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the lessons of brotherhood

My brother, Tommy, and I shared a room growing up, and though we don’t share a room anymore, we still share almost everything else. He was the best man at my wedding. We live in the same neighborhood, just a few blocks apart, and see each other all the time. Our kids are best friends. That doesn’t mean we don’t argue sometimes. We definitely have different ways of doing things. Unlike the nefarious sibling rivalries in most fables and storytelling, though, ours is more nuanced. We certainly know how to annoy each other, but there’s a lot we learn from each other, and the tension can be helpful. Rivalries are endemic to business, and they can be similarly enlightening. Sometimes those rivalries are within a family (as is the case with Pixar…

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most innovative companies

THE BIG PICTURE UNIVISION Within the next three decades, minorities will become the majority in the U.S.—and 60-year-old Univision, currently the fifth-largest broadcast network in the country, wants to be at the center of their conversations. “The same role that we have played for the Hispanic community, we will play for the America that is coming next,” says Isaac Lee, Univision’s chief news and digital officer. Having locked in Latino viewers through its Spanish-language channels, Univision is now using its newly established Fusion Media Group to reach English-speaking millennials of different ethnicities. Along with the three-year-old Fusion television channel, home to the high-profile America With Jorge Ramos, the group’s collection of properties includes the satirical news site The Onion (as well as sister properties The A.V. Club, StarWipe, and ClickHole) and The Root,…

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most creative people

Wendy Clark CEO, DDB NORTH AMERICA After overseeing some of Coca-Cola’s most progressive and viral marketing campaigns—including last year’s Super Bowl ad on cyberbullying— and turning the beverage company into the top consumer brand on Facebook, Wendy Clark took over as the North American CEO of DDB Worldwide in January. “I’m a student of advertising and I love this industry,” she says, “so the opportunity to add my fingerprints to [DDB’s] legacy was too compelling to look away from.” Just two months into the job, Clark stood before hundreds of her colleagues at an ad-industry conference and pressed them to “stay restless” on diversity and inclusion—key issues as she thinks about how to approach her new position. She has already instituted mandatory unconscious-bias training for DDB’s 2,000 employees, and she is bringing in…

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the recommender

1 Illesteva glasses From $177 illesteva.com “I’m jamming on my new pair of sunglasses from Illesteva. I have never received so many compliments on anything I have owned.” Katie Forrest Founder and president, Epic 2 Con Brio, Paradise $9.99 thebandconbrio.com “San Francisco funk and R&B group Con Brio has a new record, Paradise, out in July. I challenge anyone to listen to them without dancing.” Cara Whitehill SVP of sales and marketing, Traxo 3 PepperGram Projector From $15 laserclassroom.com “My favorite little toy is the PepperGram Projector from Laser Classroom. It brings holograms to the masses.” Nancy Duarte Founder and CEO, Duarte Inc. 4 Health-Ade Kombucha From $4.80 health-ade.com “This drink is my ultimate afternoon pick-me-up. It’s a fermented tea with natural probiotics that comes in flavors like Pink Lady Apple. It got me off diet soda and coffee, and our entire office is addicted.” Caroline Gogolak Cofounder and…

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club sofi

A half dozen young professionals, newly introduced, stare down at a trio of naked roaster chickens on a wire rack. They wear white aprons and hesitant smiles. “You guys are going to have to get down and dirty with your chicken,” says Ashton Keefe, a pastry chef turned cooking class instructor. They lightly dribble a marinade of ramps, serrano peppers, and thyme over the trussed birds, but Keefe isn’t satisfied. “Get on in there,” she implores. A volunteer comes to the rescue with a generous glop of greenflecked sauce. “Caress,” he purrs with a flirtatious smile, drawing laughs from around the prep table as he massages the skin. An hour later, the novice chefs are convivially tucking into roast chicken, pancetta peas, and panzanella salad. They linger over dessert, sharing photos and…

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look out, tinder

Get social Members are regularly invited to gather for happy hours in cities around the country, but the fun doesn’t stop there: Cagney estimates that SoFi hosts two to three events per week, which have recently included a yoga class in New York, a dinner party in Richmond, Virginia, and a skydiving trip in San Francisco. Find a spouse That skydiving outing wasn’t open to just any SoFi member—the excursion, held last Valentine’s Day, was specifically for singles. Soon, SoFi’s dating services will extend beyond in-person meetups: Cagney says the company is developing a dating app that could launch later this year. Start a business Members are invited to apply for SoFi’s entrepreneur program, a six-month, full-time boot camp that also connects founders to accredited investors and venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs are granted a loan deferment…