Creative Beading Magazine Volume 15 issue 1

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14 Min
winter breeze

MATERIALS Needle – Size 13 or 12 Bees Wax or Thread Conditioner 60cm x Tiger Tail 1 x 12mm Toggle – MBAC2019 2 x Crimps 1 x Size D Nymo Thread – Sand Ash BEADS (available from Beadworx) 10g x 8/0 Seed bead – Cocoa # SB800601 15g x 11/0 Seed Bead – Cream # SB1100153 15g x 11/0 Seed Bead – Gold # SB1101107 15g x 11/0 Seed Bead – Coral # SB1101108 65 x 4mm glass Round Beads – (A) – Cocoa Crackle # DF19 55 x 4mm glass Round Pearl Beads – (B) – Peachy Copper Pearl # SA27 35 x 6mm glass Round Pearls Beads – (C) – Cream Pearl # SA02 45 x 6mm glass Round Beads – (D) – Cocoa Crackle # DF19 45 x 6mm glass Round Pearl Beads – (E) – Peachy Copper Pearl # SA27 30 x 6mm…

2 Min
rose bouquet

BRACELET MATERIALS Craft Wire 24 gauge 1 Clasp (Lobster or Parrot Clasp) 1 Extension Chain BEADS 60 medium beads (6-12 mm) TOOLS Wire Cutters EARRINGS MATERIALS 1 metre of Tiger Tail wire 1 pair of Earring Hooks or Studs Approximately 20 Crimps BEADS 16 x medium beads (6-12 mm) TOOLS Wire Cutters Flat / Chain Nose Pliers Rating BRACELET STEP ONE Cut three separate strands of Craft Wire at approximately 750mm (75cm) in length each. STEP TWO Take the first strand and slide a bead to the centre. Bend the wire down either side of the bead and twist it together underneath so it stays secure. STEP THREE Repeat on the same strand with extra beads, spacing beads approx 15mm (1.5cm) apart on the wire, leaving approx 100mm (10cm) of wire either end of the spaced out beads. STEP FOUR Repeat the process for the second and third strands. STEP FIVE Once you have completed…

2 Min
hip to be square

MATERIALS 1 x Thai silver pendant 2 x sterling silver cones 2 x 3 inch sections of 24 gauge half hard sterling silver wire 3 x 60cm strands of tiger tail 1 x sterling silver toggle 6 x sterling silver 2mm crimps BEADS 1 x strand of 10 x 14mm carnelian oval beads 1 x strand of 4mm carnelian faceted rounds 1 x strand of 6mm carnelian faceted rounds TOOLS Round nose pliers Long nose pliers or crimping pliers Rating STEP ONE Using one of the sections of sterling silver wire, bend the wire about 20mm from the end around one half of the round nose pliers about a third of the way up from the small end. See Diagram 1. Close the loop and wrap the short end around the base of the loop. Repeat for the second section of wire. See Diagram 2. STEP TWO Attach the…

7 Min
telling a story

Bat-Ami (pronounced but-ammy) is an emerging Bondi-based designer of highly original hand-made jewellery. Textures range from knitted woollen cuffs to intricate beaded flowers and silver leaves … there is an element of excitement and freedom, a sense of throwing out the rule book. The jewellery pieces just work so well because imagination is balanced against thoughtful composition to create a style that is uniquely Bat-Ami. She takes time out to chat with Antoinette Webster. WORN BY AUSTRALIAN celebrities such as Delta Goodrem, Tammin Sursok and the Veronicas, Bat-Ami Designs made their debut at Australian Fashion Week in 2005. Featured in magazines such as Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Marie Claire and Oyster (among others), Bat-Ami’s individual and expressive designs have become a favourite of stylists across the board due to their quirky, sexy…

3 Min
casual creation

MATERIALS 6m Waxed Cord Lighter or matches BEADS 5 x Indian Gold lined beads 8 x Metallic wooden Beads(Assorted Shapes) 7 x Wooden Beads (Assorted Shapes) FINDINGS Toggle Clasp 8 x 6mm Jumprings 1 x 63mm Headpin (Measure) 1 x 38mm Headpin (Measure) TOOLS 2 x Chain Nose (Flat Nose) Pliers 1 x 10cm piece Tigertail (Needle) Rating STEP ONE Cut the 6m length of waxed cord in half so you have 2 pieces. Fold one piece in half and thread your centre bead into the middle for section one. This will help centre your design. Section one is the shorter top strand which has 9 beads. See Diagram 1. STEP TWO Tie a knot on both sides to hold the bead in place. You may need to tie a double knot when you are using large hole beads. Make sure you tie the second knot on top of…

2 Min
lace earrings

MATERIALS 2 x Black Nickel Filigree oval plates 1 x pair of Black Nickel Earwires 3 styles each of 20 to 30cm Black Nickel Chain 2 x 50mm Black Nickel Eyepins 12 x 50mm Black Nickel Headpins 14 x 4mm Black Nickel Jumprings BEADS 2 x 12mm Round Filigree Beads 2 x 8mm Black Diamond Swarovski Bi-cones 2 x 6mm Black Diamond Swarovski Bi-cones 6 x 6mm Jet Nut Swarovski Bi-cones 2 x 5mm Jet Nut Swarovski Bi-cones TOOLS Needle nose pliers Round nose pliers Rating STEP ONE Open a jumpring. Select two styles of chain, and thread the jumpring through the end loop of each. Attach the jumpring to the central bottom loop of the filigree plate and close. STEP TWO Trim the chain to your desired lengths, keeping in mind one of these central chains should be the longest on the earring. STEP THREE Repeat steps 1 and 2 with…