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Deer & Deer Hunting April 2021

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Deer & Deer Hunting is written and edited for serious, year-round hunting enthusiasts, focusing on hunting techniques, deer biology and behavior, deer management, habitat requirements, the natural history of deer and hunting ethics

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give the gift of deer!

ACT NOW…LIMITED TIME OFFER! • Our annual Whitetail Calendar is the perfect gift for the deer hunter on your list (or for yourself!).• The new 2021 Whitetail Calendar®features the incredible photography and rut predictions of Charles Alsheimer. Use it to plan your vacation days and to pinpoint when deer will enter the seeking, chasing and tending phases (both North & South) in 2021.• This collector’s edition calendar is only available on national newsstands and through this limited-time sale direct from Media 360 LLC.…

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ultimate survivor

Whitetails can live and, in fact, flourish with some unsightly injuries. Here at Deer & Deer Hunting, we have chronicled many bizarre injuries over the years, including deer suffering from blindness, missing ears, and even fawn-bearing does that somehow escaped predation while getting by on only three legs. Heather Eaton, a Texas photographer (www.heathereatonphotography.com), came upon this strange-looking deer earlier this year while hiking in the Yellow House Canyon on the eastern edge of the Llano Estacado. She said she was stunned when she almost literally stumbled upon this buck fawn. “This was an incredible sight for me. I have seen deer with many injuries, but never like this,” Eaton said. “I observed him for almost an hour and watched him move around with ease, forage, and even run up the canyon…

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cowardly act

Talk about an empty feeling. We literally just came across this scene minutes ago while trying to film a Deer & Deer Hunting TV segment here at our office. Our office is located within the city limits but on the edge of where the city meets the country. We have a beautiful backyard that includes 5 acres of fields, brush and a few trees that lead way to city-owned river bottom. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and there are quite a few whitetails around here, as well. As I was walking with TV producer Ian Sanchez to find a spot out of the wind so we could film a segment for the weekly “Deer Talk Now” online show, I spied the ever-familiar white belly of a deer downhill toward the river bottom. It…

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readers recoil

I THOUGHT YOU all might enjoy this photo of these sparring white-tailed bucks that I got on my trail camera last fall here in New York. Of course, I wasn’t hunting at the time! — Alexander Janow I JUST READ Dan Schmidt’s online article, “Why Your State Will Never Be Like Iowa,” and agree with his opinion that human pressure has much to do with the quality of deer hunting that you will have on your property. I moved to Iowa from northern Michigan. I used to hunt the Huron National Forest in Michigan, and the DNR told me back then that after just the first three days of rifle season, 75 to 80% of all antlered bucks (all ages) would be harvested. Lots of hunters there. Even during archery season, my friends…

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d&dh community

Find us on Facebook FACEBOOK/DEERHUNTINGMAG HEADING HOME AFTER A SUCCESSFUL WEEK AT DEER CAMP! CIRCA 1964, WAUPACA COUNTY, WISCONSIN. COURTESY OF DDH FRIEND LON SHERMAN. ENGAGEMENTS: 1,617 | COMMENTS: 119 Sandy Johnson: We did the same in northern Minnesota. Had a resort for hunting. Great times. Gary Delp: I remember seeing vehicles like this in Pennsylvania when I was a youngster. It’s pretty cool to see this, reminds me of a better time, thank you for sharing this. Greg Gordon: That’s a lot of deer on a car and you have to love these old pictures!!!! McClure’s Outdoor Adventures: “Meat Wagon” David Brudos: In a time when you didn’t measure success in inches of antler. Jerry W. Wright: Happy days! Brian Rossback: Awesome photo! Great harvest! Clark Sims: I like the snow/mud tires on the wagon. What an amazing trip…

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maybe someday

In January 2016, while building a deck at a property in Cherry Valley, New York, I was checking on some materials that had been delivered and noticed a deer lying just off the lawn. The deer seemed to have a problem, so I walked over, and it let me get unusually close. Then it jumped and ran. That’s when I noticed its front leg was broken below the knee. Soon, the deer hit the ice of a nearby creek, fell on its belly and couldn’t get up because of the broken leg. I walked around the dangerously thin ice and eventually reached the deer. Then, I grabbed it by the scruff of its neck and pulled it to dry ground. Meanwhile, I took a few selfies with the button buck. I contemplated…