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Fast Car November 2020

Fast Car is officially the best car magazine ever made, and the only one that delivers on its promise of defining today’s car culture. Stuffed with the finest feature cars from the United Kingdom, all the hottest new gear and kit, inspiring guides and even the odd top model for good measure, it’s so jam-packed, you can see it from space.

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ed start

SUMMER LOVING Was it me or did summer end pretty damn abruptly this year? One minute I was in my shorts, char-grilling my famous home-made sausages on the barbie, and the next, I was digging out my thermal long johns and browsing the Christmas chocolate selection in Tesco. Now, I’d like to sit here and type what an epic summer we’ve all had but, let’s face it, it was probably one of the worst of our lifetime – and for once it had nothing to do with the big orange discus in the sky (we actually had a decent time of it weather wise). But amidst all the doom and gloom, one guy who definitely made the most of his summer was Darren Coleman. He’s the owner of this month’s cover car,…

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up front

HONDA THROWS A BIT MORE ‘RRRRRRR’ INTO THE TYPER Since its launch in 2017, the FK8-generation Civic Type R has been all about the numbers. Before it even hit the showrooms, Honda was boasting of its benchmark-setting Nordschleife time – a frankly unbelievable 7:43.8. For a smidge over thirty-grand, buyers were furnished with a tasty platter of figures – 316bhp, 169mph, 0-62mph in 5.7s, 1,380kg. And yes, we can assure you that the bonkers 169mph top speed is genuine… we tried it out on the autobahn, and it sits quite happily at that speed! You can really hear the aero working too, there’s a terrific sucking noise from the rear wing. A pretty popular formula then, and for the 2020 model year the connoisseur’s hot hatch has received a mid-life refresh. That’s…

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the angry man

So, Chevrolet has turned the Corvette into a mid-engined supercar. Is this a good idea? Well, you tell me, squire. I mean, you could argue that the Corvette’s always been Chevy’s old-school baby. Up until the C7 model, they still belligerently used pushrods and leaf springs as a knowing nod to the faithful: unlike with other retro-styled modern cars – MINI, Beetle, 500, blah blah – you can trace a direct bloodline from modern Corvettes right back to its 1953 roots. It’s Detroit’s 911. Sure. But does that mean it’s money for old rope? Was it a good thing that GM treated it like a technological recluse, keeping it away from the modern goodies at the company’s disposal? Who can say, but it doesn’t help that some critics are very vocal…

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cabin fever

If you take a straw poll around the Fast Car office to see what everyone’s opinions are of the borderline-retro boyband Blue, you’ll get some mixed responses. Midge loves them, obviously, because their brand of radio-friendly motherloving beats feeds into his nature as a sparkly little pop tart. Glenda has a surprising fondness for them too, having once spotted Antony Costa in a branch of Costa Coffee; the coincidence seemed like a glitch in the Matrix, and now he reckons Blue are just a pan-dimensional troupe of buccaneers masquerading as a slightly shit boyband. Jules isn’t really bothered either way, as long as they don’t interrupt the snooker. Initial G hasn’t paid much attention to the hit parade for a while, all these young whippersnappers making a racket. And me? Well,…

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what is an s14a?

It’s actually quite a simple answer. The S14 is the sixth-generation Nissan Silvia, and was named as such in Japan. The model ran from 1993-98; North Americans may recognise it as a 240SX, Brits see a 200SX, although what often causes confusion is the reference to the ‘kouki’ or ‘S14a’. But it’s nothing complex – ‘kouki’ simply means ‘later period’, and refers to the S14’s 1996 facelift that brought in different lights, bumpers and so on, and S14a is just another name for this revision. The easiest way to recognise an S14a is by its angrier facial expression!…

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tech spec: nissan 200sx

STYLING: DMax Type 3 Aero bodykit, Origin bonnet, Origin overfenders and front wings, JDM kouki grille, custom jack bar TUNING: SR20DET 2.0-litre turbo – freshly rebuilt, stainless exhaust system, front-mount intercooler, Tomei radiator, torque damper, stock SR20 transmission POWER: 320bhp CHASSIS: 10.5x18-inch (front) and 12.5x18-inch (rear) WORK Equip 05 wheels (custom-built by owner), 225/35 (f) and 275/35 (r) tyres, Air Lift Performance suspension, front strut brace, R33 Skyline front and rear brakes INTERIOR: BRIDE Low Max seats, full interior retrim in BRIDE fabric to match, Grip Royal steering wheel, Nismo gearknob, AEM gauges (boost, AFR, oil temp)…