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delighting customers in the face of disruption

In this uncertain time, delighting customers begins by giving them assurances. To Ryder, a leader in supply chain solutions, this means providing elevated levels of visibility, transparency, and collaboration. Logistics and supply chain executives who want to delight their customers in the face of disruption should embrace the following principles. Give customers control. As companies develop or expand their e-commerce operations, many focus on same-day or next-day delivery. However, Ryder has found that the true key to delighting customers lies in giving them greater control. “Across the supply chain, we’ve seen a total disruption in the flow of goods,” says Steve Sensing, president of global supply chain solutions for Ryder. “Customers are telling us that making sure they get what they expect is paramount.” Ryder allows customers to track their deliveries in real time,…

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the only time we have is now

A FEW YEARS AGO, for some occasion I don’t recall, my parents bought me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. I love scotch, especially if it costs north of $200, so I wanted to save it for something special. I waited and waited. I assumed the right time would come. But the longer it sat, the more it felt like the right time had to be really right. Then the pandemic arrived. My family and I left our home. That bottle is sitting back in our living room. Who knows when I’ll see it? Really, it might as well not exist. I turned 40 a few months ago, and my parents bought me another bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. So this time, I opened it immediately. Pours for everyone! I’ve learned…

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it’s time to get creative

In these socially distant times, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a message for entrepreneurs and artists alike: You can still come together to collaborate! He’s best known for collaborations on film and TV, where he’s starred in projects like Inception and (500) Days of Summer—but with production schedules halted, he’s been spending even more time with the company he founded in 2010, HitRecord, which has seen a surge of interest. HitRecord began as a production company, but it has evolved into a platform that enables people to launch and join artistic projects. (In August, it won an Emmy and launched a partnership with the ACLU.) “People don’t just post things they’ve made on their own and say, ‘Look what I made,’ ” he says. “People contribute to each other’s projects. It’s a…

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creating more time in the day

1/ Make three lists. “I have three to-do lists instead of one, organized by category. The first list is COVID-related tasks (PPP, EIDL, grants, etc.). The is new business—pursuing opportunities not have used our services before but now are interested. I set a goal to work on one thing from each category per day and cross off two things from each list per week.” —KIM KAUPE, cofounder, The Superfan Company 2/ Create transitions. “I realized I actually miss my commute; it provided a mental break and preparation time for the day. So now I re-create the feeling by starting and ending my day with a mock commute, by walking or biking around my neighborhood.” —CHRISTINE SCHINDLER, CEO, PathSpot 3/ Set two deadlines. “I’ve instituted a softstop, hard-stop process. I set an alarm to go off at 3…

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how not to get disrupted

Leaders spend a lot of time thinking about how to be disruptive—to unseat bigger players through a combination of innovative technology and new business models. But they spend a lot less time asking themselves, How likely are we to get disrupted? And that’s a problem. Disruption often feels like it comes out of nowhere, but it doesn’t. It comes from the corners leaders aren’t looking at, and from companies leaders consider outside their industry. By not getting in touch with the vulnerabilities of their own organizations, leaders leave their companies open to harm, both strategically and financially. In my academic and professional studies around disruption, I have identified major blind spots that leaders often have—and that their disruptive competitors often exploit. Here are the three things leaders most often ignore but must…

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a new pipeline

Global tech firms don’t typically recruit at community colleges, but Ravi Kumar wanted to try. He’s a president at Infosys, the $12.7 billion global IT services company based in India, which in 2017 announced it would create 10,000 jobs in America. He hired a lot of four-year-university graduates for roles like programming but needed employees in operations roles that didn’t require as much tech knowledge—and by hiring community college students, he reasoned, he’d have access to a more diverse range of workers, who could eventually move up into more senior roles. But there was a problem. “We were not getting a lot of excitement at community colleges,” Kumar says. “It was surprising because we paid more than what other jobs there pay.” He started interviewing the few students who did apply,…