Creative Beading Magazine Volume 15 issue 3

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3 Min
venetian necklace

MATERIALS 45cm Soft Flex wire .019 dia. 50 x small gold caps of your choice 50 x small gold spacers of your choice 9 x large gold spacers of your choice Gold vermeil toggle Gold crimps BEADS Venetian beads as follows: 1 x Schissa (disc) 22mm focal 1 x blue foil triangle 5 x blue coin (flat) Sommerso 6 x green coin (flat) Sommerso 2 x blue disc lentil 2 x blue 8mm foil round 4 x green 8mm foil round 25 x black 8mm Sommerso round 2 x blue 8mm Sommerso round TOOLS Chain (flat)nose pliers Round nose pliers Cutters STEP ONE Place a cap, the main pendant bead, another cap, a gold spacer, a cap, an 8mm black bead and another cap all on a long eye pin. Make a loop at the top. STEP TWO Place the triangular bead with a gold barrel bead onto a long eye pin and…

1 Min
on the and narrow

MATERIALS 10m x Superstitch beading thread BEADS 12g x Matsuno 12/0 Seed beads – (A) – Turquoise #740FAB 12g x Matsuno 11/0 Seed beads – (B) – Gold Rainbow #634 4 x Magatama drop – Clear Rainbow 4 x 5mm Bicone crystals – Silk Satin TOOLS Size 12 Beading needle Scissors KITS available in a choice of 5 colours. STEP ONE Cut the thread to your preferred length. Tie a stopper bead onto the tail end of the thread. Go through the bead one more time. Leave approximately a 3/4 m tail. STEP TWO 1st row – string up 5 (A) beads. See Diagram 1. STEP THREE 2nd row – see Diagram 2. Pick up 1 (B) bead; pass the needle from the bottom to the top of the last bead on the first row. Then back down from the top to the bottom of the…

3 Min
floating on ice

MATERIALS 1.6mm mandrel, pre-coated in bead release Fibre blanket/vermiculite/ pre-heated kiln Silver foil Graphite or brass marver GLASS Vetrofond: Silk (may be substituted with opaque white), Ocean Blue, Clear Effetre: Intense Black (stringer preferred), Dark Ivory Lauscha: Olive Green Reichenbach: Iris Gold STEP ONE Make some silvered ivory stringer using the Dark Ivory and the silver foil. To do this: Lay out some silver foil – about 1.5” square – on your marver or another heat-proof flat surface. Warm the end of the ivory rod in a neutral flame until it just goes soft. Roll the soupy end of the rod over the silver foil so that the foil wraps the melted section, and then rub the foil onto the rod (using marver or other heatproof tool). Melt the foiled section of the rod in the flame and pull stringer from it. In a…

6 Min
heard it through the grapevine

WHAT IS ONE TO DO when one has several teeth removed from one’s mouth? Well naturally, you find the inspiration for crafting beautiful beaded jewellery, that’s what! And this is exactly how it all started for 11 year old Ashlee Mouat… Whilst being stuck at home for several days in May 2005, Ashlee became exasperatingly bored after her routine extractions. For some kids this may have seemed like the perfect break from school and a great reason to slouch on the couch. Not Ashlee. Her mother Kerrie, a very accomplished bear maker in her own right, suggested she utilise the insurmountable creative resources to be found in their Hillside home and make fun use of this free time by stringing together some simple plastic beaded bracelets. As an added incentive Mum pointed out that…

2 Min
save the the turtles

MATERIALS Approx 20cm x 6mm gold belcher chain 70-80 x gold headpins 5 x gold eyepins 50-60 x 2mm round gold beads 2 x gold jump rings 5 x gold turtle charms BEADS 5 x 6mm flat oval blue glass beads 5 x 6mm turquoise mysterious beads 5 x 6mm matte gold round glass beads/pearls 5 x 12mm crystal/gold etched spiral glass coins 20 x 6mm glassfish beads in shades of blue and turquoise 35-40 mixed glass beads in shades of dark and light marine blues/greens TOOLS Cutters Chain (flat) nose pliers Round nose pliers Length of finished piece: 18 to 20 cm STEP ONE Cut the chain to a comfortable length, bearing in mind that the clasp will add about 2cm. Design note: The bead and chain units will be attached to both sides of the chain links. STEP TWO Thread the flat oval beads onto the eyepins and create a…

2 Min
shimmering seahorse set

NECKLACE MATERIALS 1 x large Lampwork Seahorse 1 x ‘S’ hook clasp 2 x 6mm jump rings 2 x 2x2mm crimps 2 x 4mm bead covers 1 x 48cm Beadalon 21 strand .012 1 x 42cm Beadalon 21 strand .012 BEADS 56 x 4mm Swarovski Bicone – Sapphire 50 x 4mm Swarovski Bicone – Erinite TOOLS Flat nose Pliers Round nose Pliers Length of finished piece: 45-50cm EARRINGS MATERIALS 1 pr 1” hoop earwires 4 x twisted crimps BEADS 2 small Lampwork Seahorses 4 x 4mm Swarovski Bicone – Sapphire 4 x 4mm Swarovski Bicone – Erinite NECKLACE STEP ONE Attach one jump ring to the ‘S’ hook and gently squash with round nose pliers the ‘S’ hook up against itself until the jump ring is secure and cannot slip off. STEP TWO Thread one crimp onto both pieces of wire. Keeping the wire lengths even, wrap wire around the jump ring attached to the…