Creative Beading Magazine Volume 12 Issue 6

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

THIS ISSUE IS FOR ALL OUR MUMS. There are some beautiful creations for you in this issue of Creative Beading and if you want to give your mum a special gift, there are heaps of ideas for you to choose from. There is such a great selection, I’m sure you will find something for yourself as well! We meet Kay Lancashire and see some of her amazing designs. Also, check out the beads in our secret garden for some different ideas for your next project. There are a variety of styles and skill levels scattered throughout this issue with some projects sure to challenge the best of beaders. Don’t forget that a new issue of Creative Beading is on sale every 7 weeks, so keep an eye out at your local newsagent. Taking…

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news snippets

ETSY SUPPLIES Craft, beading, textile and art lovers from around the world are taking full advantage of platform Etsy for their supplies. The website was founded in 2005 after recognising the need for an online community where crafters, artists and makers could sell their handmade and vintage goods and craft supplies. Etsy has definitely become one of the most popular online stores for beading essentials and unique motifs, charms and pendants. Next time you’re looking for a specific item to complete your project, are in need of replenishing your supplies or simply feel like adding to your collection, why not check out our picks of best sellers on Etsy. Woman Shops World This seller stocks a variety of beautiful, bright, vintage and tribal style beads, tassels and textiles. If tassels are what you…

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competition winners (12:2)

Cheeky Jewellery Lisa Allen NSW Sharon Hutton Mrs D. Kirby WA Three M’s Fashion Jewellery Olivia Hall WA Wheatbelt Beads Alana Ellis QLD Wheatbelt Beads Mary Nielson TAS Wheatbelt Beads Taylor Omann NSW Wishware Beads Kahlia Vidler SA Wishware Beads Beverley Yontly VIC BOOKS Two Stitches: Jewelry Projects in Peyote & Right Angle Weave by Rachel Nelson-Smith shows you how to master the right angle weave and peyote stitch and create gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Meant for intermediate to advanced-level beaders and featuring detailed illustrations, the 23 projects featured in the book are set to dazzle and inspire. Make a City Beads Bracelet, a rainbow-hued Voldekol Necklace, Natri Earrings and lots of other fabulously wearable jewellery. RRP $39.99 Twenty to Make: Leather Jewellery by Natalia Colman introduces a range of jewellery items including pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings rings and a few items of men’s jewellery. All projects…

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win! a year's subscription to creative beading

Let’s have some fun. For your chance to win a 12 month subscription to Creative Beading we are running a competition for you to give us a catchy phrase for the spine of the magazine. For those of you who may not have noticed, for a number of issues now we have been running on the spine of the magazine a little phrase and giving it a beading flavour. Have a look! Well, the team at Creative Beading thought it would be fun if you the reader had a chance to have a go at coming up with some ideas! Send your phrase to: Creative Beading Phrase Competition PO Box 8035, Glenmore Park NSW 2745. The winning entrant will have their phrase on the spine of the magazine and receive the next 7 issues…

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jewellery around the world

THERE ARE MANY COUNTRIES around the world which use jewellery to symbolise a valuable part of their culture or beliefs. In pre-historic times, jewellery was made from shells, stone and bones and was worn as a form of protection against the dangers of life, as well as being a mark of status. Overtime, the discovery of metals became an important factor in jewellery development, as metalwork was used to create sophisticated and intricate pieces. In Greece, a common type of beaded jewellery called the komboloi is used as a form of stress relief or to mediate. “The elements of beauty and hardness found in jade are believed to represent the perfect balance of yin and yang and have magical properties.“ The komboloi is a string of colourful beads made from glass or amber with…

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kiss beads

MATERIALS 1 pair of ear hooks BEADS 6 x dome 14x18mm Jet Azuro 25gm approx 11° Montana Matte S/L 20gm approx 8° Montana Matte S/L 10gm Dragon Scale 1.5x5mm crystal Bermuda blue 3gm Delica 11° silver metallic (DB035) 2-3gm 15° silver metallic seed 9 x 4mm round pastel petrol TOOLS Fireline crystal Nymo D black Beading needle Scissors LENGTH to fit snug to the neckline As this is a more advanced project I have not included directions to start or finish threads but have listed where a preferred thread is to be used or double or single threads. STEP ONE Neckband Using 8° seed beads and a doubled thread of Nymo pick up 10 x 8° beads and go back through 1 st bead in same direction, knot tail and working thread for tension. While working the neckband continue to hold the…