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Autumn 2019

Foiling Magazine brings the best features, the latest tech and the finest tricks-and-tips to you from the world of foiling. Within this relatively new sport, Foiling Magazine is essential reading for any surf, SUP or wake foiler. Working with the best riders, the biggest brands and the finest photographers, Foiling Magazine provides the ultimate representation of the most exciting sport on the planet…

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one foil does it all

The UNIVERSAL KSH ALU ensures the earliest take-off and stability in all transitions. Now with the CONVERSION KIT KSH-WH ALU we provide an extra 100 cms fuselage, tuttle head insert and plastic adapter to make the KSH ALU (Sup/Surf/Kite hydrofoil) ready to be used for windfoiling. This is a unique full convertibile set up that allows you to learn how to foil, jibe and ride any watersports from surfing, supping, kiting, wind and wing foiling. UNIVERSAL KSH ALU + WH ALU CONVERSION KIT…

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keep rising

Building from the success of the Thrust Surf Foil, the all new Jet Surf foil continues to push the bar in developing the most versatile and modular foils in the world. This year our surf wings produce the same or better lift, size-for-size, than previous models and are faster, tighter turning and easier to control. Built on a modular platform, the Jet Surf foils easily change components like the wings, masts and base plates and can be tuned for surf, SUP, wake, downwind, kite and windsurf foiling making it the most versatile foil platform in the world. Experience the next dimension in surfing with Naish Foils. FIND YOUR PERFECT FOIL TODAY AT YOUR LOCAL NAISH DEALER OR NAISH.COM Europe: Kubus Sports BV • info@kubus-sports.nl • +31 (0)35 695 4 695 North America:…

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Take the shot opposite. Ride Engine’s Coleman Buckley (left) and Fred Hope (right), up and out early on the Californian coastline. Beyond what it is they’re carrying (and perhaps being a color photo) this could just as easily be the 1920s, 30s, 40s or onward. Two guys (as easily could be girls) shooting the breeze, walking toward the line-up, reveling in their mutual reasoning for being on these chilly shores before the sun’s come up. Timeless isn’t it? Under those arms could be longboards, short-boards, bodyboards… any kind of surf craft. The buzz would be much the same, right? Except – and I’d wager you’d agree – there’s that little extra zing for the average hydrofoiler. That’s because our winged pursuits still sit very much at the frontier level of…

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foiling magazine

PRODUCTION TEAM Editor: Cai Waggett Editor-in-Chief: Alex Hapgood Art Director: Katharina Godbersen Technical Editor: Richard Boughton Contributing Editor (US): Kjell Issey van Sice CONTRIBUTORS Adrian Geislinger, Amandina Manns, Andre Silva, Andrew Cotton, Antoine Badin, Alex Schwarz, Beau Pilgrim, Benny Ferris, Bobo Gallagher, Bruno Sroka, Casper Steinfath, Cecile van Sice, Clinton Filen, Daniel Dingerkus, David Trewern, Derek Hama, Dr George Hradil, Evan Mavridoglou, fishbowldiaries, Georgia Schofield, Grant Baker, Jalou Langeree, Jeff McKee, Jennifer Stenglein, João Vidinha, John Amundson, John Bilderback, José Denis-Robichaud, Julien Fillion, Kane de Wilde, Ken Winner, Kim Hanskamp, Kody Kerbox, Kyle Cabano, Luke Williams, Marc Jacobs, Martin Letourneur, Mathieu Fouliard, Michael Berger, Moana Jones, Patrice Chanzy, Rafael Tapia, Rémi Quique, Ryan Collins, Sam Scadgell, Scott Trudon, Shakira Westdorp, Sky Rama, Steven Akkersdijk, Stu Gibson, Stu Johnson, Stuart Boliter, Titouan Galea, Tom Court, Tom Servais, Tony…

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RIDER Steven Akkersdijk PHOTOGRAPHER José Denis-Robichaud LOCATION Le Morne, Mauritius Steven: So amazed by the possibilities of the bigger wings. Riding the Shaka L made the little waves breaking inside the reef at Le Morne Mauritius into super long powder runs! RIDER Patrice Chanzy PHOTOGRAPHER Stuart Boliter LOCATION Tahiti Patrice: It was a big day on the Westside of Tahiti and the swell direction was really westerly too, with a long swell period. I got towed into a couple. I tried to make the drop, but the wave was going too fast, and that spot is really shallow. That's why it hollows out so quick and looks so heavy. So I decided to fly close to the ledge of the wave. I was going so fast on the F-ONE Rocket Surf 4'2 and Mirage wing and was…

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Hey Remi, so firstly for those who haven’t watched the ‘Seven Ghosts’ film or heard of the ‘Bono wave’, can you give us a little background to where it is and why it’s so special? Seven Ghosts is a bore wave in Indonesia, in the Kampar River on the island of Sumatra, and like all bore waves it works around the full moon. ‘The Bono’ is situated along one of the last remaining peat swamp forests in Indonesia. Access is quite difficult, and it takes a lot of travel time to get there. This wave is rarely surfed, and it’s never been surfed with a foil before our trip there, so that was really special to me to be the first to ride it on a surf foil. So how did it…