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have a very beady christmas!

Beads are the perfect finishing touch to put on a very special gift. THE CHRISTMAS TREE is usually the centrepiece of the house and whether you choose a real tree or a fake one, the decorations really help to make it special. Draping long strands of clear or Christmas-coloured faceted beads in either acrylic or glass around the tree adds a subtle sparkle to the branches, while taking away those annoying little pieces of tinsel that fall onto the floor. Christmas baubles look beautiful when they’re beaded – by making a beaded net and draping it over the top of the bauble, you can then hang long drops from the edges to create an illusion of icicles hanging from the bauble. These make wonderful heirlooms and gifts, and, to give a more…

2 Min
snowflakes crystallise

MATERIALS 1 x 4.5”snowflake frame 16cm Silver Metallic Mesh Ribbon BEADS 1 x Sterling Silver 10mm Round Bead 12 x Swarovski Barrel 6 x 4mm 12 x Swarovski Barrel 7.4 x 5mm 12 x Swarovski Bicone 6mm 6 x Swarovski Bicone 8mm TOOLS Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers Cutters KITS All materials are available individually or in kit. Kit Price $32.95 (does not include glue). STEP ONE Cut 1cm off 5 of the snowflake arms. DO NOT cut off the 6th one (leave as is). STEP TWO Thread the crystals onto the uncut arm in the following order – small barrel 6x4mm, small bicone 6mm, large barrel 7.4x5mm, large bicone 8mm, large barrel, small bicone 6mm, and lastly a small barrel. STEP THREE Using round nose pliers bend the excess wire on this first arm to make a loop. STEP FOUR Follow step 1 and thread the crystals on to each…

6 Min

MATERIALS CHAIN 70cm gold curb chain. Links approx 4mm 38cm fine gold curb chain links approx 1.5mm 19cm fine gold trace chain approx 1.5cm CHARMS 1 x 30mm brass fan 1 x 20mm gold vine leaf 1 x 30mm gold seahorse 1 x 30mm gold cross 1 x 25mm gold heart 1 x 35mm gold leaf charm FINDINGS 1 x gold triangular jump ring 1 x ring from toggle clasp 21 x 10mm gold jump rings 6 x 6mm gold bead caps 1 x 14mm gold jump ring 31 x 6mm gold jump ring 1 x 25mm round filigree finding 8 x gold eye pins (30mm) 2 x gold headpins (20mm) BEADS 1 x 8mm opaque pink round bead 1 x 12mm gold round pearl 1 x 20mm flat oval faceted cherry quartz bead 1 x gold diamante bead 10 x 8mm 1 x 12mm peach faceted glass bead 4 x 4mm corrugated gold metal beads 1 x…

2 Min
festive bead wreath

MATERIALS 3 metres of black 8.5mm round wire mesh 2 metres of 20 gauge wire (silver) 10 metres of 28 gauge wire (silver) BEADS 60 x 4mm bi-cone crystals clear AB TOOLS 2 pairs pliers STEP ONE Cut a two metre length of 20 gauge wire. Fold in half and, using two pairs of pliers, twist until wire looks like a cable and is 600mm long. STEP TWO Bend the wire into a circle. Cover the wire circle with black mesh. Twist the two ends of the 20 gauge wire circle together. STEP THREE Using a small piece of 28 gauge wire, twist it over the two ends of the wire mesh to hold the pieces securely. Trim the wire close to the wreath. STEP FOUR Cut 20cm off roll of 28 gauge wire and place aside for later finishing. Unwind 40cm off the roll…

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leaves leaves of of spring spring anklet anklet

MATERIALS 30cm medium link silver chain 1 x 10mm silver parrot clasp and end tag 54 x 4mm silver jump rings 26 x 19mm silver headpins BEADS 26 x Czech glass beads (6-10mm in size) 26 x metal leaves TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Wire cutters DESIGNER’S NOTE Can be made into a bracelet by shortening length of chain to suit wrist length. Quantities listed above are enough to make an extra-large sized anklet – you may have some beads left over. STEP ONE To make charms, place each bead onto a headpin. Using wire cutters cut excess pin leaving 1cm in length above the bead. Using round nose pliers roll wire to create a closed loop with the remaining length. STEP TWO Using wire cutters trim the chain to a snug or desired fit around your ankle. Remember that the clasp will add another…

3 Min
gem jewels

MATERIALS – RED, GOLD, GREEN 64 x gold plated headpins 1 x gold plated heart toggle clasp 2 x gold plated split rings 2 x gold plated ear hooks BEADS 36 x 4mm Czech fire polished – Siam AB 18 x 6mm gold plated filigree 18 x 6mm Czech fire polished – Green Emerald 18 x 4mm Czech fire polished – Emerald AB 28 x 6mm Czech fire polished – Crystal AB 10 x 8mm Czech fire polished – Siam 10 x 14mm Czech glass Angel Wing beads 36 x 8/0 silver lined topaz seed beads MATERIALS – CRYSTAL, BLUE, SILVER 64 x nickel-plated headpins 1 x nickel-plated heart toggle clasp 2 x nickel-plated split rings 2 x surgical steel ear hooks BEADS 36 x 4mm Czech fire polished – Sapphire AB 18 x 6mm silver-plated filigree 18 x 6mm Czech fire polished – Sapphire 18 x 4mm Czech fire polished – Silver 18…