Creative Beading Magazine Volume 15 issue 5

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2 Min
three piece snail set

MATERIALS 70cm x 18ga artistic wire gold 3m x 24ga artistic wire copper colour 2 x earring posts with backs BEADS 8gms Japanese Toho 11/0 hex seed beads TOOLS Round nose pliers Flat or bent nose pliers Wire cutters Coiling Gizmo Tape measure Finished length of design: 3.5cm earrings, ring face 2.5cm Rating DESIGNER’S NOTE The wire in this kit is a non-tarnish jewellery wire. To prevent the wire from being scratched, consider dipping your tools in ‘Tool Magic’ from the ArTTable. STEP ONE Cut the 18ga (thick wire) into 3 x 20cm lengths. Cut the 24ga wire into 3 x 80cm lengths. STEP TWO Thread 30cm of the hex seed beads onto each 80cm strand of 24ga wire. STEP THREE Using the small coiling gizmo rod or thick coat-hanger wire, begin to wind the 24ga wire around the rod. Do 18 rotations without beads, then use the 30cm of seed…

4 Min
irish eyes are smiling

MATERIALS 2 x Greek Springs with Hook 1 x Parrot Clasp 1 x Coil of Necklace Memory Wire 1 x Extension Chain 5 x 50mm Headpins 12 x 50mm Eyepins 2 x 30 to 40cm lengths of round leather BEADS 4 x Greek Metal Spacer Beads 12 x 3mm Metal Spacer or Filler Beads 3 x Large Focal Beads for Centre Drop 6 x Medium Focal Beads for 2 side drops and to slide over end of leather 12 x Flat Round 16 x 6mm Round Beads 33 x Size 8 Silver Lined Seed Beads TOOLS Round Nose Pliers Flat Nose Pliers Memory Wire Cutters Finished length of design: 18-20cm Rating DESIGNER’S NOTE This design used 36cm, of round leather, allow for some extra to be trimmed off if needed. For our large and medium Focal Beads, we’ve used large square and round foils, and medium sized foil tubes however, any beads of…

2 Min
memory bracelet

MATERIALS: 8 Rounds of memory wire 18 Headpins BEADS 74 x 4mm Silver balls 72 x Seed beads Size 8 Mint green 46 x Seed beads Size 5 Blue 44 x Chips 6mm Pale Purple 20 x Glass beads 8mm Pale green 32 x Glass beads 8mm Pale blue 14 x Glass beads 8mm Pale pink 6 x Feature Glass beads 10mm Pale blue 14 x 6mm Silver balls 18 x Bicone Crystals 18 x daisy spacers TOOLS Round nose Rating STEP ONE After putting all your crystals and daisy spacers onto headpins, make an eye at one end of your memory wire and you can start threading your first round. STEP TWO 1st round – Combine between your size 8 seed beads and your 4mm silver balls until you have completed one round. STEP THREE 2nd round – Alternating between Size 5 seed beads and your 6mm chips, until you complete your…

4 Min

MATERIALS Brass Charms 1 x small ladybug 2 x small seahorse 2 x small bee 2 x 6mm Jump rings 18 x 7mm Jump rings 5 x 4mm Jump rings 2 x ½ inch headpins 1x 2 inch headpin 9 x 45mm eye pins 5 x gold bead caps 1 x 8mm gold and clear diamante rondelle 80cm medium size brass curb chain 1 x medium size brass clasp BEADS 1 x 12mm black facet 1 x cats eye drop yellow 2 x 4mm czech facet olive 2 x metal shapes 1 x 12mm facet topaz 3 x 5mm round glass aqua 1 x chandelier drop amber 1 x cloisonné lantern 2 x 4mm bicone crystal peridot 1 x crystal drop peridot 1x crystal drop black AB 1 x 12mm shell pearl purple 1 x 6mm czech facet blue 2 cloisonné Ring TOOLS Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Cutters Rating STEP ONE Prepare chain by cutting the chain to size 3 x 19.5cm 1 x 7.5cm 1 x…

3 Min
pink allure

MATERIALS Copper adhesive foil – 6mm, 10mm roll or sheet Very fine copper wire Shelf primer OR shelf paper Glass cleaner and rags Araldite OR Loctite for bonding glass to metal GLASS 1.6mm OR 3mm thick Bullseye Tested Compatible Glass – any of the transparent tints, preferably light tones 3mm Bullseye Tested Compatible Glass – Any opal solid colours, preferably light tones TOOLS Kiln Glass Cutter Running Pliers Scissors Tweezers Ruler Safety Glasses High Temp Kiln Gloves Rating STEP ONE Prepare kiln. Kiln wash shelf, or line shelf with shelf paper to prevent glass sticking. STEP TWO Cut a 1.4” by 1.4” square out of a solid opal of 3mm Bullseye Tested Compatible Glass. We used Opal White Style# 0113-30. Clean thoroughly with glass cleaner. Let dry. STEP THREE Cut a design out of copper adhesive foil with scissors. Peel off the backing and stick copper design onto cleaned base colour. Use thin copper…

8 Min
fragile and powerful links

WE ALL KNOW THAT beads are important. The Old English word ‘bead’ originally meant ‘prayer’. Understanding their rich cultural history and significance, one is drawn to the fact that beads are most often found in religious contexts; often either to structure a sequence of prayers, or to invoke the good will of a deity. They also possess a rich, deep, and varied cultural and traditional history. Jumoke Debayo is a London born journalist, actor, producer and director. Jumoke’s recent quest to coordinate an array of beads to be exhibited in conjunction with the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, was a daunting task indeed. Her solution was to concentrate mainly upon beads by the major religions within the 53 Commonwealth nations. The project that Jumoke undertook reflects an aspect of the culture of virtually…