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April 2020

Guitar World is the world’s leading guitar magazine. Professionals and beginners alike turn to Guitar World for top-flight coverage of their favorite artists, from rock titans like Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Metallica's Kirk Hammett to contemporary stars like the White Stripes' Jack White and Tool's Adam Jones. Every issue of Guitar World magazine offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles as well as Guitar World’s famously thorough lessons and transcriptions.

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two of a perfect pair?

WELL, ANOTHER WINTER NAMM Show has come and gone. Although I’ve been at Guitar World since 2011, I actually attended my first NAMM Show in 2010, back when I was a “civilian,” a wide-eyed East Coast guitarist who was so incredibly happy to be staring at miles and miles of shiny new gear for three glorious days in sunny Southern California. At some point that weekend, Adrian Belew — he of Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, King Crimson and Twang Bar King fame — was suddenly walking in my general direction in Hall D, so I had my girlfriend take our photo together. It was my first-ever “NAMM Show celebrity sighting.” The weird thing is, this past January 15, exactly 10 years to the day that Belew walked on the down…

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sounding board

SEND LETTERS TO: Sounding Board, Guitar World/Future, 347 W. 36th St., Suite 1700, New York, NY 10018 or GWSoundingBoard@futurenet.com. All subscription queries must be emailed to guitarworldmag@icnfull.com. Please do not email the Sounding Board with subscription matters. Our Opeth Oops! As an Opeth fan, I’d like to be able to read the first paragraph of the story [February 2020]. Don’t tell me he was in an accident and that’s where his thought ended. —Bob [Editor’s note: Sorry about that, everyone! The missing info is, “As he sat at a red light, a thought rang through his mind. ‘What if we do the entire album in Swedish?’”] The Dating Game Isn’t it premature to be naming the Guitarists of the Decade [January 2020] when the decade is a year away from being completed? Since apparently no one on…

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reader art of the month

If you’ve created a drawing, painting or sketch of your favorite guitarist and would like to see it in an upcoming issue of Guitar World, email GWSoundingBoard@ futurenet.com with a scan of the image! Also, please let us know if you’d like us to share it on Instagram! With the 50th anniversary of the death of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones winding down, I thought I’d submit this excerpt from a comic strip I did about my mother watching as Brian met dance legend Rudolf Nureyev in London in 1967…

1 Min.
defenders of the faith

Katina St. Onge AGE: 20 LOCATION: Montreal, Canada GUITARS: Fender Squire SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Mötley Crüe “Kickstart My Heart,” Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead or Alive,” Kiss “Firehouse” GEAR I WANT MOST: Fender Sienna Sunburst Stratocaster, EVH signature guitar Jack St. Onge AGE: 14 LOCATION: Montreal, Canada GUITARS: Fender Squire Mustang, Ibanez JEM Junior SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Lithium,” Van Halen “Eruption,” The Beatles “Come Together,” Queen “We Will Rock You” GEAR I WANT MOST: Gibson Les Paul (Ace Frehley Signature), EVH signature guitar Damiano Christian AGE: 20 HOMETOWN: Middletown, CT GUITARS: Bolt prototype “Jerk in the Box” (pictured), Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul Custom, Warmoth guitars, GMW Randy Rhoads Polka Dot V SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Randy Rhoads/Ozzy “Revelation (Mother Earth),” Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow “Spotlight Kid,” Sacred Oath “New Religion” and Damiano Christian “Straight Between…

4 Min.
career juggling with mike mushok

MIKE MUSHOK’S CAREER is having a busy-as-hell second act, and the guitarist couldn’t be happier. Since his long-running hard-rock outfit Staind went on hiatus in 2012 (they’ve since reunited to play one-off shows over the years, most recently at Aftershock festival last October Tkk ), Mushok’s life has been a whirlwind filled with raising his 13-year-old twins, running his virtual-reality music-video production company, The VR Sessions, creating custom music for clients like ESPN and cranking out riff-heavy bangers with ex-Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier in their supergroup Saint Asonia. “It’s a juggling act between all these different things to try and make it work,” says the guitarist with a laugh. During the recording of 2019’s Flawed Design — Saint Asonia’s hard-hitting sophomore album that features a guest spot by Godsmack…

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tony savarino

1 “Country Guitar” Phil Baugh Phil Baugh takes us effortlessly through the history of hillbilly guitar — on a double-neck Mosrite to boot! He’s relaxed as heck with music just pouring out of him! 2 “Tenderly” Luiz Bonfa Luiz’s rendition of this song, which was written by Walter Gross, is just so beautiful — and the range of sounds he produces on a nylon-string is demoralizing! 3 “Blue Bossa” Pat Martino Pat Martino takes flight through this standard by Kenny Dorham. There are weaving lines and amazing syncopation at a ferocious tempo. 4 “Love and Peace” Duke Levine Duke Levine is the man! Talk about beautiful, slinky, tone-to-die-for, loungy, soulful and bluesy guitar on such a beautiful tune. Whoa! 5 “Feels Like a Good Thing” Michael Schenker Group I’m pretty sure Michael Schenker kept Eddie Van Halen awake at night! This is my favorite…