Creative Beading Magazine Volume 13 Issue 6

Be inspired by Australia's favorite beading magazine, containing projects for beginners and beyond from Australia’s top jewellery designers and expert trends, tips & tricks.

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from the team

Welcome to another fantastic issue of Creative Beading! This issue is packed full of inspiring projects that expert beaders are sure to love. We also have plenty to offer beginners, with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for a range of beautiful projects. There truly is something for everyone in this issue of Creative Beading. Looking for some fresh ideas for your next creation? Check out our Beading Trends feature! This section is sure to provide some great inspiration on the latest styles and jewellery designs. We show you the trendiest beads on the market including our favourite – natural beads. Wood, shells and feathers make the perfect accessory this season, and we just can’t get enough of them! Our Technique Intensive article features some exciting projects using polymer clay. This versatile material…

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news snippets

CREATING A THEMED CHARM BRACELET Charm bracelets never go out of style! When putting together a new charm bracelet, creating a theme will guarantee your project will have a harmonious look. Some great themes to inspire your next piece include travel, animals, nautical, or nature. Beaders can also decide if they would like to use the same metals throughout the bracelet, or if they would like to mix and match to create contrast. If you would like to keep the overall look of the bracelet consistent, try to stick to one metal, such as rose gold or silver, with a few embellished pieces to create interest. To give your bracelet true meaning, consider purchasing or creating charms that symbolise memorable events or special occasions in your life. Looking for charms that represent…

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win! a year's subscription to creative beading

Let’s have some fun. For your chance to win a 12 month subscription to Creative Beading we are running a competition for you to give us a catchy phrase for the spine of the magazine. For those of you who may not have noticed, for a number of issues now we have been running on the spine of the magazine a little phrase and giving it a beading flavour. Have a look! Well, the team at Creative Beading thought it would be fun if you the reader had a chance to have a go at coming up with some ideas! Send your phrase to: Creative Beading Phrase Competition PO Box 8035, Glenmore Park NSW 2745. The winning entrant will have their phrase on the spine of the magazine and receive the next 7 issues…

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summer style

“Shells can be found in a range of delicate colours and are the perfect touch for a beachy, summer look.” NATURAL BEADS Seek out raw stone and wooden beads this summer to create a cool style with your jewellery. Natural beads such as shells, stones and wood are the perfect pieces to add a unique touch to your necklaces, bracelets and rings. Wooden pieces come in a stunning variety, and many beads have intricate carvings and beautiful shapes that would be the perfect addition to your jewellery. The range of colours available means you will surely be able to find a set of beads to match your style, although it seems that warm browns are a current favourite for beaders. Be inspired by natural stones and rocks to create innovative accessories this season.…

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coral and cord necklace

MATERIALS 3 metres black 1mm cord 1 metre 1.5mm gold aluminium wire 2 x gold leather ends 2 x 6mm jump rings Lobster clasp BEADS 6 x mixed coral 6 x mixed carnelian 6 x 9x12mm mix gold and black crystal rondelle TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Wire cutters Scissors Hammer and anvil LENGTH adjustable STEP ONE Make the 5 gold wire dangles first. Take about 15cm of wire, starting with round nose pliers make a swirl, continue forming the swirl with chain nose pliers until approx 1cm of wire remains, form a loop. In the design these dangles have been hammered to give them a flat, more finished look. STEP TWO Take 5 strands of cord approx 60cm long each. Attach a leather end around the end of the 5 cords, flatten using chain nose pliers. Tie a knot in the 5 strands about 15cm down the…

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shared love

MATERIALS Stringing materials of your choice Renaissance Wax (optional) COLOURED PENDANTS Premo Sculpey polymer clay: – Orange 5033 – Green 5323 – Cobalt blue 5063 – Zinc Yellow 5072 – White 5001 – Copper 5067 PLAIN PENDANTS – Gray Granite 5065 OR – Silver 5129 Optional: – Black 5042 – White 5001 TOOLS Non-stick roller such as Sculpey Acrylic Roller Non-stick work surface Sculpey Super Slicer or other sharp blade Heart cutters Straw, metal tube or Knitting needle Oven (not microwave) Oven thermometer Tools to suit your stringing materials. STEP ONE The stripey pattern is easily produced from mixed colour clay from a previous project. If this suits then make a roll of scraps equivalent to 1 1/3 bars and skip to step 2. Or use a combination of colours as shown here, not necessarily in equal quantities. If choosing other colours, choose contrasting ones that will blend without merging to look brown and dirty.…