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A NEW ERA… 18-years, 6-months, 248-issues, and a ton of spelling mistakes later and it’s finally time for me to hang up my keyboard and move on from editing this fine publication. It really has been a lifetime’s work for me; I joined the team on 10th June 2002 as a fresh-faced staff writer. I was a 20-year-old fan boy and felt like the luckiest guy in the world to bag my dream job. Of course, it was a very different world back then, social media wasn’t a thing, Ask Jeeves was bigger than Google and cameras used something called film. But there is one thing that has stayed the same over my tenure, and that’s the vibrant scene that we cover. Don’t listen to those people who say car culture was…

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SLIM JULES EDITOR “My biggest Fast Car muck up? Missing a shoot and my flight home after a night out in Dundee, that or pissing myself!” MIDGE CONTRIBUTING EDITOR “Erm, I put a spoof magazine called Arse Car together once. It nearly got the editor and the publisher sacked.” INITIAL G ART EDITOR “Throwing a sickie saying I couldn’t go into work, went to see the missus only to end up in my car on the M4 next to Jules in his. Busted!” GLENDA WEBSITE EDITOR “The time I spent three hours looking for my hotel in Bangor, Northern Ireland, only to discover I’d booked it in Bangor, Wales.”…

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up front

LEWIS IS OFFICIALLY THE GREATEST F1 DRIVER EVER Can we just take a moment to say how much we love Lewis Hamilton? 2020 was a pretty turbulent year for fairly obvious reasons, with the good news generally outweighed by the bad, but the fact that Lewis has done what he’s done is more than enough for us to be able to send the year off with a cheery wave and a smile. We’ve been following the champ’s career closely since his rookie F1 season back in 2007, when he was partnered up with defending World Champion Fernando Alonso, immediately proving that he could cut it among the big boys… but little did we suspect back then that Lewis’s career would follow such an incredible trajectory. He won the Drivers’ World Championship for…

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a bug’s life

The new-wave Volkswagen Beetle has always been a bit of an outsider on the modding scene. Its cute retro looks ensured that it was a decent seller when the covers first came off back in 1998, and there was a decent range of specs and options available – but there’s no escaping the fact that quite a lot of the Bugs we see today are slightly battered yellow snotters with puny power and flower stickers gummed all over them. To those in the know, however, there was a very cool option in the form of the Turbo Beetle; that’s right, VW saw fit to drop a 1.8T in there and, while this wasn’t the most popular variant in the showrooms, it had huge potential by virtue of the fact that…

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midge’s greatest hits

This pint-sized spanner-jockey has had a hand in more than a few feature cars over the years. Scanning back through the files, we can see that his rollcall of personal build includes the Fiesta Zetec-S that he bought himself as a 20th birthday present (that was a while ago! He still owns it though…), a Mk2 Polo breadvan, an S12 Nissan Silvia, an EK Civic that earned a slot on the FC cover, a bugeye Impreza, and a Mk1 MX-5 – which is currently up on the ramp above the Fiesta. He also built a couple of projects alongside boss-man Jules – a Mazda 323 saloon and a Nissan 350Z – along with a bunch of projects he crafted specifically for the magazine: a VW Lupo, a Fiat Punto, a…

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tech spec: vw beetle

STYLING: Full repaint in VW Pure Grey with gloss black roof, flush bonnet, side repeaters deleted, Autobra bonnet bra, Team Heko wind deflectors, Tauro Designs 3D plate, tinted headlights and indicators, grille and wing mirrors TUNING: 1.8T, RamAir intake, SAI delete, Forge diverter valve, Samco Sport TIP, boost and auxiliary hoses, custom EMP 3-inch turbo-back exhaust, Phantom Tuning ECU map, colour-coded engine cover, custom trimmed slam, black caps CHASSIS: 8.5x18-inch Rota D154 (ET15) - painted gloss black, 215/40 Toyo Proxes Sport tyres, black tuner bolts, EBC USR discs with YellowStuff pads, Air Lift Performance 3P air-ride kit INTERIOR: Cobra Misano recliners in custom teal vinyl, rear seats, doorcards, parcel shelf and armrest retrimmed to match, Kode steering wheel, Mishimoto shift knob, plastics painted black with colour-coded doorcards AUDIO: Kenwood headunit, JL Audio front components and rear coaxials, Kicker 5-channel…