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February 2020

FHM is a monthly publication that give guys what they want. Everything from the most beautiful woman in the world, cars, fitness, food, sport, fashion to tech, gadgets, travel and gaming. If you're a guy, we will have something of interest for you.

United States
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9 Min.
oscars best picture predictions 2020

1917 During the First World War, Lance Corporal Schofield and Lance Corporal Blake two young men in the British army must venture deep behind enemy lines to deliver a critical message that could prevent the massacre of a British battalion in a trap laid by the enemy. At the bidding of their superior officers, the young privates put their own lives on the line, as it could mean the difference between life and death for 1,600 of their brothers in arms, including Blake’s own brother. Why It Should Win: A unique take on the horrors of the Great War, director Sam Mendes and Director of Photography Roger Deakins has crafted not only a harrowing experience of two soldiers in the Great War, but a beautifully and uniquely shot war film that stands apart…

5 Min.
10 games

It was a tough generation for the Xbox One, with a rock launch and numerous criticisms thrown at the Microsoft Behemoth, the Xbox quickly fell behind the PlayStation 4 in sales and general public opinion. Step in new Xbox boss, Phil Spencer. Spencer was able to turn around the ailing fortunes of the Xbox One and bring in some unique features that set it apart from the Sony console. One of the best features was that of Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix type subscription that gave gamers access to over 350 titles for a measly few dollars a month. If you’re still not convinced about how great Game Pass, have a look at some of the games available to you right now. THE OUTER WORLDS Fallout used to be a fantastic RPG…

2 Min.

From the dawn of creation, the council has maintained the Balance across existence. Carrying out their orders are the Horsemen, Nephilim (powerful beings spawned from the unnatural union of angels and demons) who have pledged themselves to the Council and been granted immense power. However, this power came at a tragic cost: the Horsemen were ordered to use their newfound strength to wipe out the rest of their kind. What followed was a bloody battle on Eden where the Horsemen, obeying the will of the Council, annihilated the Nephilim. Still reeling from the events on Eden, War and Strife have been given a new assignment — Lucifer, the nigmatic and deceptive demon king, has been plotting to upset the Balance by granting power to master demons throughout Hell. War and Strife…

5 Min.
xbox series x the future of gaming

With the current generation of consoles nearing the end of their life cycles, fans around the world are clamoring for any news on the future consoles from giants Microsoft and Sony. Rumors were spreading thick and fast about what these fancy new machines will bring to the table, that was until Xbox boss Phil Spencer officially revealed the future of Xbox at the Game Awards 2019, enter the new Xbox Series X, planned for release late 2020. Off the bat, the new Microsoft console will be a departure both design-wise and name-wise from its predecessors, sporting a blockier style that’s similar to that of a small gaming PC - with an upright tower design. And, more importantly, the specs Microsoft has revealed so far suggest it is going to be an…

1 Min.
mega pay-day conor mcgregor’s $80 million in 40 seconds

All the hype, all the tension, and what an epic event U.F.C. 246 was. Picture it, one of the biggest names in UFC history Conor McGregor makes a return to the sport headlining a match against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone and beats him in the first 40 seconds. McGregor took out Cowboy with a quick, explosive flurry of strikes that was impressive to watch. Talk about a comeback kid! McGregor’s last fight was in late 2018 but he hasn’t lost his natural-born talent to knock a guy out. Although the Dublin-born fighter took home $3 million for the fight, he estimates he’ll earn more, a LOT more. Still, three mil in 40 seconds, that’s $76,250 per-second which isn’t bad for a day’s work. The estimated $3 million that he earned didn’t include…

4 Min.
trista tauchas exotic charm

Could you tell us something interesting about yourself that people would not ordinarily know about you? I have never lived in the continental United States. I have only ever lived in either Hawaii or Alaska. Other than that, I lived in Mallorca, Spain for 2 years while I taught as an ESL teacher. I was working for the Spanish Ministry of Education in a tiny town, on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. All three places are incredible and have definitely shaped me to be a unique individual. Hawaii, Alaska, and Spain feel like home, while California feels like a foreign country. If you weren’t a model, what would you be? I’d definitely be a fox, since they’re clever, incredibly adorable, and can live on all seven continents. Aha! No just…