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July 2020

GQ's July issue celebrates fathers and fatherhood – we pick the coolest men (including the sexy Arjun Rampal who’s our cover star) to tell us what the new rules of dadhood are. The 22-page feature includes warm, shot-at-home photographs of dads and their children. Next, for those looking to switch up their phone, we’ve rounded up the best smartphones in the market right now. Meanwhile, as monsoon arrives, our fashion and grooming pages make great reccos to keep you looking dapper day after day. Shop local with our favourite online labels that are focused on keeping it organic and sustainable. Plus, flip the pages and you’ll find the only guide you need to set up that truly all inviting home bar. Special features include interviews with trending stars Saiyami Kher and Billie Eilish, and genre-bending young music producers who are slowly but surely finding their way in the business. A too-good-to-miss piece this month: An American virologist had a plan to tackle the economic fallout due to pandemics. Read to know what happened next. Catch up on this and more in GQ’s latest issue!

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the bond

Being a successful father in 2020 is to accept that you are no longer the star of the show, but a supporting actor in someone else’s movie. Most men are essentially selfish, and we’re often told to follow our own bliss in the pursuit of happiness – so this essential conflict between competing priorities can be difficult to reconcile. But it is my case that one must take the leap, and that it is in your longterm self-interest to do so: to shed old skin, learn how to love selflessly, to embrace change, sacrifice in genuine ways – to really grow. This month’s magazine includes a 22-page fatherhood special that highlights an exciting dimension to the GQ man. This timely, detailed package explores the new Rules of Fatherhood; provides tips for…

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a special memory with your father or father figure.

Saumyaa Vohra “WE WERE GETTING OUR PORTRAIT PAINTED IN MONTMARTRE AND IT WAS FREEZING, SO MY FATHER GAVE ME MY FIRST EVER SIP OF WINE TO WARM ME UP. I WAS FOUR. I HATED IT, OF COURSE.WE STILL LAUGH ABOUT HOW I’VE NEVER TAKEN TO WINE SINCE.” WHO: Lifestyle Editor at GQ who loves bad British panel shows, rereading Kundera and kickboxing (sans opponents). Twitter @Saumyaa & Instagram @saumyaavohra GO-TO DRINK: “Gin, always. I’m especially partial to a Tom Collins.” Danielle Levitt “SOMETIMES MY BROTHER AND I WERE ALLOWED TO SKIP SCHOOL AND ACCOMPANY OUR FATHER AS HE MET WITH LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS AROUND LA. BECAUSE WE WERE KIDS, THE OWNERS WOULD OFTEN HAVE CANDY FOR US.” WHO: Photographer and director who loves to travel the world telling stories. Instagram @daniellelevitt WHAT: “DUH.”, page 108 BILLIE EILISH VS…

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hat trick

Prizes can be superfluous. I say this because we all know how frustrating they can be, year after year, as debates about the best film, album or book pop up at dinner tables. We know these decisions are subjective, and almost always political, but wait for them anyway because celebrating these achievements makes us happier to be human, if only for a little while, until the next shortlist appears. The Booker Prize longlist will appear this month, and while it will be earth-shattering only to the rapidly shrinking number of people who still think about literature while the world burns, it is always an announcement that generates more words in opinion pieces than in the actual books the prize is meant to evaluate. I am rooting this year for Hilary Mantel,…

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a whole new world

Built around a magnificent 152-year-old rain tree, stepping into The Oberoi Bengaluru with its lush tropical gardens and koi ponds is like stepping through a time sieve. With many firsts, The Oberoi has been turned into a tour de force of world cuisine: Singapore’s iconic cocktail bar, Old Man, popped up at the Polo Club; pan-Asian restaurant Szechwan Court made way for the Japanese Wabi Sabi; and all-day diner Le Jardin now reinvents itself as Lapis. As part of The Oberoi since its opening in 1992, Le Jardin had its loyalists, especially for its leisurely Sunday breakfast or brunch. But with changing times, breaking away from the functional monotony of five-star hotel coffee shops and reimagining the restaurant as a culinary destination in Bengaluru’s Central Business District – minus any “five-star…

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taste food • drink • travel

THE DRINK BRIGGS BREWERY | BENGALURU It seems about time that the country’s beer capital saw its first homegrown craft-beer label. The newly launched, Bengaluru-based Brigg’s Brewery does a series of crafts in keg and bottle form › Belgian Witbier, Irish Stout, American IPA and Belgian Strong Ale. For anyone in the city who’s a sucker for nostalgia, these copper-stilled crafts are brewed in the 60-year-old Khoday factory, one of the oldest in town. It’s currently available only in the city, but it plans to go pan India soon; so hopefully you’ll be able to crack open one of these Bengaluru bad boys wherever you are before the year is out. @briggs.brewery THE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE AIRBNB | ONLINE EXPERIENCES While jetting off for a vacay might not be an option for the foreseeable future, travel,…

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home bar

GREAT DRINKS AREN'T BAR ACCESSORIES THY'RE MADE COCKTAIL SHAKERS A true cocktail simply must be shaken to perfection. There are three types: the cobbler (three-piece with a strainer), Boston (a glass and metal two-piece), but for a home bar, the sturdy, spill-free French shaker is just the ticket. ROUND ONE COCKTAIL SHAKER BY ARTTD’INOX, 2,295 ICE BUCKETS It might seem like an afterthought, but an arresting ice or champagne bucket can act as a powerful centrepiece to your bar set-up. Invest in something aesthetic and functional that does its job glamorously but also well. THISTLE GOLD CHAMPAGNE BUCKET BY SAINT LOUIS AVAILABLE AT EMERY STUDIO, ›1,87,000 COCKTAIL TOOLS These aren’t just for style, though it’s certainly a bonus. A quality set of tools – ideally including a muddler, a strainer and, of course, a bottle opener – can…