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Green Magazine #70 November-December 2019

GREEN MAGAZINE is Australia's leading magazine for inspirational stories on sustainable architecture featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles. Discover spectacular city, country and coastal homes and gardens featuring environmental design with lots of personality, as well as profiles on people engaged in new and exciting projects.

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The way that we work has changed dramatically over the past few decades and so too has the design of the spaces in which we work. Whether we conduct business from home or in shared or traditional spaces, the nature of the office is now very much open to interpretation. We look at seven home and commercial workspaces that offer unique solutions, from an office entirely on wheels for easy reconfiguration, to a narrow terrace repurposed via the insertion of a central “plywood utility box”. All four homes in this issue share a solid respect for the garden and the enormous value it offers to the lives of those who observe, experience and tend it. In Sydney, David Boyle Architect turned a mid-century house outwards, introducing a layering of terraces and…

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To Shell and Back Andrew Edwards, Amir Afshar, Edward Jones and Insiya Jafferjee crossed paths while studying Innovation Design Engineering, a joint masters between the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. The quartet’s passion for sustainable materials led to their forming the Shellworks: a project that turns seafood waste into food-safe carrier bags, self-fertilising plant pots and antibacterial blister packaging (to date). “We found there is a significant amount of shellfish waste that contains a valuable biopolymer called chitin,” the Shellworks crew explains. “The process has two main stages, extraction and forming. We first extract chitin from the shell using a chemical process and then have created a series of manufacturing processes that turn the powder into products.” theshellworks.com Soft Spot The cane base of the “Colony coffee table” heightens a material…

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The close-knit team of fifteen talented and capable staff cooks lunch together with ingredients sourced from the garden, as well as sharing a weekly group personal training session. The notion that an office can run akin to a family is how Mel has been able to balance life, work and motherhood. “This idea mostly came from a selfish point of view. I did not know how to fit in any exercise … I went through the years when my kids were little, feeling guilty if I was not with them, and guilty if I was with them because I was also running a studio.” After almost 13 years in the making, after all the sweat, overdrafts and client meetings with baby monitor at hand, one would be forgiven for doing a…

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SECLUDED "Our clients came to us with a desire for their bedroom, bathing space and study to all form one secluded retreat within the home,” reflects director of Edition Office, Kim Bridgland. Elaborating on this concept, Edition Office made the spaces circulate around a concrete stairwell, each with its own private courtyard framing the three tree canopies on-site. In the study, a large, overhanging peppercorn tree casts lively shadows across the concrete walls of the courtyard over the course of the day. Here, gentle light creates a meditative atmosphere that is furthered by the neutrally toned blackbutt timber interior. A four-metre-wide sliding door promotes flow between outside and interior realms. edition-office.com BREAK AWAY This small studio for a professional couple and their children draws on the materiality of the adjacent laneway, contrasting against the…

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There was some confusion in the neighbourhood when this coastal dwelling, designed by Brisbane practice Vokes and Peters, was emerging from sandy soil at Casuarina Beach, northern NSW. Only fifty per cent of the site was being utilised ... were they building two houses? In a neighbourhood of generously sized homes it seemed radical to surrender half of a 700-square-metre plot to garden but the siting strategy was entirely deliberate. The house and its companion garden are physical and metaphorical equals in this site nestled at the centre of a short cul-de-sac. From here ocean views are screened by sand dune and vegetation but waves are audible, breezes encircle and salt-laden air reinforces the unmistakable presence of the ocean. A short stroll through sandy scrub connects the house, street and…

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Architect Vokes and Peters vokesandpeters.com Builder SJ Reynolds Constructions Passive energy design The house is designed as a narrow plan, preserving a significant garden along the length of the site in a neighbourhood dominated by highly fragmented and marginalised open spaces. Positioned against the south-west boundary all habitable spaces on the ground and upper floor hold a north-eastern outlook over the retained garden, while a combination of services, spaces and solid casement windows protects the south-west elevation. The plan establishes a deep verandah to the north-east providing substantial summer shading to the bedrooms on the upper floor and the living spaces on the ground floor; while the central subtraction allows the garden, sunlight and air to occupy a “room” at the centre of the public and social spaces. The verandah and timber screen on the…