epicure April - May 2021

epicure is a monthly gourmet lifestyle magazine designed for bon vivants who share the belief that food is the ultimate universal language. We are on an enthusiastic quest to seek out the latest dining trends, sniff out remarkable wine vintages, and uncover the dynamics and intricacies of the local and international culinary scene.

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keeping up with the jetsons – not the smiths

The past and the future have collided and become reality. The space-age lifestyle of the characters in The Jetsons cartoon, first aired in 1962, reflected a utopia that is fast in the making. Flying cars are already here. Germany-based Volocopter has marketed its VoloCity craft as the first licensed electrically-powered air taxi; and Japanese start-up Skydrive has partnered Toyota to test its all-electric air taxi; just to name a few. But perhaps, the technologies that are the most difficult to get our heads around are those that concern our love for fine food. As epicureans, we are so psychologically tuned into the sensory pleasures of enjoying savoury, tantalising food that have come from conventional premium produce that the mind goes blank when we cannot bring up those mental associations. For some,…

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epicure’s choice

ROYAL DURIAN Royal Durian, the only five-star Mao Shan Wang specialist in Singapore partners Udders to create the premium Emperor Mao ice cream, which is probably the strongest Mao Shan Wang ice cream available. Each scoop weighs more than half its weight in pure Mao Shan Wang flesh, giving durian lovers a satisfying creamy mouthfeel and intense flavour to linger over. Emperor Mao is available at all Udders outlets at $9.90 a scoop, or online at the Udders e-store at $10.90 a scoop. Enjoy it with Udders’ signature waffles for double the pleasure, which can be purchased in a convenient frozen pack of 2, available at all Udders outlets at $9.90, or order online from the Udders e-store, GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda at $10.90. VEUVE CLICQUOT The House of Veuve Clicquot and Japanese…

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the deep soul of catalan cuisine

Catalan cuisine is usually unfortunately regarded as just another type of Spanish food. But in essence, Catalan cuisine has a following of its own, with an emphasis on eating local produce as much as possible from the rich region of Catalunya. One of the biggest misconceptions about Catalan cuisine, in general, is that people think that Catalan food is like typical Spanish food, revolving around tapas, paellas, suckling pig and jamon. But nothing could be further from the truth, as none of those dishes are actually representative of the Catalan region. Catalunya’s strength lies in its location, hence the cuisine is all about seasonality and taking advantage of the region’s abundant resources. One of the most well-known concepts representative of authentic Catalan food is the mix of seafood and fish with meat,…

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the perfect journey

André Chiang. A name that needs no introduction anywhere in the world. Born in Taiwan, 44-year-old Chiang first fell in love with cooking as a result of his mother’s influence and started his career when he moved to the south of France at the young age of 15. 15 years later, he returned to Asia as a mighty culinary force and visionary to be reckoned with, a man who refused to be defined even by his own success. Chiang honed his culinary skills with work experience amassed under the greatest masters of French Nouvelle cuisine such as Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire, the late Joël Robuchon, Michel Troisgros, Pascal Barbot, and Jacques & Laurent Pourcel. Despite starting at the lowest rung, Chiang quickly rose up the kitchen ranks, proof of his skill…

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sweet things

It’s not often that one hears of an engineering graduate who takes the world of pastry by storm. The young Executive Pastry Chef Cindy Khoo helming D9 Cakery at Hilton Singapore was actually doing a part-time café stint when she fell in love with cakes, and despite the unexpected tangent, started seamlessly on her pastry journey. Always having been fascinated by architecture and modern art, Khoo was most interested in making her creations edible forms of art, a challenge that she still enjoys till date. Lauded as one of the youngest executive pastry chef in town, this innovative chef is known for her unusual flavour pairings in her wanderlust-inspired edible art confectionary pieces. Indeed, one look at her butterfly creation on our cover tells you the calibre of this talented chef. We…

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what does dessert art symbolise?

Location & Recipes Hilton Singapore, D9 Cakery Styling Props Honey Pot, Europ Felix Lord wine glass, Royale de Champagne Tray with handles, Europ Felix MANUKA HONEY CEREALS TART SERVES 20 PREP TIME 30 mins COOK TIME 8 HRS OAT STREUSEL 44.95g Butter44.95g Brown Sugar56.2g Ground Oats44.95g Flour a pinch Sea salt Mix ingredients together in a bowl and make a dough. Roll the dough to 2.5 mm and cut out into a hexagon shape without removing from the cutter. Place in chiller and prepare for cereals mix. CEREALS MOELLEUX 60.8g Egg23.4g Yolk84.2g Sugar102.9g Ground Cornflakes23.4g Flour51.5g Butter37g Egg White20g Sugar Whisk together the egg, egg yolk and sugar in a mixer until the mixture starts to foam. Add in ground cornflakes flour and melted butter. Mix well and set aside. Whisk together egg white and sugar to create a meringue Fold in the first mixture…