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Grand Designs Australia SourcebookGrand Designs Australia Sourcebook

Grand Designs Australia Sourcebook


Grand Designs Australia Sourcebook is a special publication that acts as an Annual for Grand Designs Australia. Here, we gather information from previous issues and compile it for you into a neat and easy to follow reference guide with additional information, advice and a wealth of products to help you visualise and realise your dream home. You will find sections on getting started, kitchens & bathrooms, interior design & decorating, lighting, flooring, landscaping and more. Also look out for our ""get the look"" and product pages to show you many of the exciting ways you can make your own special place to call home.

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adore vino?

What should you consider when choosing a wine cabinet? • How many bottles will you need to store? You’ll want to be able to add to your collection so make sure you have enough space to grow.• Where in the house will you place your wine cabinet? Choose between free-standing or built-in models and avoid placing your wine cabinet in direct sunlight.• Are you looking to cellar or serve with your wine cabinet? Single-temp cabinets are ideal for cellaring (all wines cellar at 12-14°C), whereas multi-temp models are designed to serve your reds and whites at the proper drinking temperatures. Take the time to search retailers and visit showrooms for the sort of cabinet you’d like, and always compare prices to be sure you’re getting the best deal. Never be tempted by…

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from the editor

want to build your dream house but don’t know where to start? Join the club. It can be an overwhelming journey to build or renovate your own home. The process can be a mixture of joy at finally getting to build a space created just for you, or it can be a trial of proportions beyond your knowing — eek! So why not start your journey with someone who knows how it’s done? Why put pressure on yourself when you can ask the experts? After all, you wouldn’t fix your own car if you didn’t know what you were doing, so why would you design your own home if you’re not an architect? In today’s design-savvy world, people are becoming increasingly aware of the value of good design and are turning…

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from peter maddison

“You can’t see the wood for the trees.”– John Heywood, 1546 the meaning of Heywood’s quote is that by having so many good things available to us, it is hard to see the big picture. People sweat the small stuff and miss the overall direction. So too can it be true of all the materials that make up a house. We get myopic on a certain tap for instance, but forget what the overall bathroom design might be. So where does one start, to achieve this magical consistency of composition? To sift through the myriad of finishes and fixtures available today, you could do what most professional designers do. Do your research and settle with a well-considered selection at the start, before any building works commence. Obtain samples and, like a composer, lay them…

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the shape of things

one of my favourite sayings in architecture is: “man created right angles but God created curves”. And it’s this innate majestic attraction to curves that has, over the centuries, imbued great design with forms otherwise found in nature. In terms of design history, theory and myth, the circle is universally acknowledged as the communal form — early pagan temples were circular, as is most indigenous architecture, and King Arthur chose a round table as his decor in an effort to keep harmony among his knights. In the 16th century, influenced by the shapes of Greek and Roman temples, architect Andrea Palladio championed the circle as the perfect form. Referencing the ideas of Vitruvius, Palladio’s villas with their rounded interiors were thought to exemplify balance and harmony, which has influenced architects and designers…

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classic luxury redefined

National Tiles, in an exclusive partnership with Grand Designs, has curated a stunning collection of distinctive wall and floor tiles that reflect the richness of classic Italian design and meet the current demand for sophisticated simplicity in Australian interiors. Working in collaboration with the best architects, designers and builders in the country, the National Tiles team are at the forefront of trend creation. As expert consultants, they understand the guiding principles of design and can provide knowledgeable assistance in translating your vision into a functional and cohesive plan for your space. In a neutral palette designed to complement today’s penchant for bold splashes of saturated colour, the Grand Designs Capsule Collection is a bespoke selection of versatile and refined tile offerings for your floors and walls. INSPO The Capsule Collection epitomises quality craftsmanship and…

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01/ DESIGN Queenstown Fortress LOCATION Queenstown, New Zealand Looking for a challenge that would satisfy his desire to “not be bored”, and provide some stability for his nomadic family, homeowner Andy Macbeth undertook an ambitious build in Queenstown that resulted in a 420-square-metre house. Designed by Queenstown-based architects Kerr Ritchie, the final abode sits atop stone foundations inherited from the previous owners and forms a wedge-shaped structure that cantilevers out over the existing crescent-shaped, rock wall foundations. “Although the site had many great attributes … the design process was quite intense and took some time to develop,” says project architect Bronwen Kerr. “The bold stone landscape created by the previous landowners, while being a grand intervention, meant that resolving the access to the proposed building was not straightforward. We like to integrate…