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Fly Fisherman February - March 2017

Fly Fisherman is the world's leading magazine for fly fishing. Every issue provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and the hottest new fly patterns. Through informative articles, it highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species around the world!

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the healing powers of fly fishing

MOST READERS OF FLY FISHERMAN are already familiar with the outstanding charitable organizations Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and Casting for Recovery (CfR). One uses fly fishing to assist in the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled veterans and active military personnel. The other uses fly fishing to provide physical and emotional therapy for breast cancer survivors. They were two great organizations operating in parallel but separate universes until both groups recognized that there are disabled veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or from physical disabilities such as amputation, and also have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Recognizing an opportunity to serve disabled veterans who are fighting battles on two fronts, the groups have developed a fly-fishing retreat for 14 women that will take place at Harman’s Luxury Cabins in West…

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tight lines

SURFACE STEELHEAD Thank you for the entire Oct-Nov-Dec 2016 issue, and especially the great article “Dry Line Steelhead” by Dana Sturn. It was a treat to read the well-deserved praise of Bill McMillan’s book Dry Line Steelhead. Both these writers have added so much to the traditions of fly fishing for steelhead. . . including the specific techniques for using a dry line. Their hard work over the decades has added so much to our understanding of this type of steelheading. It took time, but eventually fishing close to the surface became an accepted part of our tradition. I still remember the day in September 1984 when I saw my first “dry line” steelhead rise to a dragging 5-inch-long, seriously overdressed 2/0 Green-butt Skunk, which looked like a green and white mouse crawling…

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freshwater permit

FERNANDO, THE CHARISMATIC and passionate host at Asunta Lodge, says that pacus are sometimes mistakenly referred to as “freshwater permit.” The reality, he told me while sharing an ice-cold beer on the evening of our arrival on the Sécure River in Bolivia, is that “permit are actually saltwater pacus. Most fly fishers just don’t know any better.” I’ve caught a few pacus over the years; the first time was in Argentina when I was guiding in the early 2000s. At that time we thought they were purely vegetarians, and we cast flies of spun deer hair trimmed to resemble fruit falling from the trees. That worked sometimes. On other occasions, we’d hit rock bottom in frustration, and thread real fruit or nuts on a hook to get a pull. The pacus loved…

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filling the huge, trout-shaped hole

"IF YOU BUILD it, he will come,” went the line from the 1989 Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams , and that is precisely what Colorado State University (CSU) is hoping to accomplish. When Professor Robert J. Behnke (affectionately known to the fly-fishing community as Dr. Trout) passed away in 2013, his death left a huge, trout-shaped hole precisely where wild trout lovers the world over can’t afford it. Despite all the great conservation work carried on by many dedicated individuals and organizations, prospects for wild trout in America are tenuous at best. Anglers are generally aware of threats to coldwater fisheries from pollution, disease, invasive species, unregulated logging, grazing, and displacing of native fish through the reckless stocking of hatchery fish, but other dangers are insidious and loom on…

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rich simms

IN 2001, A licensed angler could kill up to 30 wild steel-head per year in the state of Washington. In spite of the drastic and obvious statewide decline of the species, fisheries managers still allowed obsolete regulations. That same year, the Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC) formed in Seattle. Under the leadership of cofounder Rich Simms, the group set a top priority: to stop all intentional sport harvest of wild steelhead. “In Washington, there’s an awareness around salmon because they are a food fish and such a part of Northwest culture. Steelhead were never considered food. It’s always been anglers who appreciate them,” says Simms. “What’s so special about this fish is their natural history and the niches they inhabit, the journey they take out to the Pacific, and then, their return…

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gear guide

Thomas & Thomas Exocett There’s been a major shift in the rods coming from the Thomas & Thomas factory in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It wasn’t many years ago that the historic company (known for its bamboo rods) also seemed to be making old-fashioned-feeling graphite rods. Now, the new company ownership has reinvented the rod design team, updated technology, and invested in a new manufacturing process that has changed the way the rods perform. The result is three new rod series that will change the way you think about Thomas & Thomas. This evolution began in 2014 when South African-born Neville Orsmond bought the rod shop that he’d admired through his entire fly-fishing life, and began investing in his own brand. T&T quickly brought out some new rod series that used improved resins and…