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ed start

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And whilst this may hold true for your average clapped-out canine, it’s a very different matter when it comes to selecting your next project car. Yes, it’s easy to be lured into signing up to finance the latest hot hatch or slinky super saloon, sticking a set of radical rims and air-ride on your credit card and enjoying the adulation of being the first kid on the block to modify an ultra-modern motor, but you could be overlooking a much more economical option. Old school rides such as the Mk2 Fiesta and Mk3 Polo Coupe on our cover this month, prove that you don’t need to spend big bucks, or rock the newest models, to build a bangin’ project car.…

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electro retro

The new Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD is the latest model to jump on the bandwagon of transforming classic cars into electric-powered ‘RestoMods’, combining the classic visual style of the iconic Manta with Opel’s latest electric powertrain for sustainable motoring. The four-cylinder engine under the black bonnet has been replaced by an electric motor with 108kW (145bhp) and 225Nm of torque. The the original car’s four-speed gearbox has been retained, allowing drivers to manually change gears, or simply engage fourth gear and drive automatically. With a 31kWh lithium-ion battery, the Manta GSe has a range of around 124 miles, and like the current Vauxhall electric range, features regenerative braking to improve range. Visually, the Manta GSe features all the original car’s lines, but with a few modern tricks up its sleeve, including a ‘Pixel-Vizor’…

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specials on the rise!

Last month we reported on the Mitsubishi Evo Tommi Makinen Edition that sold for over £100k at auction. Well, it seems that wasn’t the only homologation special that’s value has gone through the roof, as there’s a host of other ‘80s and ‘90s machines that are also making waves when they go under the hammer. The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth is one such rising star, adding an average of £20,200 to its value over the last year alone. Rare in unmodified form, the very best are now demanding significant prices, with both Bonhams and Silverstone Auctions recently valuing examples for £75,000. The Audi Quattro Sport is another significant riser as, 12 months ago, an ‘excellent’ example of this shortened, box-arched Group-B homologation special had a value of £265,000. Today, that…

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the £100k mini!

What car, or cars for that matter, would you buy with £100k? A supercar? The latest hot hatch? A highly tuned track car? Maybe even all three if you were canny with your secondhand buys. But how many of you said a Mini? Anyone? No, we wouldn’t either. But if you did, and you managed to bag one of the limited-run Oselli Editions, you wouldn’t get much change either… as prices for this latest Mini restomod start at an eye-watering £98,000! Built by David Brown Automotive to celebrate the debut of the original Alec Issiginis-designed Mini 60 years ago, the Oselli Edition of its Mini Remastered range is limited to just 60 examples and features a larger capacity engine and a host of customisation options. Starting with the engine, the original A-series…

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deus ex machina

Tension. It’s the number-one plot device that keeps readers reading, viewers viewing and listeners listening. You’ve got to feel tense, uneasy, unsure of the next move, in order to truly engage; there’s always the hope of some sort of deus ex machina that will arise from the ether and save the situation, but at the same time a part of you hopes that the tension will tantalisingly last forever. The Mexican standoff is the most extreme manifestation of this; a happenstance in which characters are locked in an impossible situation, quite often with three people pointing guns at each other in a triangle (like the restaurant sequence in Pulp Fiction) – no-one can take any action without forcing everyone else to act. The contemporary modifying scene is rife with this sort…

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horses and carts

Enzo Ferrari was famously against the idea of mid-engined cars, complaining that putting the engine behind the driver was ‘like putting the horse behind the cart’. His front-engined Formula One cars were doing fine in the 1950s (and it’s worth remembering that Enzo never really wanted to build and sell road cars anyway, they were just a necessary evil to pay for the firm’s racing endeavours), but in 1960 the 246P was tested in F1 – the firm’s first ever mid-engined racer, running a 2.4-litre Dino V6 engine. The first mid-engined Ferrari road cars – the Dino 206 and 246 GT – didn’t arrive until 1968, because again cantankerous old Enzo felt that the general public couldn’t be trusted to handle such a layout. But, as with the F1 cars, the…