Creative Beading Magazine Volume 15 issue 2

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sweetheart wrapped chain

MATERIALS 2 x12-14mm Toggle (Gold/ Rose Design) 70 x 50mm Head Pin (Gold) 14 x 4x6mm Oval Jump Rings (Gold) 9 x Charms (Dragonfly, Leaf & Hummingbird) (J) 25 x Bead Caps to suit 8-12mm beads (Gold) (K) 60cm 6.5mm Belcher Chain (Gold) BEADS 9 x Faceted Round Crystal (Red) (A) 7 x12mm Round Lampwork (Red/Gold Swirl) (B) 8 x 8mm Oval Cloisonne (Red) (C) 9 x 6mm Lt Siam Swarovski Crystal (D) 9 x 8mm Rose Metal Bead (E) 3 x 4mm Lt Siam Swarovski Crystal (F) 1 x 20mm Silverfoil Heart (Fire Opal) (G) 9 x 10 or 12mm Silverfoil Round (Fire Opal) (H) 5 x 12mm Silverfoil Coin Bead (Fire Opal) (I) 2 x 8mm Round Mysterious Bead (Red) (L) 5 x10-12mm tumbled Coral Beads (M) TOOLS Cutters Round Nose Pliers Flat Nose Pliers Bead Mat (Optional) NECKLACE MATERIALS 2m Tigertail Sterling silver Catch or Fob catch 9 x Crimp beads BEADS Art Glass Feature…

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pink opal marcasite

MATERIALS 1 x Geneva marcasite watch face 36 x sterling silver rondel spacers 1 x Thai silver 3 hole spacer bar 1 x sterling silver toggle 2 x strands of tiger tail 4 x crimps BEADS 42 x pink opal rondels TOOLS Long nose pliers or crimping pliers KITS Kits are available for $49.00 including GST. STEP ONE Thread a length of short tiger tail approx 20cm through the bottom watch loop and centre the watch in the middle of the strand. Thread on three pink opal rondels on either side with spacers between them. STEP TWO Attach each side of the tiger tail to the toggle bar and firmly crimp, threading a little extra tiger tail through the last rondel. HINT – Please note the tiger tail won’t go back through the spacers as the hole is too small. Cut the excess tiger tail off…

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green with envy

MATERIALS Nymo thread BEADS Approx 15g x size 9 seed beads Fresh water pearls Semi precious stones A small amount of amber Approx 125g x mixed beads in various shapes and sizes, ranging from 4mm to 8mm in all shades of green, rondels, tubes, facetted crystals and a small amount of silver spacers. TOOLS Beading needle STEP ONE This Necklace is done in double thread, so for an eight strand 50cm necklace thread the needle with 9m of thread (8m for necklace, 1m for finishing off both ends). Tie a reef knot making sure that the knot is not at the end. See diagram 1. STEP TWO Button hole one seed bead as a stopper bead, by threading the bead till almost at the end, then thread through the loop at the end, then continue to thread seed beads until work measures one…

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from bears to beads

WENDY BERGAMIN LIVES IN Victoria with her husband and two sons. She taught secondary school arts and crafts for 13 years before she took long service leave and had her first son, when she started working from home. She now has two sons, a thriving bead and bear-making business and “absolutely no regrets about the decisions made regarding working from home”. HOW DID YOU MAKE THE LEAP FROM BEARS TO BEADS? I thought that I would be able to make little fishes and other beads to put around the necks of the mohair bears that I make. I also thought it would be interesting as it was very far removed from the sewing types of crafts which I had been doing since I gave up teaching. At the moment the beads seem to…

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dancing rings

MATERIALS Ring shank with loops 16 x 25mm Head Pins BEADS Selected beads for your ring 16 x 6mm and 8mm beads TOOLS Cutters Round nose pliers STEP ONE Thread each bead with a head pin, cut head pin leaving 1cm of pin longer than the bead. See Diagram 1. STEP TWO With the 1cm head pin longer than the bead, fold the pin in half to form a loop. See Diagram 2. STEP THREE Leave the loop open to thread it on the ring shank, then close the loop. Do this until all your beads are used. See Diagram 3. Adelaide Beads Ph: (08) 8365 0215 160 Glynburn Rd Tranmere SA 5073 Email: adelaidebeads.com Website: www.adelaidebeads.com…

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colour me red

MATERIALS 5 x 63mm Headpins 57 x 22mm Headpins 5 x 4mm Jumprings 22 x 9mm Jumprings 1 x Chain End 1 x Parrot Clasp BEADS 16 x 6mm light-shade round facetted glass beads 10 x 6mm dark-shade round facetted glass beads 5 x 10mm round facetted glass beads 6 x large oval facetted glass beads 10 x small oval facetted glass beads 10 x pinched oval glass beads 5 x large glass beads 5 x metal daggers TOOLS Chain (flat) nose pliers Round Nose Pliers Cutters KITS Kits are available for $39.95. Beads can vary from the original but will still be perfectly suited. Findings colours – Rhodium, Black, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Antique. Please specify colour of beads and findings when ordering. STEP ONE Thread each bead onto a headpin and create a loop at the top using round nose pliers. The five large glass beads will need to be…