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Summer 2020/21

The slow life is the good life: go! Platteland celebrates the rural lifestyle and the entrepreneurial spirit of people whose hearts are in the platteland – whether they grew up in the countryside or are already based there, are contemplating making the move or simply hankering after the rural life. Platteland offers articles that focus on entrepreneurs, DIY projects, animals, gardening, food, towns and people. It is both practical and inspiring – as much of a visual feast as it is a celebration of great writing.

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build a summer palace

Vloog Theron. Anyone who read a newspaper in the seventies and eighties will remember the name. Especially those who were looking to make a quick buck… Think of Vloog what you will and call him all the names you want – there’s no getting away from the fact that he was a fascinating character. The things he got up to had people talking. He was a flamboyant man with a singular lust for life. Something that never made the headlines was the fact that as a child he lived in a Swartland village, where he led a carefree life but also experienced great hardship. We’re talking about Koringberg, of course, the village where we have put down roots for the past 15 years and where Platteland magazine is put together. (Read…

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Retirement calls for a mind shift I never thought the adjustment would be so effortless. Suddenly retirement took on a special quality, and a kind of peacefulness characterised the philosophy of my expectations. Nothing, not even Covid-19, can change it. Retirement was never part of my vocabulary. But somehow it became a new life, a fresh start. I feel liberated! I am no longer caught up in the rush for money or status, and flashing lights, taxi hooters and sirens have reduced to a vague memory, the 5 o’clock traffic a mere ghost from my past. The platteland gives you a crash course in making the most of quality time. I am spellbound by my choice – let’s say I’m under the spell of the bush, because I have now become a “bush…

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time to read

My Sweet Life: A Simple Masterclass in Home Baking by Faaiza Omar Best you put on a bib before paging through this beautiful book crammed with recipes for cakes, desserts and more. The self-taught baker shares both easy and more advanced recipes and techniques. We’re so impressed by the book that we decided to feature an extract in the Autumn 2021 issue. R450 Human & Rousseau nb.co.za WIN 2: Sweet Braaibroodjies and Burgers by Jan Braai Here at Platteland we tend to run for the hills whenever someone mentions “braaibroodjie” and “with a twist” in the same sentence, because nothing could possibly beat a traditional braaibroodjie with cheese, tomato and onion. But in this fun new book by our leading braai expert, the braaibroodjie and the burger are given a makeover – perfect for adventurous eaters…

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holiday offer!

SUBSCRIBE FOR ONLY R221 PER YEAR* • That is R55,25 per issue – you save R119 • Free delivery included THE PRINT ISSUE FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS 087 353 1300 (WhatsApp 087 353 1333) subs@media24.com SMS “plattelandint” to 32361 and we’ll contact you (SMSs cost R1,50 each; free minutes do not apply) FOR RENEWALS 087 353 1300 +27 21 065 0033 (for international calls) subs@media24.com MAKE LIFE EASIER WITH A DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION zinio.com or magzter.com * Subscribe to Platteland and get four issues per year. This offer is valid until 25 February 2021. PAY THE 2018 PRICE! Terms and conditions Only South African residents qualify for this offer. We may amend the fees payable in respect of your subscription from time to time to facilitate cover price increases. We may alter the payment instruction to correspond with any changes in your fees.…

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let’s go to town

Home-baked whale biscuits R35 each Coffee on Clarence (Betty’s Bay) CoffeeOnClarence 073 289 0093 Tea boxes made by hand of reclaimed wood R280 each Hemp and mint tea packaged in 15 teabags made of organic Japanese cotton R100 Reclaim Design reclaimdesign.org Flip-flops R280 per pair Veldskoen veldskoen.shoes Reversable canvas sunhats (60 cm circumference x 9 cm depth x 5 cm brim) R420 each Skinny laMinx skinnylaminx.com My Favourite Colour tote bag by surface desiger Frances White R180 Fabricate fabricatecapetown.co.za Abstinence Premium Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit in the variants Cape Fynbos and Cape Citrus (750 ml) R249 each Abstinence abstinencespirits.com (also at Pick n Pay) Handmade terracotta pots, glazed to prevent moisture loss (drip trays included) R260 each Kleipots Ceramic Studio kleipotsza 083 303 6025 Inflatable floating drinks holder for the pool (33 cm x 25 cm) R80 (packet of three) Pick n Pay pnp.co.za Timber cellphone stand (11 cm x…

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schoemanskloof land of lace and water

When you’re heading to the Lowveld from Gauteng, past Machadodorp you’re faced with a choice of two routes: either turn right onto the N4 to Emgwenya (better known as Waterval Boven), entering the Elands Valley through the tunnel built by the Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorwegmaatschappij, or keep left and take the R36 to Schoemanskloof. “The Kloof”, the locals call it, and there is in fact an Upper Kloof and a Lower Kloof. The dividing line is Patatanek, 12 km beyond the Viva service station and about 2 km from the painted rock known as Old Joe. Patatanek also forms the border between the Mbombela and Emakhazeni municipalities. From the Gauteng side, the Kloof officially starts at the De Beersnek Pass at Bambi Country Lodge, opposite the R36 turn-off to Lydenburg, and ends about…