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Fly Fisherman August - September 217

Fly Fisherman is the world's leading magazine for fly fishing. Every issue provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and the hottest new fly patterns. Through informative articles, it highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species around the world!

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yellowstone or gold?

AT THIS POINT it might not be a question of “if” there will be a gold mine in the Yellowstone River watershed just outside of Yellowstone National Park. It’s a question of when, how many, how large, and most important, whether those gold mines will be on public land. The Montana Department of Environment Quality in December approved a license for Lucky Minerals to drill 46 exploratory sampling holes on private land in the Absaroka Mountains about 12 miles southeast of Emigrant. A second company, Crevice Mining Group, is seeking permission to explore for gold on 14 acres of private property near Jardine, just north of Yellowstone Park. If these companies find gold and are approved and operated under close scrutiny by the EPA and the Montana DEQ, the projects could have…

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tight lines

$3 MILLION NEEDED “The Wild, Wild East” in the June-July 2017 issue was a well-written story by Mike Stanislaw and Nick Raftas about the Lehigh River. They not only described the fishing on the Lehigh, but also all the work by so many stakeholders to improve the fishery and other recreational uses of the river. Since the inception of the Clean Water Act, the Lehigh River has been a poster child of how a river can rebound from near death to become a vibrant wild-trout fishery. As the authors point out, we are still facing many issues, like abandoned mine drainage, water quality runoff concerns, and the Francis E. Walter Reservoir running out of cold water during the summer months. The authors mention studies that have already been performed by the U.S. Army…

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five crucial travel tips

“ HOPE FOR THE best, plan for the worst.” That was some of the best advice I’ve ever received my father. His approach to adventure is both daunting and practical. More often than not, it’s all an exercise, and training you’ll never need, but if you do need it, that little bit of planning and foresight can salvage a trip or even save a life. I was recently chatting with some anglers in a Bahamas airport—they had fished at a lodge I won’t name—and their boat broke down while they were out fishing. There were no tools, radio, satellite phone, life jackets, or first aid kit on the boat. I never want to leave my safety in the hands of those I don’t know. Good operations are prepared and have an…

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montana as it was

THE BIG-BONED BAY gelding barely spared a glance as we dug out a 5-weight from the pack mule’s panniers. He was more intent on the tall, lush grass directly in front of his face, and with a look around the meadow as we staked the horses in, I decided I couldn’t blame him. The grassy meadow was only beginning to surrender to midsummer Montana heat, turning crunchy under our footsteps, and the branches of a large tree offered shade from what promised to be another unseasonably warm day. The sound of trickling water drew my attention to the clear current of nearby Hellroaring Creek, and I realized the bay had the right idea. This was a special form of paradise. Scenes like that, however, must be earned. Several days earlier, we…

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trout bum love

IN 2015, I drove from Bozeman, Montana to Victor, Idaho—through the Madison Valley elk herd, by the monster trout of Henry’s Lake, over the Ashton railroad tracks, past the siren call of huckleberry shakes at the Victor Emporium, took a right at the Knotty Pine Supper Club, and ended up in a chicken coop which was converted to a recording studio by bluegrass legend Ben Winship. Filmmaker RA Beattie and I met there with pro angler Jeff Currier to record segments for the fly-fishing film Turning Points North. The goal of the film was to capture Currier landing a 50-inch Saskatchewan pike on his 50th birthday. Currier is a prominent pro angler in the Greater Yellowstone region. He’s known for having hit all the hot spots before they were hot spots—whitewater…

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new & notable

Seaguar Tippet I was fishing for yellowfin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico 20 years ago when I first used Seaguar fluorocarbon. The tuna were feeding voraciously, but mostly ignored our flies as they jigged and twitched through giant bait balls. Our captain saw we needed every edge we could get, as tuna have giant eyes, acute sight, and were feeding in clear water in sunny conditions. He switched our tippets to a product called Seaguar, and by the time our session was over, we had four fish over 50 pounds landed on fly gear. It’s likely we spent more time fighting fish than actually casting at them. The fluorocarbon boom started by Seaguar began in the fly-fishing world shortly afterward. But while other brands of “invisible” single-filament lines flooded fly shop…