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running in the rain

Several years ago, I was going through a really tough time with a loved one who was ill. One afternoon, I knew I could use a stress-relieving, head-clearing run. I hesitated because it was raining, but ventured out anyway. I had the streets to myself, and while I ran, raindrops mixed with tears; I needed the emotional release as much as the physical. As I powered through puddles, I started thinking, “If I can persevere while facing challenging conditions I can’t control—I can do anything.” That mind-body connection is, for me, a big part of what it means to be strong. Finishing a race, meeting a goal, or trying a tough new workout gives me confidence that I can bring into other parts of my life. We talked a lot about strength…

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MEET…Dara Kapoor, executive editor, Health.com I’M A CLEAN FREAK ABOUT: Everything. IN MY JUNK DRAWER, I KEEP: Candy that I’m hiding from my kids. CURRENT FAVORITE WARDROBE ITEM: My new black Sperry slip-ons. I was born for athleisure. MY HAPPY PLACE: Home—alone—with a book. (See that part about kids.) BEST SURPRISE EVER: Finding out I was pregnant for the first time. I almost fell off the exam table at my doctor’s office in disbelief. HOW I DECOMPRESS: A cup of Harney & Sons tea and an episode of The Real Housewives…and maybe some of that candy. It’s all about balance, people. Healing Flow Been meaning to practice more self-care, but can’t seem to fit it in? You need to bookmark Jessamyn Stanley’s yoga routine at health.com/jessamyn. It’s just eight minutes long. “This sequence is all about getting into your own body, finding your strength…

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the share

HERE COMES THE SUN Sporty specs are all the rage, and many offer up benefits beyond sun protection. From stay-put, lightweight frames to polarized lenses that filter light to help you during activities like waterskiing and volleyball, these pairs provide style and safety. Spice It Up! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo—or any other day of the year—with this spicy twist on a margarita from Mexican-American chef Marcela Valladolid’s new cookbook, Fiestas. Turmeric may not be traditional, but it adds an earthy depth and an anti-inflammatory boost to boot. Combine 1 Tbsp. sugar, 1 Tbsp. chili powder, and 2 tsp. ground turmeric on a small plate. Moisten the rim of a glass with a lime wedge, then dip the rim in the chili-turmeric sugar. Repeat with 3 additional glasses. Combine ½ cup tequila blanco, 2 cups…

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lisa price

What prompted you to start Carol’s Daughter? I was making these products in my kitchen for myself. It was my mom who suggested I try selling them at a flea market at a church in Clinton Hill [in Brooklyn]. At the time, it was something like $25 to rent a table. You eventually decided to take Carol’s Daughter from your side hustle to your full-time gig. Was that scary? I wasn’t scared. I was working in television and was pregnant with my first son. I’d work Monday to Thursday, and devote nights and Friday to Sunday to Carol’s Daughter. I knew once I had my son there wouldn’t be a way to make all three work. Even if I could get a babysitter, I’d be spending all the money I made to have…

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shiny happy hair

If You…Color Your Hair Whether you’re covering grays or just prefer a hue different from what you were born with, dyeing strands can lead to brittleness, warns Linet K, a celebrity hair colorist in Beverly Hills. That’s because most dyes use peroxide or bleach to lift your natural color (when going lighter)—both of which suck out moisture along with the color. And if your hair is already in a compromised state, or if you have “fine, tight curls or spirals, which by nature are super fragile and dry, you’ll have to proceed with even more care,” explains Kevin Mancuso, a hairstylist and trichologist for Nexxus. Ideally, you should be consulting a colorist anytime you want to make a big shade change. TRY THIS: It’s all about infusing hydration back into parched strands.…

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my power look

I still remember the time my family and I were eating at Pizza Hut (I was 12), and my little brother shouted, “Heather has a mustache!” I. Was. Mortified. (Thanks, Mike.) It’s my most vivid memory of my confidence being rocked. With experience, I learned that self-esteem comes from within. That said, armed with my facial defuzzer, I’m also a big believer in when you look good, you feel good. Here are my trusted go-tos that you can add to your beauty arsenal when you need that extra boost. BEAUTY DIRECTOR MY FIVE INSTANT-CONFIDENCE PRODUCTS 1 Bombshell Hair I wash once a week, but Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist ($36; violetgrey.com) fools people into thinking I’m at the salon every morning. Flip hair over and spray for a not-trying-too-hard…