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Cross Country July 2020

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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break your own rules

Austria. Homeland of the Apfelstrudel. Republic of skiers and mountaineers. Some may add “country of the kangaroos” but that’s another story. Where were we? In Austria! Surrounded by big summits crowned by fluffy clouds ideal for free flying. Did you know that the Alps occupy two-thirds of the surface area of the country? Here Alpine skiing is more popular than football. Here AirDesign was born in 2011. Since the very beginning, the philosophy was clear: performance but fun. Lightness but durability. No compromise. Absam, today. We are in the Austrian Tyrol, 20 minutes from Innsbruck. The building is an old mattress factory. Wooden stairs lead you to the top floor where the AirDesign headquarters are located. The door is open and the friendly people who are working inside warmly welcome…

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break your own rules

New cares New car For what? Grab your wing and hike to the take-off. Freedom. Nature. Let’s go wild for a while, would you? Deep need for wide-open spaces. Adventure. Change your plan. Think twice. Look at the sky. Dreaming. Bivouac flying in the Alps. Wanna live more intensely. Don’t be too serious. Hike up the hill and observe. Unexpected flights are the best. Would you like a cup of tea? Have fun, be a rebel. No manners here. We are mountaineers. Wilderness. Surprise yourself! Open your mind! Never compromise. Hike. Fly. Breath. Break your own rules. This is who we are. Why are you still reading? Drop this and get out! More on ad-gliders.com…

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xc live

In May we hosted more pilots on our social media. World number one Russ Ogden spent an hour discussing collapses, glider control and finding a good line. youtu.be/OmHPVN2FmZM Gin Seok Song and Idris Birch from Gin Gliders dialled in from South Korea and talked glider design, the possibility of two-line EN-C wings and more. youtu.be/CP1WcpVEInw Our very own weather guru Honza Rejmanek took us through an hour-long weather session, looking at how cumulus clouds form, and why they sometimes blow up. youtu.be/L1jRomTYAzU And Bruce Goldsmith took our final slot in May, with an insightful session on flying the lee and understanding convergence. youtube.com/xcmag…

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in the core

353km in Ukraine Bogdan Baziuk flew 353km across the flatlands of Ukraine on 21 May. Launching by winch he was in the air for seven and a half hours and averaged 46.8km/h, flying north to south across the country. Cloudbase was around 2,500m for much of the day, rising to 2,700m mid-afternoon. For most of his flight he stayed above 1,000m, with his lowest save of the day left till 5.30pm, when he was down to 600m AGL before finding a climb that took him right back to 2,700. He was flying a Nova Sector (EN C). Bogdan is no stranger to long-distance XC – he flew 437km in Ukraine in June 2015. CIVL fireworks The minutes to the FAI (World Air Sports Federation) 2019 AGM, which was held in December, were finally published…

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locked down, but not out

The lockdown wasn’t all bad news for one group of pilots from The Netherlands who took advantage of grounded commercial aviation to make a once-in-a-lifetime flight around Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport. “I work for the fire brigade at Schipol,” said organiser Marcel de Kreij, “so I asked for permission to make the flight on our national King’s Day, 27 April.” It was, he added, “a very special flight, the standout moment being our flight around the tower, with my colleagues waving from the roof. Unforgettable!” Competitions and events meanwhile have unfortunately continued to be cancelled worldwide. Pilots can’t travel or train, and tourism, including campsites and accommodation is still shut in many places. Seven Cat 1 and around 50 Cat 2 competitions have been cancelled this year so far. High profile casualties include: -…

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back in the day

25 YEARS AGO XC39 (June/July 1995) Laura Nelson wrote from South Africa. “August 28th was a perfect day near Hartebeespoort Dam. Just out of airspace, at around 1,900m, I noticed a vulture thermalling a little way from me. We seemed to be climbing at the same rate and it was obvious we were actually drifting closer together. Eventually we both widened our circles and turned together. “In total euphoria I noticed how his head sat relaxed between his shoulders and watched his eyes move to see me, and his feathers turn 10 YEARS AGO The 2010 European Paragliding Championships were held in Abtenau, Austria. “On average the area gets 13 wet days a month in summer and sees 113mm of rain in June”, the report read. So they expected some rain, but “it…