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Fly Fisherman August/September 2019

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Fly Fisherman is the world's leading magazine for fly fishing. Every issue provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and the hottest new fly patterns. Through informative articles, it highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species around the world!

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helping harley

He’s been there for newlyweds, for golden anniversaries, for people catching their first bonefish, and for old salts catching what might be their last double-digit bonefish. He’s been there when brothers have reunited, when business deals have been struck, and when parents have taken their children on their first exotic fishing trips. Every day at work is a happy one for Harley Sands. That’s why his son Travis also wanted to be a bonefish guide, and is now one of the top guides at Abaco Lodge. Most of Harley’s days are filled with jokes and laughter, but not all of them. On May 1, 2019, Harley was guiding guests from Bair’s Lodge, and while he was gone his home caught fire and everything he owned, including his vehicle and his skiff,…

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tight lines

KEEP ’EM WET I can relate to Michael Weir’s June-July 2019 article about the wild browns of Yosemite. Years ago on the Merced River, I found a spot that was perfect big-fish habitat. There was a slight bend in the river where the flow formed a deep hole with an undercut bank. The spot was protected by tree limbs overhead, and tree roots under the water. I tied on a fly, and as I was about to cast, a man came up behind me dragging a large ice chest. He brought it to the edge of the river and proceeded to lift a living, 24-inch brown trout from the cooler. He lowered it gently into the water, and the awesome beast wrested free from his hold, and vigorously swam into the hole…

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trigger happy

CHASING TAILS ON THE NUBIAN FLATSOLIVER WHITE Triggers have many of the attributes of their better-loved friends. You catch them only by sight fishing, and they are often tailing in shallow water when they feed. They are challenging to hook, disproportionately hard fighting, and they are notoriously dirty fighters, often sneaking under a rock or coral head and breaking you off. Their goofy smile packs a powerful bite, and their teeth destroy flies. They can cut a 1/0 hook in half, and can take your finger if you’re not careful removing the fly. They spook easily. If they see the fly first and get focused on it, they sometimes follow the fly and eat it at your rod tip. But if they see you or your fly line first, it’s game over. They’ll…

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the shore game

RUNNING & GUNNING FOR THE NORTHEAST’S PREMIER SALTWATER GAMEFISH ALAN CAOLO THE FALSE ALBACORE RUN IS ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED ANNUAL EVENTS ALONG THE ATLANTIC SEABOARD FROM CAPE COD TO NORTH CAROLINA’S OUTER BANKS. THE ALBIE SEASON IS SOMEWHAT PREDICTABLE, BUT THEIR EXACT ARRIVAL VARIES YEAR TO YEAR, AS DOES THE DURATION OF THE RUN, WHICH IS RELATIVELY BRIEF—TYPICALLY FOUR TO SIX WEEKS AFTER THEY FIRST APPEAR. Compared to other popular gamefish, such as striped bass, this flash-in-the-pan appearance fuels an “albie mania” that disrupts the lives of countless Atlantic coast fly fishers who become consumed with chasing them. Albacore (also known as little tunny) are arguably the most sensational fish you can pursue inshore. They are fast, powerful, sometimes fickle, other times ferocious, often exasperating, and never boring. Pursuing little tunny…

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what to do with the madison

THE CONTENTIOUS DEBATE OVER LIMITING USE OF MONTANA’S MOST POPULAR RIVER MICHAEL WRIGHT The cliché has come up recently in conversations about the Madison, the child of Yellowstone National Park’s Gibbon and Firehole rivers. The cliché isn’t resurfacing because the river has suddenly become more special, but because a lot of people are worried about proposals for regulating it. In 2018, Montana’s Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) put forward a recreation plan for the river that would have capped the number of outfitters, set up non-commercial days for certain sections, and barred boats from the two wade-only sections, among other things. It came after years of growth in angler numbers, which peaked at 207,000 in 2017, the year of FWP’s most recent survey. The Madison was the first Montana waterbody…

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new & notable

YETI LOADOUT GOBOX The biggest problem with Yeti’s new LoadOut GoBox ($250, yeti.com ) is that I’m gonna need three of them. Or maybe four. The indestructible, waterproof cargo box is meant as a tackle organizer, but I instantly saw it as a portable fly-tying carryall. All my necks and saddles will go into the removable, zippered “Pack Attic” secured inside the lid of the box. My Dyna-King vise will sit neatly on the bottom, and the built-in divider will keep the big stuff like bucktails, hare masks, fox tails, and Zonker strips separated from smaller Ziploc baggies of dubbing and short feathers like turkey flats, marabou, and mallard flank feathers. And in the removable caddy—which has three compartments and a carry handle—I’ll store all my thread, fly-tying tools, and glue…