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Custom Car April 2021

Custom Car is still the best magazine to bring you the latest round-up of custom cars, hot rods and street machines making waves in the custom car scene around the world. From low budget traditional hot rods and customs to hi-tech street rods and 250mph drag strip pounders, the expert team of writers bring together event coverage, technical articles, project cars, news and reviews and feature cars every month. Find out how some of these amazing creations have been put together, the latest goings-on at the heart of the UK drag-racing scene and what else is going on in the world of modified cars. In addition, the magazine offers a popular classified section for those looking to buy and sell.

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rocket man

If you fancy owning a rocket and jet-powered Land Speed Record contender, then this could be your lucky day. The Bloodhound LSR project is up for sale, again, having last changed hands in December 2018. It won’t be cheap, but there’s not much else you can buy that’s capable of 628mph on land, and the engineering team behind it remain confident it is capable of breaking the 763mph record they set almost 25 years ago. If you want to check your bank account, a ballpark price of £8 million is being punted, but it’s not really the car you are buying, more the commitment to push the project forward towards its ultimate goal of 1,000mph on land. If you’re interested at that sort of price, we’re sure you’re capable of doing your own…

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mike key rip 30.03.1946 – 15.02.2021

Mike Key, long-time hot rodder and automotive photographer, passed away on 15 February. Mike’s illustrious career has been well documented over the years, most recently by CC in the April 2011 issue when we announced he was retiring on 30 March that year, his 65th birthday. It was a teenage Mike’s TV repairman colleagues who spawned his interest in photography, and a subsequent change in employer exposed him to hot rods, joining local club, the Cam Followers, soon after. one of the earliest members of the UK's NSRA Mike’s first flirtation with drag racing at Santa Pod came in 1972, and he was one of the earliest members of the UK’s NSRA, an association that recognised his outstanding contribution to hot rodding by inducting both him and wife, June, into the Hall of…

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Write to: Custom Car Mail, Kelsey Publishing, PO Box 978, Peterborough PE1 9FL E-mail: cc.ed@kelsey.co.uk Fax: 01733 557235 Dear CC, the letter from Pete Vivian regarding the inclusion of a beginners’ guide to drag racing in the March issue inspired me to write to you for the first time ever in my 35 years on earth. I am a proud Wild Bunch racer and love seeing new people become interested in the sport. Pete should firstly visit www.santapod.co.uk/dragintro.php which, amongst other things, has links to the history and basics of the sport and the different race classes. There is also clarification of a lot of the jargon. Once he’s absorbed all that, his next port of call should be the recently revamped www.santapodracersclub.com. That site features further info on the various classes and a…

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ed and shoulders

That’s that then, the pandemic’s all over. Well, maybe not just yet, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel now, and it’s getting brighter by the day. The incremental easing of lockdown will have started by the time this issue hits the newsstands and, two weeks after that, you’ll be allowed to bench race with five mates, as long as that bench is outside of course. The forecast for the upcoming season, especially from late June onwards, is looking very rosy indeed. We must all remember that nothing is cast in stone, though, and our freedom of movement will depend on how people behave in the early days of restrictions easing. Act responsibly and we could all be enjoying the events we so missed in 2020 later…

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in memory of ollie burn

Ollie Burn had been involved in drag racing since the early ’70s, together with his then wife, Liz. The Ollie’s Folly Avenger, later re-named Oblivion, preceded the Age Machine Top Dragster, and then Revolution 4, which crashed and re-appeared as The Lizard. Ollie later drove the ex-Dennis Priddle Avenger Funny Car, prior to his involvement with The Mob Funny Car and becoming crew chief for the Chaos Fuel Altered. Our condolences go to Ollie’s family and friends. RIP. Jackie Palmer (Words by Chris Palmer) Hot rod girl, Jackie Palmer, passed away on 29 January. Jackie had been involved in the hot rod world for the best part of 40 years, 35 of those with her husband, Chris. The couple spent their first wedding anniversary together prepping Chris’ ’32 roadster for a Custom Car photoshoot the…

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fast women

Bonneville’s Women of Land Speed Racing is a new book coming soon by ‘Landspeed’ Louise Noeth, championing the many women that have achieved greatness, and great speeds, on the salt. The cover shows Paula Murphy, the first woman to race a jet on the salt, in 1964, while chapters inside are entitled Fast Females on Four Wheels, Lady Wranglers of Jet & Rocket-Powered Cars, Women Riders and Unsung Heroines, while a Land Speed Lady List notes all that women have achieved on the hallowed racing surface.…