Creative Beading Magazine Volume 12 Issue 3

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

WELCOME TO THIS EDITION OF CREATIVE BEADING! In this issue there are many new projects to try – in every skill level and with new ideas galore. So there is sure to be something to tempt you to another successful project. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at making your own beads, take a look at the Technique Intensive! Using craft wood it is possible to design and make your own shapes and then colour the beads as you wish. Whether you’d like something with soft organic shapes, or would prefer a more geometric feel, the sky is the limit. This technique is a great way to test your sawing skills and make simple drilled holes in the finished beads. Even better, because the craft wood is so light…

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beading news

NEWS SNIPPETS Let’s get down to beading! The news this edition is full of jewellery and beading ideas, tips and tricks, what every ‘beader’ should have in their toolbox and of course the usual look at shows to attend both here in Australia and overseas. USING FINDINGS CREATIVELY ‘Hot to Trot’ this season is the way that jewellery designers are using findings in different ways and not just to link or finish an item, but to use them creatively. Findings enable the jewellery maker to complete an item for example: • Clasps • Jump Rings• Ear Wires• Ring Blanks• Bails• Loops• Pins – head and eye• Bead Caps• Crimps• Spacers• Jewellery Cones Many of these items can be used within your creation and used creatively as a bead or spacer. Toggle clasps make great feature spacers…

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inspirational gallery

Divya Jayam, Melbourne, Victoria ‘Chinni Abhi’ Divya describes herself as someone who is crazy about art and the hand made process. All of her designs are unique, one-of-a-kind creations and made with high quality components. Divya particularly enjoys ensuring that each piece of jewellery is carefully thought out to make it both beautiful and unique and many feature strong colour and layers of beads with a variety of techniques. See more of Divya’s work at: www.chinniabhi.etsy.com, chinniabhi.storenvy.com, www.facebook.com/TheChinniAbhi,www.twitter.com/divvisafstudioand www.chinniabhi.wordpress.com Marika Evtimovski, Melbourne Victoria ‘Covet and Desire’ Marika makes limited edition designs from her studio in Melbourne. Her approach is that of an artisan – creating something not only beautiful and meticulously crafted, but also a unique design that she has dreamt, imagined, sourced and then brought to life. Marika loves that “something I have…

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this season’sfashion

SPRING 2015 SEES THE RETURN OF PEARLS (did they ever go out of favour?), the rising popularity of rose gold jewellery, romantic pendants, new metals, mismatched earrings, open ended necklaces, thin stacked necklaces, rings and the fashion penchant for neck rings and chokers. ROSE GOLD Rose gold is in the forefront of popular metals for spring 2015 alongside the usual spring and summer silver. Rose gold has a warm and pinkish hue that seems to complement all skin tones and blend in with any colour outfit. It is truly a very feminine shade and portrays luxury and understatement. Rose gold is sometimes referred to as pink or red gold – depending upon the intensity of the shade. It is a mix of yellow gold and copper. The more copper introduced into the…

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tribal magic

MATERIALS Premo Sculpey polymer clay: Purple Pearl 5031 Pearl 5101 Suedette thong Tigertail Crimps Leather ends Clasp Jump rings Earring hooks TOOLS Non-stick roller such as Sculpey Acrylic Roller Non stick mat or tile Sculpey Super Slicer or other sharp blade Ruler Pin Pliers Wire cutters Oven (not microwave) Oven thermometer STEP ONE Use half the pack of each of the two colours. Roll out each piece into a rectangle shape, roughly 8cm long. If the polymer clay has cracked edges, cut in half and stack up, and roll again. Repeat until it stops cracking. Stack the two pieces. STEP TWO Cut into four strips, lengthways. STEP THREE Stack the four strips. STEP FOUR Squeeze, stretch and roll the stack to lengthen it. Continue until about 30cm long with a square cross-section. STEP FIVE For ease of handling, cut into two lengths. Twist each length, attempting to keep the twist even (a). Keep twisting until the lines almost appear to…

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wonderful wood cuts

BRACELET MATERIALS 6 x 29mm cast metal filigree connector dolly 5 x head pins 1 x 6mm jump ring 6 10mm jump ring 1 x clasp 48cm 24ga wire or 26ga 6 x 28x20mm medium wood cut butterfly buttons BEADS 6 x 8mm cast metal daisy spacers 6 x 3x4mm Imperial Crystal rondel 5 x 13x9mm Howlite leaf beads TOOLS Chain nose pliers Round nose pliers Wire cutters LENGTH adjustable with extension EARRINGS MATERIALS 2 x ear hooks 16cm 24ga wire 2 x 24x17mm small wood cut butterfly buttons 2 x head pins with ball 2 x bead caps BEADS 2 x 6x8mm Imperial Crystal rondel 2 x 4mm daisy spacers BRACELET STEP ONE Divide 24ga wire into 6 x 8cm lengths. STEP TWO Take 1 x 8cm length of wire and thread 1 x 4x3mm crystal rondel bead. Sit the bead in the middle of the wire. Fold and…