Creative Beading Magazine Volume 15 issue 4

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10 Min
drinks everyone?

SERVIETTE RINGS MATERIALS Beading thread – medium bonded Nylon BEADS 15 gm in total Size 6 Seed beads one colour or 7.5gm each for 2 colours 1 x 8mm Round red pressed glass bead 2 x Green Glass Leaves TOOLS Size 10 Beading Needle Small Thread Scissors Clear Nail Polish for sealing knots SERVIETTE HOLDER & BOTTLE HOLDER MATERIALS 1 x 28 ga reel of Red Beading wire 1 x 28 ga reel of Green Beading wire BEADS 28g Size 8 Red Silver Lined Seed Beads 38g Size 8 Green Silver Lined Seed Beads TOOLS Wire Cutters SERVIETTE RINGS STEP ONE Threading Method Cut 2 metres of thread place on beading needle. Place a stop bead approximately 30cm from the end by threading 2 or 3 times through the bead so it doesn’t slide along, this will hold work in place, then leave an end to weave in. Tip: Later this…

6 Min
christmas angels

MATERIALS 3.30m quilting thread 1 pr earring wires BEADS 5g Olaf Size 9 seed beads white (41) = m 80 Olaf Size 9 seed beads gold (22) = c 2 x 8mm pearls for head 2 x 4mm pearls for body TOOLS Beading needle DESIGNER’S NOTE: Cut the thread in half. Thread the needle with the 1.65m of quilting thread and tie a reef knot with the two ends. Move the knot 2cm away from the fold in the thread so the knot is worked into the beading as soon as possible. Buttonhole stitch (ie: pass the needle through the bead (or under a thread) then pass the needle back through the loop of the cotton. This design starts at the base of the dress and forms 2 rows with steps 1 to 5. STEP ONE Buttonhole 1m. Make sure to hold the bead as…

1 Min
bohemia beads

NECKLACE MATERIALS 40cm Sterling silver chain 1 Sterling silver lobster clasp 1 Sterling silver jump ring 72 x Sterling silver head pins 1 x Sterling silver angel wings 1 silver end cone BEADS 25 x 4mm Czech glass 25 x 6mm Czech glass 21 x 8mm Czech glass TOOLS Round nose pliers Cutters Chain nose pliers EARRINGS MATERIALS 1 pr Sterling silver ear hooks 2 x Sterling silver head pins 2 x Sterling silver angel wings 2 x silver end cones BEADS 2 x 8mm Czech glass 2 x 4mm Czech glass NECKLACE STEP ONE Construct and attach angel pendant by using 1 x head pin. Thread 1 x 4mm Czech, 1 x end cone, angel wings, 1 x 8mm frosted clear Czech. Start to form a wrapped loop, attaching angel to centre of chain before finishing wrap. STEP TWO Thread each of remaining Czech beads onto head pins, start to form…

7 Min

THE NAME GARNET actually refers to a group of chemically and physically similar minerals. The name was derived from the Latin word granatum (meaning grain), which may have been taken from Punica granatum (pomegranate), as small, red garnet crystals were thought to look similar to pomegranate seeds. Over time it has also been known as the “carbuncle stone” and today still gets given interesting monikers such as Arizona ruby, Arizona spinel or New Mexico ruby. While red is the most common colour of the garnet group, you can also find garnets in shades of green, yellow, orange, brown and purple, some of which are incredibly rare. It isn’t just the colours that are rare, but the effects within the stone, such as star garnets which appear to have a star-shaped gleam…

2 Min
bead king

MATERIALS 1.1m Tigertail 2 x crimp endings 2 x jump rings 2 x crimps 2 x black crimps BEADS 31 x 6mm Swarovski Crystal bi-cones 269 x 4mm Swarovski Crystal bi-cones 2 x 8mm Swarovski Crystal bi-cones 1 x 16mm tear drop Swarovski Crystal TOOLS Crimping pliers Cutters RATING 2 LENGTH: 30cm STEP ONE Cut 4 x 25cm, 1 x 10cm lengths of Tigertail and put 10cm aside for hanging section. Attach all four Tigertail pieces into crimp ending and secure by flattening or folding. STEP TWO Place 10 x 4mm Swarovski, 4 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cones aside for later use. Thread 1 x 6mm Swarovski Crystal on all four Tigertail pieces. Add 3 x 4mm Swarovski Crystals to all four Tigertail pieces. STEP THREE Thread 1 x 6mm Swarovski Crystal on all four Tigertail pieces through the centre. STEP FOUR Repeat step two and three in conjunction with your colour…

2 Min
a love affair

MATERIALS 80cm wire mesh 2 x crimps 2 x Charlotte clasps 110cm beading wire BEADS 14 x 6 x 4mm donuts 2 x 8 x 6mm donuts 14 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal 14 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone crystal 1 x heart shaped glass pendant TOOLS Cutters Round nose pliers Flat nose pliers LENGTH 45cm STEP ONE Cut 2 x lengths of beading wire each 55cm in length. STEP TWO String 2 lengths of beading wire and wire lace through the 1 x 8mm donut, the heart pendant and a second 8mm donut to the centre. STEP THREE Working on one side of the pendant string 1 x 6mm Swarovski bi-cone on first beading wire and 1 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cone on the second beading wire. STEP FOUR Pass 1 x 6mm donut over the 2 beading wires and wire lace. Design note: It may be easier passing the bead over the…