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Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia Issue #8.1 - February 2019

Following the success of the new Australian TV series inspired by the UK version, Grand Designs Australia welcomes you to a new era in home design magazines. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or decorating, this publication features everything readers will need to know about creating their own grand designs. Industry experts offer advice on getting started, mortgages, environmentally sustainable design and project management, to name a few. Grand Designs showcases architects and designers, builders and homeowners working together on projects from concept to completion and features the latest colour forecasts as well as planning your interior, kitchens, bathrooms and window coverings. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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3 Min.
a home built from the heart

Directors of GM Coastal Developments Phil Mills and Andrew Gaul came together with a vision to put design at the forefront of the build process. As two people that live and breathe design, it was only natural they would want to shake things up in the industry. By eliminating the requirement for external architects and designers from the design process, they are able to connect with the client to deliver a family home that not only complements their lifestyle but minimises the miscommunication throughout the build process. “This build in particular was very personal and it’s a building from my heart,” says Phil. “It’s one person’s vision of adapting a home to the landscape and thinking outside the box with a strong emphasis on design.” Phil says as part of the challenge,…

1 Min.
from the editor

Storage, or lack thereof, has definitely been one of the biggest issues in my house over the years. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Nothing makes me happier than finding a solution to some clutter that has been bothering me (sad, I know). Adequate and innovative storage can mean the difference between a relaxing haven with minimalist style and clean lines, and a cluttered eyesore that you just want to escape. Our storage feature will help you reveal your home’s true potential. In many parts of Australia it’s still warm, so heating might not be top of mind. However, we tend to put things off until sometimes it’s too late. I urge you to start planning your home heating if you’ve just moved into…

3 Min.
from peter maddison

At the time of writing, I am wrapping up 2018 and looking down the barrel of 2019. Last year was a healthy one for architecture and the design industry, basking in the light of this stable economy, historically low mortgage rates and stable politics (well, sort of!). Our cities continue to boom, firing up the housing and apartment sector. On the hustings of Grand Designs Australia, I am seeing more experimentation by daring homeowners in all states. In fact, I am in the midst of producing a batch of new episodes for 2019 which should go to air later in the year. Looking back at 2018, however, we have had some awesome houses completed. Some of the highlights can be seen in the RAIA National 2018 Architecture awards, and if you enjoy…

2 Min.
get social

01/ IKON By Vortex Spas If you want to extend those feel-good vacation vibes, install a spa in your backyard. Inspired by luxury marine and modern architecture, IKON by Vortex Spas is a total rethink of how spa technology and modern living come together for the ultimate in relaxation. A must-have for relaxing soaks. vortexspas.com.au 02/ Design Canberra DESIGN Canberra gave design lovers the chance to purchase their own piece of contemporary Canberra design with the festival’s second annual design auction at the opening party. Limited-edition and one-off pieces from Canberra’s leading designers were open for bidding on the auction website. designcanberrafestival.com.au 03/ Brionvega Now At Living Edge Living Edge has welcomed Italian favourite Brionvega with the company’s new range of audio products. Brionvega has always created products that synthesise aesthetic pleasure…

1 Min.
casa del mexico

INSPO Rich, warm hues with a modern Mexican vibe. Fonda Bondi Sydney by Studio Esteta. Photography by Tessa Ross-Phelan. studioesteta.com.au…

1 Min.
surf’s up

INSPO Modern architecture with a nod to ‘60s Californian beach style. Avocado Acres House by Surfside Projects. Photography by Darren Bradley and Insight Photos. surfprojects.com…