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Fly Fisherman April - May 2017

Fly Fisherman is the world's leading magazine for fly fishing. Every issue provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and the hottest new fly patterns. Through informative articles, it highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species around the world!

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it’s not all about catching fish

WHEN I SPEND a day scrambling over the slick, mossy rocks of Penns Creek, sneaking backcasts into the canopy of rhododendron, I return home physically exhausted but my mind is cleansed and refreshed. I’m better prepared mentally and emotionally to meet the challenges of the following week, and my friends and family might agree I’m better off. Maybe they are too. Fly fishing helps able-bodied people like me, so it’s no small wonder that it’s also beneficial to those who are suffering far greater emotional and physical challenges. In the Feb.-Mar. 2017 issue, I wrote about a Casting for Recovery retreat in West Virginia scheduled for April 21-23, 2017 to help military veterans who are also breast cancer survivors. But that’s just the beginning. In the first chapter of his book…

8 Min.
tight lines

❱ SERVICE TO MANKIND I want to thank Joe Mahler for the article “The Rules of Disengagement” in the Feb.-Mar. 2017 issue. With humor, and clarity, Mahler was able to provide relief from future hours of frustration and irritation for thousands of fly fishers. I already feel more relaxed just knowing that I have the tools to defeat the next maddening underwater hang-up, or mangrove overhang. Certainly, there’s some kind of “Humanitarian of the Year” award for his service to mankind? DAVID KULA ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA ❱ CANAL BASS I was really interested in Jay Zimmerman’s article “Ghetto Bass” in the Feb.-Mar. 2017 issue as I have been city and urban fishing with a fly for several years. After moving to Albany, New York, for my job, I discovered that there were many places to…

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jedi muskies

MUSKIES ARE “THE fish of 10,000 casts”. . . or 43 casts if you are fishing with guide Blane Chocklett. “We won’t be looking for them, I’m going to put you right on them,” was Chocklett’s introduction on our way to the river. That sounded good to me, as muskies are notoriously elusive, and I was still looking to check one off my bucket list. I’d been enchanted by these fish early on in my own guiding career in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. We often floated freestone streams chasing smallmouth bass, and sometimes had an occasional muskie sighting or even a fish that followed your fly to the boat, or took a savage swipe at a hooked smallmouth. Like great camo-colored ghosts, they were always present, but seldom seen and…

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aurora fontinalis

“NO ONE.” THAT was Stewart Webber’s response when I asked who else had fished the upper Menahook River, south of where it empties into Hudson Bay. Webber would know. He ran what is now the Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge ( churchillwild.com ), an off-the-grid hunting camp turned ecotourism lodge southeast of Churchill, Manitoba, for 12 years. He employed indigenous people, whose offspring still work there today. They also affirmed his assertion. No one had fished the Menahook, so we weren’t 100 percent sure what we’d catch. The Menahook is in a remote corner of the subarctic, in an area thronged with polar bears and (we hoped) sea-run brook trout. Webber knew there were brook trout in the nearby Opoyastin, and he’d seen seals feeding at the mouth of the Menahook. Presumably…

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river sistas

WHEN YOU’RE RAISED on the fringe of Glacier National Park, there’s no telling where life will take you, but chances are, you’ll follow the call of the wild. Sisters Hilary Hutcheson and Whitney Milhoan were whitewater and fishing guides by the time they were 15. If angling culture has exhausted every brother-and-fly-fishing trope from A River Runs Through It, it might look to the Lange Sisters (as the two were called around town) for new inspiration set in the same wilderness, on the same rivers, with equally skilled anglers. “We were encouraged to follow our passions,” said Whitney, age 36. “The message from our parents was, ‘We are a people deeply rooted in outdoor experience. Here’s what can ground and inspire you, now find your own path.’ We linked up with…

5 Min.

Iceland Brown Trout The Hidden by Western Waters Media. Total running time, 13:11 minutes, part of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, dates and locations at flyfilmfest.com. How times have changed since I first started producing fly-fishing media 16 years ago. Now, with a 4K DSLR, drone, underwater-capable GoPro, and an unending list of killer royalty-free music to choose from, it’s easy for just about anyone to create a compelling visual experience. New fly-fishing media groups are popping up each year and there seems to be an overabundance of new content, ranging from quick web clips to high-budget destination films. For seasoned fly-fishing film enthusiasts, it’s hard not to become bored with the same old, same old, type of music, talking head interview, action sequences, and “buddies going fishing” movies. Even worse, many…