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Fast Car April 2021

Fast Car is officially the best car magazine ever made, and the only one that delivers on its promise of defining today’s car culture. Stuffed with the finest feature cars from the United Kingdom, all the hottest new gear and kit, inspiring guides and even the odd top model for good measure, it’s so jam-packed, you can see it from space.

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ed start

When it comes to tuning, there’s no one size fits all solution. Even when you consider one specific make and model of car, the tuning route of one owner may not be the ideal path for another. And this means there are no right or wrong answers either, as everyone has their own unique view of what they want from their car, how they want it to perform and the sacrifices they are willing to make to achieve it. Whether that be to endure a lack of usability and practicality in return for the purity and performance that can be achieved through a stripped out, lightweight racecar, or the intricate attention to detail and constant quest to set the latest trends required to own a show car that attracts attention…

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in da club!

In the summer of 1976, Volkswagen launched a distinctively sporty Golf onto the market. Badged the GTI, it was originally a skunkworks project worked on in secret by a group of passionate VW petrolheads who could see the potential for the Golf platform to harbour a more potent powerplant. Luckily, once unveiled to the top brass, the project got the green light. At the time no one at Volkswagen could have predicted that the GTI would eventually become the world’s most successful compact sports car. But that’s exactly what happened and now more than 2.3 million have been made. To celebrate the 45th birthday of this iconic car, VW has released this exclusive anniversary model: the Golf GTI Clubsport 45. Based on the ‘standard’ Clubsport edition of the eighth generation Golf…

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Land Rover’s go-anywhere Defender off-roader is now available with a brutal 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine making 525bhp. This makes it the fastest and most powerful Defender ever made and allows the rugged 4x4 to complete the 0-60mph dash in just 4.9 seconds and push on to a 149mph top speed. Available in both 90 and 110 body designs the new V8 models are equipped with a new Dynamic mode within the Terrain Response system to sharpen the handling when off the green stuff and terrorising the tarmac. The V8 Carpathian Edition tops the range and is finished in exclusive Carpathian grey paint with a black roof, bonnet and rear door and blue calipers. The unique paint is topped with a protective satin wrap that also protects the finish. But exclusivity…

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stunning speedster

Those crazy Californian Porsche customisers, Gunther Werks, have unveiled their latest carbon-clad creation: the Speedster Remastered, an open-top version of their retro-inspired 993-generation 911. These guys are known for their love of the black weave, having built a name for themselves on the gorgeous full carbon widebodies that their cars wear. The Speedster is the first drop-top model that the firm has produced and looks simply stunning. Based on the last of the air-cooled Porsche 911 models, the 993, the £400k+ Speedster uses the same 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flat six engine as the coupe models, yet features some extra fettling to raise the power even further to over 435bhp. Couple this with less weight and a stiffer chassis, and even the option to delete the windscreen entirely, and you have one…

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trax returns

That’s right! On the 3rd October, Silverstone circuit will be buzzing with the sound of highly tuned engines as the iconic TRAX show is back on the calendar! Tickets are available now starting at £27 for advance bookings, plus £3 extra if you want to display your car. Camping tickets are also available if you want to make a weekend of it and cost an additional £14. With last year a total wash-out for shows, it’ll be great to finally get together, kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labour whilst watching the pros destroy their tyres out on track, or even get in on the action yourself! 20 minute track time slots are available for all abilities at a cost of £35 per session and would be a…

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purple reign

The colour purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries. In fact, so strong are the ties to the crown that, during her reign, Queen Elizabeth I actually declared that no-one, except close members of the royal family, was allowed to wear the colour at all. Not that many people outside of the highest echelons of the aristocracy could even dream of owning such a uniquely-coloured garment anyway, as back then, the price of purple dye was eye-wateringly expensive. Originally the bruise-hued pigment could only be achieved by extracting a special mucus from a rare sea snail found only in a specific region of the Mediterranean sea. It wasn’t until synthetic dyes were invented in the 1850s, that mere mortal men could afford to get decked out…