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Fly Fisherman June - July 2017

Fly Fisherman is the world's leading magazine for fly fishing. Every issue provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and the hottest new fly patterns. Through informative articles, it highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species around the world!

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fix okeechobee “or else”

THE DAY BEFORE the massive winter 2017 Outdoor Retailer (OR) show opened in Salt Lake City, Peter Metcalf, the founder of the Utah-based company Black Diamond, wrote an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune titled “Time for Outdoor Retailers to leave Utah and its anti-recreation politics.” His message was in response to Gov. Gary Herbert’s pledge to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument created by President Barack Obama. The next day, Yvon Chouinard wrote on the patagonia.com blog The Cleanest Line that “Enough is enough. If Governor Herbert doesn’t need us, we can find a more welcoming home.” Before the OR show ended, dozens of other major outdoor brands joined an industry boycott, promising to quit the twice-annual OR show if Utah didn’t back down. The worry was that if…

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tight lines

BIG FAT LIES Lies! All big fat lies! There are no trout in the Cache la Poudre, as the water is too warm, laden with thick nasty algae, and smells of cattle dung. The article “Hide the Powder” [April-May 2017] also neglects to mention black bears and wolves stalking and eating anglers who don’t leave the river by dusk. Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along and fish in Wyoming! Seriously though, I always knew my favorite river would eventually show up in a FLY FISHERMAN article. The Poudre is my home trout water, and I first fished it in the late 1960s as a Colorado State University freshman. I still do fish it every chance I get, which is not nearly often enough. It’s nice to hear that the lower river,…

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more monkeys than people

NOTHING BEATS BUMMING around foreign countries looking for adventure. When the folks at Howler Brothers invited me to Costa Rica for some fishing, surfing, and drinking I cleared my schedule. That’s how I ended up in Manuel Antonio National Park—where there are more monkeys than people—for a week of fishing on Costa Rica’s west coast. Funny money, local beer, beachside fires, good company, and language barriers make for good stories. You can’t hit that part of the world as fly fisher and not chase roosterfish. Notoriously challenging and strange to look at (they look a little like a Dr. Seuss character) rooster-fish make you work for it. While I’ve managed over the years to land a few small ones, I’m still looking for “the man.” In Costa Rica, roosterfish are offshore, which…

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return to abundance

WHAT HAPPENED TO the Eel River? “It’s not worth even going there anymore, all the fish are gone.” This was a common refrain among fly fishers for many years. Once one of the greatest salmon and steelhead rivers in California, the Eel experienced an epic collapse. It was a death by a thousand cuts. If you have seen the movie Rivers of a Lost Coast, you know the legendary stories of the wildly abundant runs of salmon and steelhead up until the late ’60s, and the legendary fishermen and angling culture that surrounded those fish. It was a mecca of early fly-fishing culture on the West Coast. In the early ’70s the runs began a precipitous decline, and by the ’90s, all three species of salmon and steelhead on the North…

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gts & giant tortoises

RIDING A CRUISER around the three-mile perimeter of Alphonse Island doesn’t take long, but overwhelms the senses nonetheless. The massive webs of palm spiders span the road, slowing, stretching, and ripping as I pedal through. Coconuts fall and hit the sandy earth with cannonball thuds. Crabs dodge the bike wheels, wave their lethal claws, and scuttle into dried palm husks. A 90-year-old Aldabra giant tortoise meanders across the grassy lawn before the guide hut, making his slow way to a daily mating ritual with a resident female. This sandy knoll in the Indian Ocean is the base camp of Keith Rose-Innes, managing director of Alphonse Fishing Company and Alphonse Island Resort. “It’s been a long journey, but I feel most at home here,” says the South African. Today, Rose-Innes finds himself…

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new & notable

Costa Prescription Glasses Whether you’re sight-fishing for carp on the Great Lakes, or spotting redsides in a Colorado tailwater, sunglasses are an important part of your toolbox. I’m not the only fly fisher I know who obsesses about optical clarity, frame coverage, different lens tints for different lighting conditions, and lens coatings to reduce glare and keep boat spray off the lenses. But when it came to regular prescription glasses for home and work, I wrongly reasoned all glasses were the same (or not important), and often ordered cheap prescription glasses from overseas. As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The same optics and coatings that make one pair of sunglasses stand out from the next, also make a pronounced difference in everyday prescription glasses whether you’re staring at…