Creative Beading Magazine Volume 13 Issue 3

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

IN THIS ISSUE OF CREATIVE BEADING, we take a look at Crystal beads. We have a special feature with 9 beautiful projects for you to try. We also have a product review on the different types of crystals currently available on the market. We hope you like our cover piece for this issue, as it is a wonderful design and lots of fun to create. Every piece with step-by-step instructions and beads available from your local bead shop, you will enjoy the pages in this edition of Creative Beading. Our Technique Intensive feature this issue is about kumihimo braiding. This beautiful form of braiding from Japan, is popular all around the world with beaders. We show you how to create a braided bracelet with our expert Sharon Hutton guiding you through this…

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news snippets

CHOOSING THE RIGHT BEADING WIRE For all beaders, from amateurs through to the more experienced, it is essential to understand what type of beading wire is most appropriate for your intended project. When selecting wire, there are a number of factors to consider based on the measurements of the wire. To ensure your next project is a success, here are some points to consider when selecting beading wire: Beading wire diameter: Determines strength of the wire and what beads will fit. The diameter is normally given as a fraction of an inch. Larger diameter wire is best suited to large, heavy beads. Smaller diameter wire is better for small, lightweight beads. Decide which diameter fits your bead holes. Seed and small beads usually fit 0.010 to 0.15, whilst light to medium beads…

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win! a year's subscription to creative beading

Let’s have some fun. For your chance to win a 12 month subscription to Creative Beading we are running a competition for you to give us a catchy phrase for the spine of the magazine. For those of you who may not have noticed, for a number of issues now we have been running on the spine of the magazine a little phrase and giving it a beading flavour. Have a look! Well, the team at Creative Beading thought it would be fun if you the reader had a chance to have a go at coming up with some ideas! Send your phrase to: Creative Beading Phrase Competition PO Box 8035, Glenmore Park NSW 2745. The winning entrant will have their phrase on the spine of the magazine and receive the next 7 issues…

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jewellery trends for women and men

OLD-WORLD JEWELLERY There is something so intriguing about old-world jewellery that makes us want to invest our time studying this antique look. Not only does old-world jewellery take us back to a time that is reminiscent of our grandparents, the style is also becoming a major trend in the jewellery scene. Everyone from hobbyist jewellery makers to designers of high end fashion labels are embracing the ornate detail. It is not hard to find inspiration to create pieces that radiate this vintage style. Influenced by the latest runway trends, many jewellery makers are getting creative with statement pieces, particularly in the form of earrings and necklaces that mimic old-world pieces. These high end designs also appear to incorporate a hint of contemporary style whilst holding their own old-world charm. In particular, crystal…

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believe combination bangle set

MATERIALS 4 x assorted metal bangles 17 x 6mm jump rings 1 x 8mm jump rings 2 x parrot clasp 1 x turn of bracelet memory 1 x 5cm chain 1 x 6cm chain 1 x dragonfly charm 1 x key charm 1 x feather charm 1 x Believe word connector BEADS 2 x 6mm thick daisy spacers 8 x 4mm daisy spacers 10 x 3mm round spacers 4 x 8mm round spacers 5 x 8mm glass 3 x 15mm octagon crystals TOOLS Chain nose pliersRound nose pliersWire cutters LENGTH adjustable STEP ONE Attach the dragon fly charm to plain metal bangle using 6mm jump ring. Attach the Key and Feather charm to the other plain bangle using 6mm jump rings. Set aside to work on the individual beaded pieces. STEP TWO Working on the individual octagon bracelet: attach 1 x 6mm jump ring to the parrot clasp and close, attach 1 x 6mm jump…

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herringbone necklace

MATERIALS 18 gauge artistic wire in silver 22 gauge artistic wire in silver 20cm fine chain Clasp (or you can make your own from wire like we have) BEADS Gemstone chips 14mm round gemstone beads TOOLS Side cutters Round nose pliers LENGTH: as desired STEP ONE Make the chip sections first. We have used 22 gauge for these sections, and wrapped the ends to make them more secure. STEP TWO To make the herringbone sections, we started with approx. 8cm sections of 18 gauge wire and formed a loop on one end. We find it easier to contrast herringbone over a sturdier 18 gauge base compared to using the 22 gauge wire as the base. Then we performed the herringbone wrap around the 18 gauge wire and the 14mm bead. Diagrams 1, 2 and 3. STEP THREE Join all the sections together by opening the loops…