Creative Beading Magazine Volume 14 issue 6

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4 Min
mix and match

MATERIALS Fine bead thread or Clearline BEADS Approx. 30g size 6 seed beads Approx. 10g size 8 seed beads Approx. 40g mixed beads TOOLS Shears Beading needle or big eye needle Rating BEFORE YOU BEGIN Thread a beading needle with approximately 4m of prepared thread. For best results use fine thread or .02 clearline. Use the thread doubled. STEP ONE – CREATING THE BASE Approximately 20g x size 6 seed beads are needed to begin. The base of the bracelet is created by using even count peyote stitch. Continue until the base fits your wrist exactly. Note – do not overlap. EVEN COUNT FLAT PEYOTE STITCH String the first bead. To stop the bead from slipping, loop through it again or tie a knot. Row 1 – leaving one end of the string (around 8cm) bead free, start stringing beads from the other end. As the…

3 Min
modern elegance

MATERIALS 42 x 38mm Eye pins 6 x 14mm Jump rings 12 x 9mm Jump rings 12 x 6mm Jump rings 50 cm x medium chain BEADS 6 x 14mm Facetted glass beads 12 x Large Facetted teardrop glass beads 12 x Small facetted teardrop glass beads 12 x Irregular drop shape glass bead TOOLS Chain (flat) nose pliers Round nose pliers Cutters Rating STEP ONE Cut 12 x 4cm lengths of chain. You will need these to connect to one end of the bead links and the 6mm jump ring. See Diagram 1. STEP TWO Attach a 6mm jump ring to one end of the cut chain lengths. While open, attach a 9mm jump ring to the 6mm jump ring and close the loop with the chain nose pliers. See Diagram 2. Repeat this process with the remaining lengths of chain. Note – you should now have 12…

2 Min
black and white ball

MATERIALS 24 x Bead caps 12 x Spacers 72 x Sterling silver headpins 1 foot of sterling silver wire 1 Sterling silver toggle BEADS 36 x Black Onyx beads or bead combinations 12 x 6 to 7mm Freshwater pearls 12 x 10mm Coin pearls 12 x Sterling silver 10mm flat coin beads 6 x Black Onyx faceted rondells TOOLS Round nose pliers Long nose pliers Rating STEP ONE Attach each of the 72 beads and/or bead combinations (using the bead caps and spacers) onto headpins. On each one, bend the wire 2mm above the bead/s to a 90 degree angle. Using round nose pliers, make a loop. Use the remaining wire to wrap around the base of the loop. Cut off the remaining wire making sure to push in any section that sticks out. See Diagram 1. STEP TWO Using the sterling silver wire, make the start of a…

1 Min
moroccan influence

MATERIALS 10 x Head pins 2 x Earring bails 2 x Earring hooks Araldite or a beading glue BEADS 10 x 4mm Swarovski Bright gold pearl 10 x 6mm Swarovski Peridot bicone 10 x 6mm Swarovski Bright gold pearl 10 x 4mm Swarovski Peridot bicone 10 x 4mm Swarovski Copper bicone 10 x Swarovski diamantes TOOLS Round Nose Pliers Wire Cutters Rating STEP ONE Onto a head pin thread – 1 x 4mm bright gold pearl , 1 x 6mm peridot bicone, 1 x 6mm bright gold pearl, 1 x 4mm peridot bicone and 1 x 4mm Copper bicone. STEP TWO Trim excess and turn a loop. STEP THREE Repeat with the other 9 head pins. STEP FOUR Attach head pin loops to the loops on the earring bails. STEP FIVE Attach earring hooks to the loop tops on the earring bails. STEP SIX Using Araldite or a beading glue, stick 5 diamantes onto each earring bail. Crystal…

10 Min
the voice within

FROM THREADS TO BEADS Setting high standards, Leeza works with high quality materials – Czechoslovakian Bohemian seeds, crystals and glass pears and an endless array of semi-precious gemstones. The quality and focus that she puts into everything she does is literally threaded into her work, creating pieces that have a special quality sewn in. With a background in fashion and design, Leeza was introduced to creativity at an early age. “My uncle was a very well known costumer here in Melbourne, so I think I’ve always been an arty, theatrical kind of a girl.” But that is a hard industry to make a living in. So she moved sideways into the fashion industry, working in alterations and as a house designer, later progressing to working as a freelancer. “I guess that there…

3 Min
how charming!

MATERIALS Gold fill chain long enough to go around your wrist comfortably with a slight drape. Approx 200mm Gold lobster claw clasp or toggle clasp If using a lobster claw clasp, then 1 x jump ring If using a toggle clasp, then 2 x jump rings (of a size compatible to the chain and clasp gauge) 14 x 50mm head pins (1 for each bead) 28 x gold spacers (2 for each bead) BEADS 14 x lampwork beads to place evenly along the chain (the amount can vary, depending on length of bracelet) 14 x 4mm Swarovski crystal (1 to sit above each bead) Note – the amount of head pins, gold spacers and Swarovski crystals depends on the amount of beads you use to make the bracelet. TOOLS Flat nose pliers (2 pairs if possible) Round nose pliers Wire cutting pliers Rating DESIGNER’S NOTE The beads…