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from the editor: the giving season

Presents aren’t the only things to give at this time of year—though we have plenty of ideas for those! (See page 17.) Here are more ways to treat yourself and those you love: → Give your friends or houseguests a healthy, delicious meal—and the time to savor it (page 92).→ Give your skin a hit of hydration to combat the winter weather (page 31).→ Give yourself a sunnier mind-set with this easy trick (page 13).→ Give your relatives the benefit of the doubt—you may not agree on everything, but you can still respect others’ opinions (page 70).→ Give yourself a few minutes to do some jump squats and planks—a guaranteed stress reliever (page 39).→ Give a donation to a charity that means a lot to you (page 65).→ Give yourself a…

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life @ health

MEET… Michael McCormick, creative director MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY RITUAL: I break out the KitchenAid with either Mom and my sister or mother-in-law, and whip up dozens and dozens of cookies. A PERFECT MEAL ISN’T COMPLETE WITHOUT: Bread (obviously). The husband, great friends, laughter, and copious amounts of rosé. WHAT I’M GIVING MY DOG FOR CHRISTMAS: Bea recently started a Prozac regimen, so I’ve been thinking about one of those anti-anxiety beds. I FIND INSPIRATION IN: Old typography on buildings, the color palette of an awesome sunset, tile patterns in entryways. Anything and everything can be inspiring if you have an open mind. MY GO-TO WORKOUT: Spinning. I recently took an in-studio Peloton class, and I just love the music, the zone, and leaving it all on the floor. Sweet Bites These mini coconut-chai cheesecakes are festive and…

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the share

GLOW UP Highlighter gives you a lit-from-within look in an instant. Here’s how to use it. Dab or dust a little in a C shape from the ends of your brows to your cheekbones, in the inner corners of your eyes, and along the bridge of your nose. Apply with fingers or a fan brush so you’ll look diffused—not like a disco ball. GET YOUR Z’S Weight for It You may have heard that weighted blankets promote a superior sleep. They are meant to mimic deep touch pressure, a feeling similar to a big hug. In theory, your body relaxes under the weight and naturally releases serotonin and melatonin for a better-quality snooze. Since we’re always chasing a perfect night, we tried out several popular blankets. Look for a removable cover for easy washing…

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gift guide

Après Meets Ski Cool picks for slope pros—and lodge loungers. Gone Global Travelers and non-travelers alike will be delighted to unwrap worldly finds. Chill Master A quiet night in doesn’t have to be boring—especially with goodies meant to entertain and delight. Plant Life For those who love to garden (or just enjoy all things green, flowery, and pretty), these gifts are sure to please. Innovation Station These problem solvers are simply genius. SHOP THE GIFT GUIDE Like what you see? Click here to visit our Amazon page with items featured! Alleyoop: Peter Ardito; remaining images courtesy of manufacturers. Vosges, Skeem, Chaser, Gap, and Super Attractor: Peter Ardito; remaining images courtesy of manufacturers. Terrain, Pampas People, and Anthropologie: Peter Ardito; remaining images courtesy of manufacturers. Goli: Rachel Marek; remaining images courtesy of manufacturers…

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winter skin savers

SKIN SAVER #1 Switch Your Cleanser They’re not all equal—find the one that your winter skin craves. The wrong cleanser can leave you stripped, while the right formula will result in a dewy, fresh face. Renee Rouleau, celebrity esthetician in Austin, Texas, and founder of her eponymous skin-care brand, recommends her clients go by this: Bigger bubbles and richer lather usually mean it’s drying; smaller bubbles and lower foam typically signal a less drying wash. To play it safe, bottles that contain the words milk or oil on their labels are best for hydrating your skin at this time of year. In addition to gentle cleansing, they leave behind moisturizing agents that will continue to nourish skin long after rinsing. TRY SOOTHE YOUR SCALP Don’t neglect this sneaky dry-skin spot. Your scalp is skin, too, and needs…

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ingredient spotlight: keratin

What Is It? Keratin is a structural protein that your body naturally produces, and the foundation of every strand of hair. It’s also present in your nails and skin. In your tresses, it’s referred to as alpha-keratin, and it’s what makes your hair flexible yet resilient. It constitutes 90 percent of each strand, explains Adir Abergel, celebrity hairstylist and creative director of Virtue Labs. The protein is found in both the cortex (which contains the pigment that gives hair its color) and in the cuticle (the protective outer layer). How Do You Use It? When hair is damaged, keratin proteins are affected, and the hair shaft becomes more porous because of cracks in the cuticle. In turn, this can lead to frizz and breakage. Everything from using hot tools and even combing can…