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High Times July 2019

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FIND ALL THIS AND MORE AT HIGHTIMES.COM TRIPPING WITH BOB WEIR For 50 years, Grateful Dead co-founder Bob Weir has been at the forefront of psychedelic experimentation. And if you thought perhaps age or the rigors of constant touring have slowed him down, well, you’d be wrong. Bay Area-based author Daniel Levitin ran into Weir at a Northern California restaurant one evening and, after discussing the therapeutic potential of certain psychedelics, was invited back to Weir’s home to ‘shroom. What followed was a remarkable trip that allowed Levitin to connect to and commune with nature. And, luckily for us, Levitin provided an account of the evening for High Times. So, if you ever wanted to know what it is like to do mushrooms with legendary musician and psychonaut Bob Weir—or you’d just…

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Tweet your best high observations and comments our way (@HIGH_TIMES_Mag) for a chance to be featured on this page! And be sure to follow us on Facebook: (Facebook/HighTimesMag) and Instagram: (@hightimesmagazine) for all the latest news as it’s happening! @BillRee20561495: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag All plants love the Sun. It makes outdoor-grown weed happier then indoor-grown weed. That happiness shows itself in the final product. @merrengue: @HIGH_TIMES_ Mag So true. I’m in CA and I can honestly say the packaging here drives me nuts. It truly is not just child proof but as a grown man I can’t open that shit. @christmas_scott: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag Please please legalize!!!! I have dealt with this ridiculous plan to keep weed illegal for over 35 years … It just makes no sense! The penal system has made enough $$$$…

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the rebirth of subcool

I FIRST ENCOUNTERED the cannabis seed breeder known as Subcool on the overgrow.com forums in the mid-2000s. He was knowledgeable and helpful to newbies, and he provided rare American-made genetics to the general public. I chose his Jack the Ripper strain as one of the High Times Top 10 Strains in 2006 and entered his seed company into our High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame in 2009. The following decade wouldn’t be so kind to Subcool. He was diagnosed with a devastating hereditary lung disease, and he suffered the one-two punch of losing his life and business partner to separation and the destruction of his home and all of his possessions in a fire that almost took his life. But Subcool rose from the ashes and put his life and…

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contact high

HYDROPONIC METHODS Growing cannabis plants without soil requires understanding the fundamentals of hydroponic farming. Learn all about the variety of mediums, systems and techniques needed to start your own soil-free ganja garden on page 78. Photo by Justin Cannabis BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO CBD CBD is enjoying mainstream popularity but what exactly does it do? How can it help? This month, we’re explaining CBD and providing everything you need to know about the it cannabinoid. Find out if you could benefit from CBD. Learn more on page 55. MASTER BLASTER Here at High Times, when we pack a bowl, we really pack a bowl! This Master Blaster strain from Purple Frost genetics is a hybrid with high levels of the terpenes myrcene, terpinolene, and limonene. This variety makes for a wonderful daytime smoke…

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it’s the economies, stupid

YOU MAY HAVE heard about the impressive jobs numbers in the cannabis industry. The latest: There are now 211,000 full-time weed jobs across the United States, with a robust 64,000 or so added in 2018 alone. Since the US government doesn’t keep track of such things, and probably won’t so long as cannabis is illegal at the federal level, Leafly and Whitney Economics have painstakingly “gone state-by-state to tally the total number of direct, full-time jobs in the state-legal cannabis industry.” The numbers are staggering. In pioneer states like Colorado and Washington, job growth is beginning to level off, but newcomers to the game such as Florida, with a young medical-pot program, saw leaps in cannabis employment by a whopping 703 percent last year, adding more than 9,000 full-time jobs. Pennsylvania and…

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state by state

NEW YORK Andrew Cuomo steadfastly opposed legalized weed until 2014, when he grudgingly allowed medical use (while highly restricted). He then announced support for legalization in December 2018 after being pressured during the gubernatorial primary. Under the adultuse plan, marijuana would be legal for adults over 21. Cuomo is proposing a 20 percent state tax and 2 percent county tax on marijuana transfers from wholesalers to retailers, in addition to a $1-per-gram tax on flower for cultivators. The gov is allowing opt-outs for large cities and counties. NEW JERSEY Phil Murphy has advocated for legalization for quite some time. His deal with the State Senate and Assembly would set up an expedited record-expungement process for people convicted of low-level pot crimes. The measure also aims at encouraging pot-industry participation for minorities and women.…