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Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia Issue#7.6 - December 2018

Following the success of the new Australian TV series inspired by the UK version, Grand Designs Australia welcomes you to a new era in home design magazines. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or decorating, this publication features everything readers will need to know about creating their own grand designs. Industry experts offer advice on getting started, mortgages, environmentally sustainable design and project management, to name a few. Grand Designs showcases architects and designers, builders and homeowners working together on projects from concept to completion and features the latest colour forecasts as well as planning your interior, kitchens, bathrooms and window coverings. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

Universal Wellbeing PTY Limited
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2 Min.
standout space

THE BRIEF The clients request was to have a home that looked subtle from the street but opened up once inside, to take in the incredible ocean and city views. The home was designed with three distinct zones; a self-contained lower level for the owners adult sons, an upper-level master suite /retreat and a mid-level family zone. An all-weather alfresco area was an essential element to ensure the coastal vista was accessible all year round. DESIGN ELEMENTS Facing south with striking ocean and city views, it was paramount in the design process to ensure northern light was harnessed in this home. Strategic placement of highlight windows, clear glazed doors and a light void in the kitchen, allows for light and warmth to stream into the home. The lower ground construction, built from lightweight…

1 Min.
from the editor

When I’m sourcing projects for Grand Designs Australia magazine, I’m definitively looking for an X factor. Something out of the ordinary, unconventional, and something that pushes the traditional boundaries of design. So how can we achieve this in our own homes? Our Wow Factor feature this issue will give you some pointers on adding that touch of pizzazz to your home, from art to oversized windows and doors. You may have seen the Grand Designs Australia episode featuring Daylesford Long House, the gigantic farm shed-turned-home and indoor garden oasis (watch out for it in an upcoming issue). There has been a recent trend towards turning traditional farming structures into cutting-edge residences. This issue, we take a look at two barn houses, one more locally in Byron Bay in northern New South…

4 Min.
from peter maddison

in nearly every project covered on GDA and undertaken in my practice, the build phase is where your preparation (or lack thereof) comes home to roost. There are hundreds of hands needed to make a home, all with different skill sets and agendas. A conductor needs all members of the orchestra to read from a common musical score in order to achieve a harmonious rendition of the composition. The builder’s equivalent of sheet music is a thorough and comprehensive set of drawings and specifications. They all need to be agreed on and costed. Materials need to be ordered before the first sod is turned. This set of drawings could include not only the architectural, but also the coordinated drawings from specialist consultants including, at a minimum, geotechnical (soil) and possibly mechanical,…

2 Min.
get social

01/ Letter Display We’ve found the niftiest product on the market. This letter display is a beautiful format for sharing words in a space. It features a wall-mounted system that can be changed daily to display different words and phrases, so you’ll find a home for this versatile item no matter where you live. It can be a menu, to-do list, an ideas board — the list goes on. georgeandwilly.com 02/ Galleria Series Stegbar’s new range of built-in and walk-in wardrobes, the Galleria Series, optimises bedroom space with clever design and flexible storage options to suit any room. Homeowners can mix and match between the collections — Couture, Tailored and Essentials — choosing from a variety of board finishes, hardware, accessories and drawers. stegbar.com.au 03/ Arne Storage Collection If you love interior…

1 Min.
nature’s own

INSPO A beautiful landscape and terracotta hues Dulux Colour Awards 2018 — single residential interior. Amarelo Terrace by Arent&Pyke. Photography by Felix Forest…

3 Min.
architecture snapshot

01 SWAN HOUSE Get inspired by one of the coolest buildings around. Swan House is a secondary dwelling on a semi-rural site. The dwelling spans over a body of water that cuts through the middle of the site and is a bridge between two previously isolated sections of land. Andrew Collins of Collins Caddaye was the architect of this seven-year-long journey. On the day of the initial visit to this semi-rural site, the dam was flooded after heavy rain. This was the inspiration for the concept of the house engaging with the water in a deliberate manner and thus turning an accidental feature into a major element of the house and site. The Swan House was part of the 2018 DESIGN Canberra Festival Bus Tours, which includes a guided tour of…