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Cross Country May 2020

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Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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flying is a discipline

The free-flying scene has seen an unprecedented start to the European season, with competitions cancelled or postponed, and many hanging in the balance. Pilots have been asked not to fly in some countries, while other countries have simply closed airspace. In France, one of the biggest countries for paragliding, and a bastion of freedom when it comes to doing pretty much what you want in the mountains, the FFVL asked pilots to ground themselves. It was done with a heavy heart, but the thinking was that any potential accident would simply add to the burden of over-stretched emergency services and medical teams. Free flying had lost its freedom, it seemed. Or maybe not. The freedom to fly has always come with a caveat, wherever and whatever we fly. And that is of…

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Bastienne Wentzel is all across this issue! The pilot and science writer from the Netherlands interviewed DHV boss Robin Friess for Naked Pilot (p22), rounded up the new breed of EN A+ gliders at the Stubai Cup (p38), and helped partner Erwin test fly the new BGD Cure 2 (p94). Ant Green first appeared in Cross Country as a 17-year-old acro dude from California, who was setting the world alight with his twin brother Tim. Way more than a decade later he’s a pro filmmaker and pilot. Just back from the Philippines he shares his story with us on p72 Felix Wölk is a paragliding photojournalist who has been published widely across the world. His most recent trip was to Colombia, where he shot this issue’s stunning cover image. He has a…

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how lockdown unfolded

The coronavirus lockdown has had a huge effect on free flying around the world with competitions postponed, XC leagues cancelled, and thousands of pilots grounded just as the European season was about to kick off. Flying in the Alps simply stopped mid-March. Schools cancelled their 2020 glider orders en masse, dealers closed up shop, tandem professionals were grounded and SIV instructors left unemployed. Some manufacturers postponed glider releases and went to skeleton staff. It is going to be a tough season, for the entire sport and industry. Here’s how the first 30 days unfolded in Europe and beyond. 28 February: Despite the first fatalities from coronavirus in Italy on 22 February, organisers of the Stubai Cup take advice from the Austrian regional government and announce it will go ahead. 5 March: The…

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the naked pilot robin friess

I always knew I wanted to fly. My parents are both hang glider and paraglider pilots. We lived in Frankfurt in Germany and all our holidays were flying holidays. I first flew when I was six but my mother did not really want me to fly. She said if I wanted to fly I would have to make my own money, so I delivered newspapers. At 13 years old I did my first course in Wildschönau in Austria. We moved close to the Alps, to Rosenheim in Bavaria, and I started to fly with the Chiemsee Flying School. I spent all my free time there. Soon I was doing the glider-check repairs. When I was 18 I became an instructor, the youngest one at the time. But then the owner of the…

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why go to... scotland in may?

A little smaller than England, but with many more mountains and far fewer people, Scotland packs a wide range of flying potential into a compact and incredibly beautiful package. Fly over mountains that rise out of the sea, or vast moors that are still rebounding from the last ice age, set a declared goal on an island and catch a ferry back, vol-biv to the sound of rutting deer, crawl out of your summit camp at 4am in time for a sunrise-sledder, or soar any number of dunes and cliffs that the country’s 18,000km of coastline has to offer. Anything’s possible (weather permitting). Where to fly? Dive straight in to the raw but accessible majesty of the Highlands by taking the Nevis Range chairlift to Aonach Mor, near Fort William. In your…

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