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EQUUS provides the latest information from the world's top veterinarians, equine researchers, riders and trainers on understanding and influencing equine behavior, recognizing the warning signs of illness and disease, and solving riding and training problems.

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Memories of a great one I read and re-read “Sons of the Great Ones” (Conformation Insights, EQUUS 497) by Deb Bennett, PhD. What an amazing piece of work. I was interested in the complete article but particularly the part about Hard Twist, Cowboy P-12 and Mame Taylor. My grandfather, Lou Kirk, owned several good Quarter Horse mares, but Mame Taylor (by Jack Dempsey) was the best producer. During the second world war, my grandparents moved with their broodmares to my parent’s Springstead Trading Post, 18 miles northeast of Gallup, New Mexico. The trading post was surrounded on three sides by the Navajo reservation so we all spoke the language. My grandfather helped my father, A.P. “Colonel” Springstead, at the post and my mother taught my older brother and me the Calvert Course, which…

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the reins of life

Horses provide education, rehabilitation and exhilaration for children and adults from all walks of life. Equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) come in many forms. These can range from equine courses for nurses, inmates and professionals that teach compassion and body language awareness to helping the many levels of disabled humans navigate life in a world that often isn’t compassionate or understanding. Enter the horse as a facilitator, partner, friend and mentor. Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center staff often receive calls from individuals offering to donate a much-loved horse to the therapeutic program based in Loxahatchee, Florida. I saw a child born into strife Take up and hold the reins of life.—from the John Anthony Davis poem “I Saw a Child” “People often think that horses that work in a therapeutic situation do not need to…

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Have a question about your horse’s health, care or training? Our experts offer solutions for a range of equine-management problems. Write to EQUUS Consultants, P.O. Box 7510, Falls Church, Virginia 22040; email: EQLetters@aimmedia.com. Send photos when helpful. MANAGEMENT A common eye problem Q: My mare, now almost 20, gets conjunctivitis at least once each summer. It seems to occur when the weather is particularly hot and dry. When it happens, her eye swells shut within hours. My veterinarian has assured me that my mare does not have uveitis and he gave me an ointment that clears up the problem in a few days. Still, it’s unpleasant for her, and it can interrupt my riding plans. Is there a reason my mare might be more susceptible to this than the other three horses in…

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rescue horses rescuing youth

Two things have defined Tracy Cookman since childhood: her drive to help those unable to help themselves and her love of horses. In 2009, those two passions came together when she organized the rescue of 11 PMU foals from slaughter—an act that would shape her life. Rescuing horses became her mission. From auctions to feedlots to neglect cases, Cookman took in horses deemed broken then cast aside, and provided them sanctuary. Though working with horses was rewarding, Cookman felt a calling to do even more. In 2009, she began Charis Youth Ranch, a nonprofit program in the foothills of Northern Colorado that utilizes equine-assisted learning to help at-risk youth. Her herd of 28 rescue horses was key. “The Lord made it clear to me that these broken horses would heal broken children,” she…

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helping horses heal after colic surgery

Horses who undergo a program of abdominal strengthening exercises after colic surgery may resume work more quickly and perform better when they return to competition, according to new research from Michigan State University (MSU). Recovery from colic surgery can be particularly difficult for horses because of the unavoidable damage done to the abdominal muscles, explains Sue Holcombe, VMD, MS, PhD. “Colic surgery requires an abdominal incision, usually through a layer of fibrous tissue called the linea alba,” she says. “Surgical incisions are traumatic and alter the function of skeletal muscles.” To address these healing challenges, Hillary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, and Narelle Stubbs, a professor of physiotherapy, developed a series of exercises to strengthen a horse’s core and back muscles that became the foundation for the MSU’s core abdominal rehabilitation exercise (CARE) program. Starting…