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mom power

May 10th is Mother’s Day and we’ve dedicated this issue to celebrating moms. We have features on nutrition during pregnancy (page 94), baking cakes for Mom (page 72) and more. But it’s hardly about just that one day. In many households moms are the ones who feed us. In fact 80% of moms say they are the primary meal preppers at home, according to a 2019 survey. Now before you scold me for being sexist, let me say I realize that men are joining women at the stove and also reading this magazine. That’s a positive trend for all of us! But no matter what gender you are, there’s a darned good chance that, like me, your mom was a big influence on how you feel about food. I have a…

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what’s trending on

1 All the Margaritas! Whether you’re a frozen girl or prefer yours on the rocks, we have your Cinco de Mayo drinks covered. Plus, try our Frozen Margarita Pie (shown) at: 2 Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss Mix up your morning meal with these scientifically backed foods that help you drop pounds. Find out what they are at (drumroll please): 3 Eat More Veg Challenge Think you can eat 30 different vegetables in 30 days? Join us for a month of recipes and tips to crush it! GOOD-LIFE GURUS Follow these R.D.N. (registered dietitian nutritionist) food bloggers for a daily dose of deliciousness. @caitsplate Caitlyn Elf, R.D.N., L.D.N., is all about satisfying meals made fast (she’s mom to a toddler). On her blog, Cait’s Plate, you’ll find lots of one-pot and sheet-pan meals like Black…

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get after it

In the study, published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, sedentary, overweight men rode stationary bikes either before or after their morning meal three times a week, for six weeks. All the participants burned around the same number of calories, but those who worked out on an empty stomach burned twice as much body fat. That’s because your muscles need fuel when you exercise, which can come from either carbs or fat. When you eat, the hormone insulin increases, signaling your body to hold onto fat and burn carbs for energy, explains study co-author Javier Gonzalez, Ph.D., a physiologist at the University of Bath in England. But when you exercise with lower pre-meal insulin levels, your body will turn to fat as its primary source of fuel.…

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welcome, pollinators

BASIL Humans aren’t the only basil fans—pollinators also go gaga for it. Gardeners typically pinch flowers off to make the plant focus energy on its flavorful leaves, but there are some types that are bred specifically for their abundant blooms. Magic Mountain and Wild Magic flower all summer, attracting bees and others and grow wonderfully in containers. (Culinary basil, such as Genovese, works too. But while it’s tastier for you, it doesn’t have the same flowering power.) PENSTEMON There’s a penstemon (aka beardtongue) for every garden, whether you want something bright orange or pale purple, petite or towering. It’s a draw for various pollinators, but red flowers will attract the most hummingbirds. Try the Venus or Palmer’s penstemon if you live in the Western U.S., large-flowered penstemon in Midwest regions and smooth penstemon…

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the mother lode

1 Indie Lee Whipped Body Butter This body butter is somehow ethereal and lush at the same time—with shea butter and antioxidants that absorb in a flash but make skin feel more hydrated than most regular lotions. We also like that it’s certified organic. $65; 2 Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Honey Bath Vanilla. Brown sugar. Tangerines. Sweet almonds. Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in bubbles like those? And the shea butter, oat protein and vitamin B5 leave skin incredibly soft. (It can be used as a body wash too.) $55; 3 Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush When is a hairbrush the most exciting present ever? When it’s a Mason Pearson. Handmade in London since 1885, these brushes are built to last—and the combo of nylon and boar…

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farm to fast-casual

Nick Wiseman didn’t exactly set out to bring biodiversity back to the American plains. In 2015, he was looking for a chickpea supplier for Little Sesame, his soon-to-open Washington, D.C., fast-casual restaurant specializing in hummus bowls and Israeli salads. A friend knew just the guy: a farmer in Montana named Casey Bailey. Bailey’s 5,000-acre organic farm in the center of the state grows chickpeas, lentils and other perennial legumes as well as spelt and several kinds of wheat—this is wheat country, after all. You can drive for hours and see nothing but conventionally raised, hard red winter wheat, which Bailey grew up farming. But after studying philosophy and religion in college, he returned to Montana determined to take a more holistic approach. He transitioned his land to organic and diversified his…