Creative Beading Magazine Volume 12 Issue 4

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS EDITION OF CREATIVE BEADING! There is nothing like new beads to get our creative thoughts flowing and in this edition we review a wonderful selection of new beads – especially felted beads that have great textural qualities and wooden beads that have great presence and texture too. Take a look and see for yourself the beautiful range of beads and how they can be used in a variety of projects and designs. But more than anything see how these new products can inspire new designs and projects! Also make sure to take a look at the profile of bead designer and ceramicist Jan Wallace, who creates stunning ceramic beads and beautiful Australian birds in ceramics – they are truly stunning!! We also have a wonderful array of projects…

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beading news

NEWS SNIPPETS In this edition of news snippet we will discuss the latest in handmade beads including why they are unique and the best places to find them. If you are looking for more inspiration why not visit one of the many upcoming shows both here and overseas. HAND MADE BEADS Any beading enthusiast will understand the time and effort that goes into creating beautiful pieces. Whether you’re a designer who sells their creations or you simply bead for fun, many beaders love to design stunning, unique pieces. There are a number of bead makers and suppliers out there who create handmade beads to cater to the growing demand for unique materials. These bead makers produce only a small quantity or ‘one of a kind’ beads, designed for beaders who want to create unique…

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inspirational gallery

Crystal Gaye, Adelaide, South Australia Crystal Gaye specializes in beading and bead embroidery and her ornate jewellery is infused with immense creativity. Drawing on the concept of the Divine Feminine Energy, each of her pieces of jewellery radiates energy and individuality. Her range of beaded ornament patterns also convey glamour and are wonderfully colourful, with great attention to detail. Each tutorial / pattern details how to wrap, weave and drape the beads especially Swarovski crystals. Certain to make excellent Christmas gifts. See more of Crystal’s work at - www.crystalgaye.etsy.com Suzanne Day, Melbourne, Victoria Suzanne has been in love with craft-making since she was eight, and still loves to be creative especially with seed beads and bead weaving. In particular, Suzanne has developed a range of original beading patterns and tutorials that are easy to follow…

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this season‘s fashion

SUMMER IS HERE and with that we are reminded that another year has passed and the festive season is well and truly on its way. It’s a time of year that makes us cheerful, with many of us getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating the house, sending greeting cards, carefully selecting presents, embellishing the Christmas tree and planning a delicious family lunch. JEWELLERY TRENDS Most beaders love this time of year as it is another reason to create new designs to keep up with festive trends. With plenty happening over the Christmas period, it is the perfect time for beaders and jewellery makers to be inspired by all that is merry! Matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces remain a popular choice this season and can be made to compliment any outfit you…

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on angels’ wings

TOOLS Chain nose pliers Round nose pliers Wire cutters Scissors E6000 glue HEARTWINGS ANGEL MATERIALS 1 x Heartwings Pendant 1 x 18mm angel cabochon 1 x 18mm cabochon setting 2 x 5mm internal diameter, 16ga (1.2mm) jump rings 20cm x 1cm satin ribbon HEARTWINGS ANGEL STEP ONE Use the E6000 glue to attach the cabochon to the cabochon setting. Allow to dry. STEP TWO Attach the angel cabochon to the heart wings pendant with 1 x jump ring. STEP THREE Attach 1 x jump ring to the top of the heart wings pendant. Thread the ribbon through this jump ring and tie a knot at the ends to form a loop. Trim the ribbon ends to a 45 ° angle. TRIO OF ANGELS MATERIALS 3 x 16mm angel cabochons 3 x 16mm chain edged cabochon settings 2 x eye pins 7 x head pins 1 x 5mm internal diameter,…

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butterfly orchid bracelet

MATERIALS 20cm flat wire mesh 2 x end clamps 2 x jump rings 1 x parrot clasp 6-7m fireline 6lb crystal Extension chain optional BEADS 6 x SS20 Montee crystal Lavender 1.5gm x 11° Delica silver 60 x 11° seed silver 120 x 15° seed silver 10gm x 11° seed lavender TOOLS Beading needle Chain nose pliers Scissors LENGTH adjustable STEP ONE Using 1-1.2m fireline pass through the centre hole of montee, pick up 7 x delica and pass through montee centre hole in a circular motion, leave a 7-10cm tail thread. Pick up 7 x delica and pass through centre hole in a circular motion, to place a total of 14 delica around the montee. Pass through all delica in a circle and pull tight so the beads sit firmly around montee, exiting 1 bead past join.…