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Custom Car October 2020

Custom Car is still the best magazine to bring you the latest round-up of custom cars, hot rods and street machines making waves in the custom car scene around the world. From low budget traditional hot rods and customs to hi-tech street rods and 250mph drag strip pounders, the expert team of writers bring together event coverage, technical articles, project cars, news and reviews and feature cars every month. Find out how some of these amazing creations have been put together, the latest goings-on at the heart of the UK drag-racing scene and what else is going on in the world of modified cars. In addition, the magazine offers a popular classified section for those looking to buy and sell.

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devil’s taxi

If the name Pete Wetherhill sounds familiar it’s probably because his radical, home-built Model Y graced the cover of the September ’16 issue. Whilst maybe less radical, his latest project is no less involved – the mating of a ’38 Ford sedan with a London Taxi. The combination should make for a good looking, comfortable and reliable ride, with a great turning circle! The Ford Transit 2.4-litre turbo diesel engine with overdrive transmission should make it pretty economical, too. the mating of a ’38 Ford sedan with a London Taxi Re-bodies on a Taxi chassis are nothing new, although the donor car is usually older than the one Pete went for, and the body is invariably glass fibre. Throw into the mix complications like the chassis being too narrow for the main section…

12 Min
french polished

Mick Harle will need no introduction to many of you. The former drag racer, former NSRA chairman is a thoroughly nice guy, and he builds damn good hot rods, too. He’s no stranger to these hallowed pages either, his ’36 Ford pick-up having graced the cover of the June 2012 issue. Those who know Mick will be aware it’s not all about the building, it’s the driving that really matters, and with Mick being a stalwart supporter of European rod runs, many thousands of miles have been clocked up in the pick-up since that feature. As things have turned out this year, Mick’s latest build has not yet clocked up a single thousand miles, but that is certain to change when actual events begin to materialise. Thing is, though, this is the Woodie…

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in memory of stu

It was with immense sadness we received the news of the passing of Stu Bradbury on 10 July, aged 75. ‘Startline’ Stu was like a piece of furniture in the realms of UK drag racing. He’s just always been there, and I guess many of us thought he always would be. His involvement with the sport is well documented and, with him having started work at Santa Pod Raceway even before its doors opened in 1966, there’s a lot to write about. After helping out with the labouring to prepare the track, Stu became Deputy Starter in 1967, before taking on the role of Chief Starter the following year. That proved to be a role he held through the 1980s, along with being involved with Long Marston, Rockingham Motor Speedway and Andy…

8 Min
mild to be wild

Sometimes, you just have to choose the right car and then everything else falls into place. For Micke Blomkvist from Örsundsbro in Sweden, that realisation came after he’d sold his mildly modified ’41 Plymouth coupe. After looking at a number of different cars, Micke narrowed it down to one year, and one manufacturer – 1960, and General Motors – though that still gave him a few options to choose from. The brand from within the General’s expansive umbrella did not matter, provided the price and model was right. In short, it had to be a two-door coupe. it had to be a two-door coupe After looking for some time, around six years ago a 1960 Buick Electra coupe turned up for sale at the sort of money he wanted to spend. It…

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the dating game

Covid-19 hasn’t just decimated the UK show season, it’s had a major impact on hot rodding and drag racing worldwide. The latest disappointing news is that SEMA 2020 has been cancelled entirely, while the Grand National Roadster Show has been re-scheduled from January to 14-16 May 2021. Currently, SEMA plans to re-open its doors in Las Vegas on 2-5 November 2021 (www.semashow.com), while the organisers of the GNRS remain confident you’ll be able to see over 500 indoor show cars, plus another 400-800 drive-in attendants, in and around the Fairplex, Pomona in May (www.rodshows.com/gnrs/) Classy knob The Trofeo Heritage gear shift knob features a mahogany and beech layered grip with a tobacco leather top with the MOMO Heritage logo stamped in. £179.99 to you sir. www.momo-uk.co.uk Smooth and toothy Sealey’s ratchet combination spanners have an ultra-smooth,…

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so cal diaries

Peninsula view I’ve lived in Los Angeles more than 30 years but I’ve only ever been to the Rancho Palos Verdes Peninsula about three times. The nearest freeway is the 110 Harbor Freeway that runs north south from Downtown to Terminal Island, where Big Willy Robinson held the Terminal Island drags. But still you have to get off the freeway and wiggle your ass 10 miles through Rolling Hills to the ocean. wiggle your ass 10 miles No reason really to go unless you’re invited by Lynn Bird to attend one of his annual Palos Verdes invitational hot rod runs. Lynn, a lifelong hot rodder who owns several neat rides, grew up in the South Bay area south of LAX and organises the runs to give his friends a view of this seldom seen…