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personal success roadmaps

JIM ROHN famously said, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” His point aligns with a number of other business fundamentals: Malcolm Gladwell’s 10 000-Hour Rule, local coach Erik Kruger’s principles of Accretion, and Geoff Colvin’s argument in Success is Overrated detailing the ideals of Deliberate Practice, in which merely putting in the time isn’t enough — you need to choose what to practice. What is that one thing that will push the needle? THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE Over the years this is a quality that I’ve noticed in a number of our most successful entrepreneurs. They recognise that they have strengths and weaknesses, but instead of focusing all their energy on improving their weaknesses, they hire someone else to take care of those…

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dabbling was cute. now are you ready to dominate?

From the roaring mosh pits of an Iron Maiden concert to the welcoming ambience of Nigella Lawson’s kitchen; from the secretive rainforests of a David Attenborough nature documentary to the sweat-soaked gyms of Schwarzenegger’s legendary workouts — every industry has its top name icons. What do they all have in common? What makes them rise to the top? And most importantly for entrepreneurs, what can we learn from them? I’ve spent a decade trying to discern and decode what distinguishes the leading names in any field, and whether their approaches can be emulated. Here’s the secret I’ve discovered: We tend to think of experts in terms of superior knowledge or academic skills, but that actually misses something. There’s more to it. You can be highly qualified and yet completely unknown. Instead,…

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15 traits of unstoppable people

UNSTOPPABLE people are like warriors. They are always ready to take on the world. They are guided by a light from within, full of boundless energy and unwavering in their goals. They have learnt to activate their natural talents and develop the skills necessary to achieve whatever they aim for. How do they do this? Where do they find the stamina and strength to keep going? Unstoppable people keep their inner fires burning by developing the characteristics necessary to become successful. Here are 15 traits that will help you go from being a solid achiever to being a truly unstoppable person. 1. They believe in themselves Gutsy, bold, badass: Use whatever term you like, but the bottom line is that confidence is key if you want to be unstoppable. You have to have…

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harnessing the power of fear

THERE IS A STORY that I love. It goes something like this: A long time ago a man was sitting in a bar in Damascus having a beer. As he finished his last sip he looked over to the corner and staring back at him was Death. The man froze. It was widely known that the day you see death is the day you die. A few seconds later the man regained composure and ran out of the bar. Without looking back he jumped on a horse and rode as quickly and as far away as he could. Later that day he arrived in a town called Samarra. The man checked into a motel, rushed up to his room, locked the door, and as he turned around, sitting in the corner was…

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importing, exporting and growth

Consider the following scenario: Joe wants to start importing external hard drives from the Middle East. He’s confident that he can sell each hard drive for R300, more than covering his costs and generating a decent profit margin. He places his order with a reputable supplier and four weeks later his shipment arrives via sea freight. Unfortunately, during that time there’s been a negative movement in the exchange rate, and suddenly he owes his supplier R350 per unit. Not only can he no longer make a profit, the sale of his goods won’t even cover his costs. He’s taken a big bet and he’s lost. So, what went wrong? In a nutshell, Joe didn’t factor currency volatility into his planning. “Currency volatility is a major factor influencing the success of businesses around…

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the sasfin difference

Sasfin Forex offers a unique range of specialised services and solutions that reduce loss of revenue and increase competitiveness and market share. Currency volatility is internationally regarded as one of the top five business risks. When it comes to foreign exchange it is therefore important to partner with the experts; to place trust in experience, skill and knowledge. As an authorised dealer in foreign exchange, Sasfin Forex prides itself on its ability to execute foreign exchange transactions at the right price in volatile markets in the most professional manner. » Competitive exchange rates » Direct access to our dealing room via our online system or telephonically » Competitive bank transaction fees for foreign transfers and receipts » Electronic documentation flows » A business hinged on excellent, personalised customer service » Additional value to the transaction (freight, trade…