5 x seed and in a circular motion pass back through hole that thread is exiting. Diagram 1. STEP TWO Pick up 2 x seed, 1 x silky, 5 x seed and in a circular motion pass back through the hole. (Diagram 2). Snug the beads firmly up to last silky…