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Fast Car March 2021

Fast Car is officially the best car magazine ever made, and the only one that delivers on its promise of defining today’s car culture. Stuffed with the finest feature cars from the United Kingdom, all the hottest new gear and kit, inspiring guides and even the odd top model for good measure, it’s so jam-packed, you can see it from space.

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As petrolheads we’re all guilty of loving our cars perhaps just a little bit too much. We spend countless hours trawlling the internet, conjouring up our ultimate wish list of parts that we hope to buy for them; countless pounds on lavishing them with the finest fuel, oil and cleaning products available to man, and countless skinned knuckles and singed forearms spannering away fitting, fixing and generally tinkering with our modified machines. To some it might seem insane, but to the majority of us, it’s just our way of banking some much-needed automotive Brownie points for the inevitable beasting we will be giving our faithful four-wheel friend in the not too distant future. So it all balances out in the end, and our primping and preening seems just a little…

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self-drifting supra!

A Toyota GR Supra executing a perfectly controlled drift is nothing new, but seeing the car achieve the feat with no one at the wheel is an extraordinary spectacle. But it’s not just for shits and giggles, as this is a serious scientific experiment to help keep people safe. Hold on… by allowing cars to drift themselves? Sounds dodgy to us… Obviously, the guys in white coats don’t see it that way, as it is the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) that has engineered the self-driving coupe in collaboration with Stanford University’s Dynamic Design Laboratory. The idea being to explore new systems that could replicate the instinctive reflexes of a professional racing driver and provide the calculated foresight of a supercomputer to avoid a crash. Clever stuff! By allowing the car’s computer to…

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renault 5 returns…

The Renault 5 was a cult classic back in the 90s, with the ballistic R5 turbo proving that a fragile, small capacity turbocharged engine and a boxy shell, that weighed about as much as a crisp packet (with about the same crash protection too), was the perfect combination for a hilarious hot hatch. The line of ever-more powerful RenaultSport Clios that followed have all received their plaudits, but nothing has enjoyed the same gloriously Gallic charm as the 5. And it looks like the R5 is set to return, only this time Renault is opting for a more electrifying flavour. The Renault 5 Prototype is a charming, compact, city car which takes strong features from one of Renault’s timeless successes but develops it for the future with a modern, 100 per…

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baggsy bonkers build

UK drift supremo Steven ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni and his group of in-house tuning gurus at SB Motorsport have built and competed in some pretty out-there motors in their time, including the UK’s first Nissan R35 GT-R powered by a turbocharged V8! But he’s not stopping there… We reckon lockdown must have messed up his mind, because his latest creation, that’s in the build process as we speak, has got to be his most insane yet! The build, dubbed the Navara-R, is, as you might have guessed, based on a Nissan Navara pick-up truck, but this one will be powered by a VR38 twin turbo engine from its GT-R stablemate. “This project has always been on the cards for SB Motorsport, ever since our initial GT-R project. With racing currently on hold this was…

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high ’rolla

It’s often the case that one sole decision is enough to set off the domino effect that transforms a simple project into a really complicated one. For Phil Jones, it was the age-old AE86 question: Levin or Trueno? There are other considerations, naturally – three-door hatchback or two-door coupe; original ‘zenki’ or ‘kouki’ facelift – but the face is all-important… the Levin had fixed headlights, the Trueno had pop-ups. So you make your choice between lightweight simplicity or oh-so-eighties style. The decision made here was to swap this Corolla’s factory-original Trueno nose for a Levin setup – something which, as you can see, didn’t happen. There are, of course, many checkpoints along the timeline between that point and this – suffice it to say that Phil has gone all-in. We’ll spare…

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trailer queen

Phil has made no bones about it, his AE86 is bound for the pampered life of a true trailer queen. In fact, his plan is that it won’t even run under its own steam, and will rely on his 1bmp (one brake man power) to move it around between his lock up and whatever show he will be attending. Luckily, Phil is a professional car transporter by trade, so is used to dealing with the logistics of moving unique, exotic and high value motors around the country, so delivering his own pride and joy to whatever show, or possibly art gallery, that the 86 is due to attend, is a piece of cake.…