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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 17

If you're serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms then Firearms News is for you. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could want or need!

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17 Min.
springfield armory’s new ronin 9mm commander

Stand by as I commit blasphemy—I am going to start a review of one product by mentioning not just a completely different product, but one made by a direct competitor, something you’re never supposed to do. However, we can’t honestly talk about the modern 1911 market, or the new retroish Springfield Armory Ronin Operator, without mentioning what Kimber did in the 1990s: In the factory 1911 market of the 1990s, in the minds of the average Joe, there was Colt, and there was everyone else. In truth, Colt was coasting along on name recognition alone, having done little to update its 1911s in decades. It was also pretty much ignoring the commerical market while it focused on its military contracts, making a few anti-gun missteps to appease the Clinton administration along…

1 Min.
gallery of guns.com

Check out Davidson’s Gallery of Guns at GalleryOfGuns.com! Davidson’s offers the GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty which backs all the firearms you buy through GalleryofGuns.com. It works like this: if anything ever goes wrong with any gun you buy with the Davidson’s GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty, it will be replaced. If no replacement is available, it will be repaired at no charge to you. Simply return it to the retailer where you purchased it, pay for the return shipping and upon receipt Davidson’s will ship the returning retailer a brand-new gun for you provided one is available. If a replacement is not available your firearm will be repaired for free. For complete warranty information please refer to the Guaranteed Warranty link found at the home page of GalleryofGuns.com…

18 Min.
royal tiger imports gi m1 carbines!

The .30 caliber M1 carbine was one of my favorite companions while roaming the Maine woods as a young teenager. It was short, light and handy, carried easily and slung well. All positive attributes while wandering over hill-and-dale exploring. No, the M1 carbine is no power-house, but it is very easy to shoot, fairly accurate and is fed from a 15-or 30-round magazine. It was the perfect gun for a 14-year-old hiking through the dense forest of rural Maine in the early 1980s. Things were different back then, a simpler time and no-one thought twice about a teenager exploring the woods with a self-loading rifle. Rather, you would have been out of place without one. I believe I paid $250 for it at a small gun shop in 1980. It came…

15 Min.
3 ring silencer corporation

Like so many other American companies, 3 Ring Silencer came to make silencers by being manufacturers who liked to shoot. And, dissatisfied with the options they found, decided to make their own. That defines a large part of the suppressor industry, as silencers were neglected for a long time, put in the firearms ghetto of “not hunting enough for us good guys.” This lead to a curious phenomenon: high costs for simple products. Oh, until modern manufacturing entered the production landscape, suppressors were simple to the point of “Really, that’s it?.” And expensive because the buyers were law enforcement (some few) and military units (with big budgets, no price pain, and a penchant for secrecy, often well needed). You can look at some of the strange designs and simplistic parts sets of…

29 Min.
counterterrorist weapons and their tactical use part 3

Sniping Rifles The counterterrorist (CT) sniper has myriad missions. In a hostage rescue scenario his first mission is eliminating the hostage taker/takers with a precision shot, precluding need for an entry. However, that’s an oversimplification. The War on Terror has greatly expanded CT missions, thus expanding the role of the CT sniper/observer team. As CT missions now include the elimination of HVTs (High Value Targets) or their snatches for interrogation, there’s the need for CT sniper teams to provide overwatch to protect against enemy reinforcements, cover the movement of personnel to the target, create a diversion with sniper fire (i.e. shoot at parked vehicles), setoff booby traps, or shoot lights, cameras, or other surveillance equipment. When operators are carrying out a raid, snipers on overwatch will eliminate incoming threats. As many…

17 Min.
guns of the chaco war

Into the 20th century, much of South America had not yet been well explored and surveyed, especially the interior of the continent, and particularly the Amazon River Basin. Borders were also often contested between multiple nations with claims heavily overlapping. This issue had led to many extremely bloody conflicts between some of the world’s poorest nations. One of these conflicts was the Chaco War of 1932–1935, a war fought between Bolivia and Paraguay, some of the poorest countries in South America at the time. It was fought on the interior of the continent, in the Gran Chaco, nicknamed “The Green Hell,” a predominantly flat, arid, and extremely under-developed region also featuring swamps and jungles. These two nations had both suffered catastrophic losses in their history and weren’t ready to back down…